Happy Friday...be so dope that they can’t ignore you❤️ #blasiangirlsrock #blackapino

At the Yankees game they tell me I need to pay $20 to buy a locker for my skateboard and I’m like HAIL NAH... so I put it on top of a cargo container in the middle of the street hoping it wouldn’t get stolen.
Here’s my victory dance when I beat the system & realize it’s still there 😁✨

One week old today. #Tbt

With the best dad ever. 👨‍👧

It was really hot today. 😠 #firstdrappointment

First doctor’s appointment w/ pops. 👨‍👧

Easy swaddled from @swaddleme

Home sweet home.

Finally going home from the hospital.

Meeting mommy for the first time. 😍😌

A minute after being out #imadeit

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