So I’m back home and Levi is here too! Oh well! 🐶❤️🐵

Maggie will be jealous! Here’s me and Pops at the Hearsay event last night and I was well lucky to have my photo taken by @snap.me.pretty! Thank you Nadine for my cute photo, It was great to meet you 🐵❤️

Mom, iam going to walk mr.lob ,,,, do u wanna come with us?
#pasticcio #lilfrenchie #blackandwhitefrenchie #mylittlelovelove#sydney🇦🇺

Papi play with ME! #nomorestudying

My sister Maggie has gone away for the night and I’m left to entertain myself in the office today. I MISS MAGGIE! 🐵❤️🐶

Pops tries to tell me off for being to hard on Levi! I’ve told him to relax! We’re just playing!! 🐶❤️🐵

Who wishes tomorrow’s weather would look like this!? 👆🏻 what’s the weather like right now where you live? Gorgeous babe showing off her new Knotted HOUND Harness and Leash set in our new Tahiti Leather! 🏖🌺 individually handcrafted in Toronto and finished with real gold plated HOUND bars. Spotted on our friends @5th.avenue.frenchbulldogs

Come on Pops! You made me walk home and I’m tired! 🐵❤️

Someone asked me today if all I did in the office was sleep! How rude!! 🐶❤️🐵

We are at the office today. Levi got far too excited and is napping. Now I’m gonna chill out and catch some rays🌞 not too much tho! 🐶❤️

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