Alice in Wonderland is a 1903 British silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. Only one copy of the original film is known to exist.

A distorted and grotesque audiovisual experience. #AntHead (2018) the new short film by #DavidLynch

Killer of Sheep (1978) written,directed, and produced by Charles Burnett. Starring Henry G. Sanders and Kaycee Moore. UCLA alum Burnett wrote this film for his MFA and shot it during weekends with a budget of $10,000. How do people make masterpieces with such little resources? It always goes back to having a great story. The film was shot in black and white and depicts the story of a family living in Watts. The ordinary daily efforts of keeping food on the table, paying rent, and caring for children with little resources in abject poverty just seems depressing and hard to watch but Burnett created a film that takes you into a world of the mundane through repeated imagery and small gestures of human connection in a life that offers very little hope of change. We keep seeing Stan (played by Henry G. Sanders) fixing an old car stalled in front of his home. A metaphor for his life he keeps going to a dead end job in a slaughterhouse, receiving just enough pay to keep his head above water but is stalled in his ability to surpass his circumstances. The tender moments he shares with his wife slow dancing, holding his daughter and the simple pleasures of a warm cup of coffee remind us we are all really the same yet in this world we are not all given the same opportunities to shine and become the best versions of ourselves. The toll of Stan’s job- slaughtering animals begins to cause detachment and a psychic numbness but is the only job available to him. Shot in the likeness of Italian neorealism because of the non-narrative and lack of plot or character development this film is a beautifully shot homage to European cinema and the plight of those struggling to survive in the endless cycle of poverty. #ladiesofcinema #womenfilmwriters #filmcritics #womenfilmcritics #uclafilmalum #charlesburnett #killerofsheepmovie #watts #innercity #blackandwhitecinema #studentfilms #italianneorealism #inspiration #masterpiece

Detail in #DeadMan (1995) #JimJarmusch

The roof of the Duomo di Milano in "Rocco e i suoi fratelli" (1960) #LuchinoVisconti

The Haunting 1963

Directed by Robert Wise
Screenplay by Nelson Gidding
Based on the novel "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson
DoP Davis Boulton
Dr. Markway, a scientist with a taste for the supernatural, sets out to examine a famously haunted house. He invites three assistants, one of whom's mental instability provides the lens through which we see unsettling events.
Shirley Jackson brings us the horror of a woman unloved and without direction in an environment that threatens to consume her at every corner.
There is no gore or monster to fear. Only a claustrophobic dread that the walls meant to protect will instead destroy every sense of safety. Watch The Haunting when you are away from home... in the dark... all alone. .
#thehaunting #horror #thriller #victorian #shirleyjackson #thehauntingofhillhouse #robertwise #blackandwhitecinema

TETSUO (Shin'ya Tsukamoto)

Virtuous change of light in #suspicion (1941) by #AlfredHitchcock

Begotten (E. Elias Merhige, 1990)Not really marketed as a horror movie but still the only film that really terrifies me while simultaneously blowing my mind with it's artistry and dark beauty. I randomly picked up the vhs version for 2$ in the 1990s after my favorite video store was closing down and I have never been the same. -Eva Dead #cultfilms #eliasmerhige #artfilm #antifilm #silentfilm #disgustinglybeautiful #experimentalfilm #blackandwhitecinema #horror #evadead #lilvanhelsings

Dreamlike scene in "Ivan's childhood" (1962) #AndrejTarkovskij

A Moment for Barbette
Barbette — born Vander Clyde Broadway in 1898 — was a drag pioneer, circus acrobat, toast of Paris, friend of Josephine Baker, muse (and lover, briefly) of Jean Cocteau, and frequent subject of Man Ray's lens.
It's been nearly a century since the Texas native first stunned audiences by performing trapeze and high-wire stunts in full drag, yanking off his wig at the end and striking a masculine pose. The guise began when he replaced a female performer who had died suddenly; it went so well that he made a career out of the illusion.
Barbette started a solo act at the Harlem Opera House in 1919, soon taking the act on the road to England and France. During an engagement at the London Palladium, scandal broke out when he was caught having sex with a man, thus barred from further working in England.
In France, however, he was hailed by Jean Cocteau, who wrote Le Numéro Barbette in 1926, an influential essay on the nature of art. During a brief dalliance between the two, Cocteau gave Barbette a cameo in his film Le Sang d’un Poète (1930). Further, the trapeze-artist murderer in Alfred Hitchcock's Murder (1930) is inspired by Barbette, a role not to be found in the source novel.
Barbette continued to tour Europe and North America throughout the 1920s and 30s until a high-wire accident put him into the hospital for a year. He later found work as an aerial choreographer and consultant on films, most notably Some Like It Hot (1959), for which he coached Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis on gender illusion — although a resemblance to a frothy, effervescent Marilyn Monroe is uncanny. After years of chronic pain, Barbette committed suicide at the age of 74.
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'The Asphalt Jungle'
Dir. John Huston / (1950)

Ein wundervolles Meisterwerk des polnischen Regisseurs Pawel Pawlikowski.

Am 19.11. um 20h in einer Weisshaus Preview
#pawelpawlikowski #coldwar #blackandwhite #blackandwhitecinema #sw #bnw #schwarzweiß #wirliebenkino #kinoinköln #weisshauskino

#LadriDiBiciclette, Bicycle Thieves (1948) #VittorioDeSica

Sam Riley as Ian Curtis in “Control” (Anton Corbijn, 2007)

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