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So Nick came to me 7 months ago with no tattoos.... Now Nick has tattoos. Thanks Nick.
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What better way to learn than through experience?? At disappearing ink, we've felt your pain. Owner and lead technician @wes.south started this business after seeking to have some unwanted ink on his leg removed. To put things kindly he was underwhelmed in his findings and severely disappointed with the results. Wes decided that the industry needed a hero, and so it was. Disappearing Ink was born and has been proudly providing the people of Pittsburgh with the most advanced laser tattoo removal to date. If you have a tattoo you'd like removed give a call or visit the link in our bio to get in touch with Wes and set up a free in person consultation! ⚡️


Progress on this Star Wars sleeve, storm trooper needs a bit of colour adding in yet. Cheers andy.

Piece from yesterday. Cheers Ollie

Coverup done this week



Finished this piece off. Thanks for looking

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