Stimulate your beard area with my Beard Stimulating Brush. This brush has tiny bristles that massage and stimulate your beard hair follicles, increasing blood flow and circulation which in turn promotes speedy hair growth. This brush is best used with wet hair and preferable out of the shower when the skin is moist and supple. Follow your massage with Josie’s Juice Beard Growth Elixir to infuse your hair follicles with all the nutrients it needs to grow in full and healthy. Get yours!

Just got home and saw that my shirt from @kbteezandthingz arrived....and yes the message definitely applies to my everyday life 😂 #supportblackbusiness and #mindyourdamnbusiness #rns #blackandbearded #blackbeardedmen

Stimulation rules the nation. Think about how you feel when your girl stimulates your senses. Or when something stimulates your mind.... well I have something that will help stimulate your beard area: my Beard Stimulating Brush along with my Beard Growth Elixir.

With just 16 days left until the juice becomes available, I’m am taking questions to answer on my Product Informational right here on IG Live this week (stay tuned for date) Ask me anything you need to know about Josie’s Juice! 💦

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One of the elements that’s the force behind my products and services is love. I care for and make women beautiful daily but I wanted to bring awareness to men and let them know they deserve to be treated like the Kings they are! Every product and service is created to make sure you feel the love and care that you need and deserve. 🤴🏿💜👸🏾

Lol my juice will definitely grow your beard but not that fast! Some men have reported growth in as little as three weeks. If used as directed, you’ll have a healthier, fuller beard in no time! Want some of Josie’s Juice? Click the link in my bio! Available 8/2/18! 💦

“The mind should be allowed some relaxation, that it may return to its work all the better for the rest.”-Seneca. #beard #beards #beardgang #blackandbearded

Say goodbye to your Bigen and permanent markers n whatever else you use to hide your imperfections. Good news is with time, patience, and some juice, Josie’s Juice, you’ll be beautiful and bearded in no time. Somebody tag Marker Houston....

Mondaze #today

Let’s fly away together 😌 #blackandbearded #beardgang #blackbearedmen #beard

Hold me down and I’ll hold you down love. #mcm

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