#FBF @bet #CheckinMyFresh #106andpark #FreestyleFridays #NewJointoftheDay #TheBackstory.β˜• I created #RespectMyFresh song and slang first. Got a deal off the song. No songs were out where any artist was referring to ones style or sauce or swag as their Fresh. No one had put in that exact wording. Making the fresh a noun, separate thing and category. At the time the scene was more trap. This was #06 Fast Forward #08 I hear #JayZ on "SwaggerLikeUs" say in his verse #CheckinMyFresh I'm like #Wow #JayZ is using the wording in the same vernacular as #RespectMyFresh. So I sampled it and went to C-gutta Grandhustler producer who did shoulder lean with the sample to make the beat, then got @DroPolo on it and ran into @Mainohustlehard in #Atlanta and he dug it, he had #HiHater out at the time and he hopped on it. My man #BKKev help me put it all together & loved the song and invited @Myfabolouslife and @mrrugs_ to the video shot at TenPinBowling alley and they came thru. It was shot by @kurtwurk and @allthingsbuttah wrote treatment. We had a great time. #BigFacts #2009 #2000shine #TheFirstBowlingHipHopVideo go stream it on @spotify #KiaShine

Felt so old yet so at home!
#emptythemepark #goapeshitcrazy #BKKev

BBQ PORK Bacon & Fish Crisp Burger
by @burgerkingthailand

One of the best burger in my life the pork taste really awesome , it smelled really nice too.
Totally Pork Frenzy at Thailand lol every meal consist of pig stuff but this burger was exceptional

Hokkaido Melon Ice Cream🍦
at Hokkaido Fair Siam Paragon

Taste awesome at a very reasonable price only in Bangkok 😌

Kurobota Shabu-shabu Burger
by MOS Burger at Siam Paragon

Experience the highest quality pork with the cheapest price that I can think of *only 30k Idr for this burger* , and you can also change the burger into rice burger 😌
Enjoy πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Catfish Salad by Taling Pling
@Siam Paragon Bangkok

The dishes that makes me come back to this country is the delicious catfish salad and everyday in Bangkok , I always eat this β™‘

Kio Ra-men at Siam Square One 4th fl

The best ramen that I have ever eaten.
**The best food in my whole life**😍

Let Them Eat Cake at Siam Center 4fl

High standard cakes with best quality at the most unpredictable place, if you like to eat fancy cakes this is the place to go because it got pretty much the same quality as Paris usually does.

The price are also Paris standard lol around 200THB/Cakes , don't forget to check out the macaroon too the thai tea macaroon taste unique 😍😌

The famous blackforest from @saripanpacific bakery 😞

Cheese Curry Sushi by @WashokuSatoRestaurant
Yuck 😬 / Yums πŸ˜‹
Decide it yourself 😞

throwback #BKKev #T19

wouldn't mind this weather if I were there. #pattaya #BKKev #throwback

in the thick of it.

looks like jizz, made me jizz.
durian and mango sticky rice.
day 4 tea time #BKKev

yup! that's the dj
fucking vip & free drinks tonight!
night 4 #BKKev

first meal in bkk! a picture speaks a thousand words, that ain't enough to describe the orgasm I had in my mouth.
day 4 #BKKev

prolly the best hangover cure I've had.
day 5 #BKKev

VIP MOTHETFUCKERS!! $28 red label
night 4 #BKKev

lost my krispy kreme virginity day. #cheapshit
day 5 #BKKev

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