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@roxiedarling @marcymermaid @instagrashley1986 Missing my zombie wives hard today! Plenty of #bathsalts in the desert, come visit already!!!!

@roxiedarling sharing is caring!

Wish I could go back to last week and be with my beautiful babes in my old apartment @roxiedarling @marcymermaid

Stars outside the bar. #bjs2012 #bathsalts

Just some pretty Hipster girls posing in #williamsburg after our dance party #bjs2012 #summerofyes

Of course were those #Hipster bitches that get pbrs and shots of whiskey #typical

I think my wife is a stripper sometimes @marcymermaid

Could've been after I sprained my ankle, but at one point I looked down and noticed my knee bleeding #bjs2012 #zombieapocalpyse

This bitch thinks she Spiderman...

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