Leg Drag Guard Retention Drill with @liz_mellivora 🥋

⭐️Just Drill it⭐️
📹 credit @mariodrills

Darren Elkins fights Ricardo Lamas this weekend and it should be barnburner

Except maybe replace the sheep with a bear. One moment you have the dominant position, and then the next you’re about to die. ☹️ .
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Hassan Yazdani his this uchi mata from an overhook at the 2017 world cup!

The throw works when the opponent's weight is going forward. With his opponent trying to chase him and push him out of bounds, it's a perfect opportunity to launch him.

“YOURE A SAVAGE BOY, YOU GONNA PUT YOUR FIST THROUGH HIS FUCKING FACE, THIS IS OUR HOUSE!! OUR HOUSE!! Tom, hows the kids? Wife doing alright? The garden coming along? Glad to hear it”

3 sips max ya cuck

Everyone knows that guy! #cauliflowerear #showoff #osss

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