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1. 1/4 leopard tights. They are really well made, but didn't suit any of my characters. They were made by @maxtastiquebjd and I am the first owner. $7+shipping from Australia
2. 1/3 pinkish wig. Can fit my smart doll, but didn't suit her. I am the second owner. $15+shipping from Australia
3. Smart doll Harmony wig. I am the first owner. It's valued at around $60, but I'm selling it for $30+shipping from Australia
PayPal would be the preferred form of payment❤️
PM me for more information
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These are the items I currently have for sale, all prices are for the head only in US$ & include world-wide postage from New Zealand:
Minifee Spring event head in NS $110
Minifee Nanuri 2016 in NS $120
Littlefee Nanuri 2017 in NS $60

I am open to trades, and am currently looking for Feeple65 Faceplates, and Fairyline bodies in NS or Agra tan. Please feel free to make me an offer. I promise I don't bite 😄
I have feedback on Instagram & DoA 😊
#bjdsale #bjdforsale #nanuri17 #nanuri16 #springevent

FOR SALE is Fairyland Fairyline Alicia in NS, comes with COA and original box.

Asking 525$ + shipping from Europe. (Will ship worldwide)

Included in the sale is Alicia head with default face up, brown eyes she came with (last pic) and Fairyline body. She has no eyelashes on currently, but I can glue on the white lashes she came with or new black ones if the buyer wishes. For +30$ I can add the blue Oscareyes she is wearing in the pics.
She arrived in November, and is in like new condition.
Will accept short layaway with conditions.
Willing to split head (150$) and body (375$), but body must go first.
If you'd like more pics, or have any questions feel free to DM!
@bjdsale can you post this please?

#bjdsale #bjdsales #fairylinealicia #minifeealicia

This guy is up for sale. Hes a DZ 62cm Rapheal LE head in the old NPS. I ordered him for alices collections about this time last year and got him after a month of being lost in the post. His metal DZ plate inside of his head fell out during shipping however ive stuck it in there with some eye putty. Hes been in the box my doll leaves body came in since his arrival. Ive compared him to my DC graces headcap in the newer NPS and he seems super light. DM me for more photos. I am not interested in trades. I do NOT charge paypal fees. Asking $75+ shipping. US only. #bjd #bjdsale #bjdsales #abjd #bjdforsale #dollzone #dollzoneraphael #balljointeddoll

FOR SALE :: Iplehouse SID body - $175 + shipping

Please read everything carefully! This body is not for someone wanting a perfect body. He will need work!

I purchased the body as a full doll in 2015 from Nirvaria here on DoA, who also purchased him from another DoA member in 2012. He does NOT have a box or CoAa s the first owner threw the box away, but she bought him directly from Iplehouse.
He is unstrung right now and will probably stay that way...I've been working on cleaning him off, and I' am not the best restringer! I will include the string I have for him though.

There are a few things that are wrong with him.
- I sent the body to be body blushed shortly after I got him. I don't think that the artist sealed him well, if at all as the blushing was coming off in my hands... I have been working on removing the blushing for awhile now, but there are still remnants left. I'm not sure if he had a base seal coat, so he may have some staining. So far everything seems to be coming off well, but he still has a work to be done and I can't say for sure if there is 100% no staining from this. I have spent hours cleaning him, and he looks much better but he could still use more.
- I recently moved. During the move my dog got a hold of the body... I have noticed two parts with marks - the neck area and one of his feet. I have taken pictures of this.
- He has a crack/break on the bottom part of his backside. I'm not sure when this occurred. I haven't tried anything to fix it. Obviously it wouldn't be seen under clothing, and I doubt it will inhibit his posing abilities, but it is definitely there.

There are more photos on my flickr page

Doll is sold AS-IS! I've done my best to covereverything I've seen on him. So, please make sure you read everything well... He needs a bit of work but overall nothing that effects howbeautiful he is!

As always if you need more pictures please let me know
Originally purchased from Iplehouse by Sahoma, arriving in December 2011. Sold to Nirvaria in 2012, and sold to me in 2015. I do my best to ship within 2 days of purchase, but I do work full-time and it can get very busy this time of year. If all else fails I ship on Saturdays.

Split available: Fairyland Realfee Human May tan - $250
I am looking to split off this beautiful realfee May in tan resin. She has a lovely fawn/deer inspired faceup and will come with a copy of the CoA. No fantasy parts are included.

I have just one more payment on my layaway, so she will ship to me as soon as I find a split partner.
No trades, layaway, or splits. Cost does not include shipping. Please PM if interested!
#balljointeddoll #bjd #bjdsale #realfee #fairylandbjd #fairylandrealfee #realfeemay

💗SALES POST💗 DollClans Siber on S-Line body in normal skin for sale. Face up is done by another artist and buyer has the option to keep it or I can wipe it off. $700 with outfit by @nalisinko included or OBO. I am willing to sell outfit and doll separately. I am not willing to sell head and body separately. I am interested in trades, only male bjds, height must be 65-73cm. Please DM me for any questions at all. I do accept layaway, first payment non refundable. #bjdsale #bjdsales #bjdforsale #bjdsofinstagram #bjdsalespost #dollclans #dollclanssiber

For sale:: Iplehouse Claude head - $175 + shipping (negotiable)

I purchased him as a full doll in 2015 from Nirvaria here on DoA, who also purchased him from another DoA member in 2012. He does NOT have a box or CoAa s the first owner threw the box away, but she bought him directly from Iplehouse.

He has a gorgeous face up by BelovedA with a scar painted onto his lip. He really is a lovely guy. He does have old face up remnants left in his ears.

I commissioned body blushing for him after I received him, but I really don't think that the body blusher sealed him... His blushing would come off onto my hands. Because of this there was some blushing remnants on the inside of his neck. I've been cleaning these off while I can and so far have seen progress.

I am sure it could be taken off completely with time, but I have recently moved and am struggling to find the time to do everything I need to do.

Included in sale:
Random eyes

He has a dull spot on his face up that is visible in certain lighting. I rubbed it lightly and it does come off, but I am terrified of messing up his face up so I haven't tried too hard... I say damage because I'm not 100% sure it will come off without damaging his face up.

The last photo is done in high contrast so that you can see everything better.

The top of his headcap also has a shiny part. This doesn't bother me personally, but I'm not sure about everyone else

Yellowing: a little yellowing (even)
Given his age I am sure he has yellowed a little but he still looks okay to me. I don't have any other Iplehouse to compare to... Purchase History: Originally purchased from Iplehouse by Sahoma, arriving in December 2011. Sold to Nirvaria in 2012, and sold to me in 2015.
Payment options:
Paypal (credit card), Paypal (bal.) Shipping 3-5 days after payment. I do my best to ship within 1-2 days but I do work full time and if my coworkers cant cover for me I ship on Saturdays!

All items are in excellent condition and come with original packaging except for the white leggings. Prefer to sell everything at once, DM me if you are interested! Shipping is not included in sale and I am US Based!
- Azone Pure Neemo S Flection Full Action Body
- Azone Pure Neemo Hand Pack A, B, and C
- Parabox Neko Head (Ears not included.)
- Cool Cat White Leggings
- Cool Cat Teal Thigh Highs
- Cool Cat Brown/Black OTK Socks
- Cool Cat Tan Boots
#azonedoll #azonedollsale #doll #dollsale #bjdsale (I know it’s not a bjd but like... 💦)

1. Minifee tan Ria head $125
2. Purple high waisted shorts $10
3. White lace dress $15
4. MoriTime Navy blue dress $30
5. 7-8 black Leekeworld wig $15
6&7. Faux fur wigs $10 (together)
8. Blonde Monique gold wig $25
9. Msg me about any of those items #bjd #bjdsale #bjdsales

FOR SALE: A OOAK @minidesign_ayuana SD13 sized set. Bought it for a doll that I am selling. It's gorgeous just arrived today. Includes a corset, bolero, skirt and flower crown and leg warmers. Bag and doll not included. Asking what I paid for it $120 plus shipping. It's a stunning set and the quality is outstanding. I can send more non seller photos to you if you want! #ayuana #bjdsale #bjdsales #feeple60 #sd13 #bjdclothing

I can't seem to bond with this girl. She is a Peak's woods wake up Goldie. She comes with her original box and CoA. If wanted i can send her off to be faceuped for extra cost. I'm asking $600 she comes with a wig too #peakswoodsgoldie #peakswood #peakswoods $peakswoodswakeup @bjdsale #bjdsales #bjdsalespost #bjdsale #bjdadoption #bjdforsale

Yosd damask cardigans coming soon!

FOR SALE: Reshelling TS into a more realistic sculpt. This is a Fairyland Scarlett in tan on a tan moe body. Head and body were purchased separately I'm the second owner for both, head purchased from @chiefzanghi and body from @chen.alissa I've COAs for both head and body. She would come naked no clothing, eyes or wig. With original box and flat & heel feet. Would look at $550 plus shipping. Would give preference to someone who can pay in full but layaway would be possible. Please DM if seriously interested. Would prefer not to split but open to offers.
#bjd #abjd #balljointeddoll #asianballjointeddoll #fairyland #fairylandfeeple60 #feeple60 #fairylandscarlett #feeplescarlett #bjdsales #bjdsale #bjdfeeler @bjdsale #bjdsd

FOR SALE: Reshelling Bunny into a more realistic sculpt. This is a Fairyland Cygne on ns moe body. Full doll purchased from Denver Doll, I have COA. She would come naked no clothing or eyes. Original box, OE head has chip in sealent just noticed this on tip of nose, SP head (both have company face ups), flat & heel feet and extra hands. Would looking at $600 plus shipping. Would give preference to someone who can pay in full but layaway would be possible. Please DM if seriously interested, more pics of nose available upon request. Would prefer not to split but open to offers.
#bjd #abjd #balljointeddoll #asianballjointeddoll #fairyland #fairylandfeeple60 #feeple60 #fairylandcygne #feeplecygne #bjdsales #bjdsale #bjdfeeler @bjdsale #bjdsd

*SOLD - On Layaway* 2017 Fairyland Momo with bunny parts in tan. $450 OBO Some seam lines and sanding marks by Fairyland. Never had a faceup a kept out of sunlight. Comes with certificate and box if desired. I also have a full/glamour bust chest piece if you'd rather her have huge knockers 😉 @bjdsale please repost? #bjdsale #bjdsales #fairyland #fairylandmomo #fairylandsale

Up as a Feeler
Chibbi Lana .. she is in Marron glace skin tone made in mid 2017
she is in very good condition
I didn't play with her much
I have feedback on doa
Asking 350$ if paid in full or 400$ layaway plus shipping and ppfees
She comes with her coa and box will come with eyes wearing and different clothes
Item will be shipped early Feburary
#bjd #bjdsales #bjdforsale #bjdsale #lillycat #bjd #lillycatellana #lillycat #dollstgram #winter #switzerland #life #bjddolls #artistdoll

WTB: Either Soom Cuprit or Soom Beryl. I would like for them to have both their human and fantasy parts. Any skin color. **ABSOLUTELY MUST BE LEGIT. I REQUIRE A COA OR COPY OF COA* please DM me if you are looking to sell. #bjdwtb #bjdsales #bjdsale #bjdadoption #bjdiso #bjdlf #bjdseeking

it's a Feeler minifee Liria ... No splits sorry unless the body is sold first
#bjd #minifeeliria #minifee #bjdsale #bjdsales #bjdforsale #bjdforsales

I am selling a Dollmore mpdel body with the glamour large bust ❤ Dm me for more pictures please. Due to the bad lighting in the pics (they were taken at night), she is not unevenly yellowed. She has slightly yellowed due to age but she is not unevenly yellowed. She is second hand and I bought her on Doa. I did not recieve a coa with her as the owner kept the head as well as the coa but she is legit. I recieved her with some small chips on her ankles, a small chip on her back, and a hairline scratch on her leg. I've taken pictures of the damages. She had light blushing and will be needing cleaning as well as restringing as she is very wobbly. This body needs TLC so please keep that in mind. I am asking $230 plus shipping ❤ I do offer layaway if you have good feedback and must have a deposit to hold. I am open to trades as well 😊 I have feedback on Doa as well 😊
#bjd #bjdsale #bjdsales #bjdforsale #bjdforadoption #bjdtrade #bjdtrades

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