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My amazing team and I from last night! We had such a blast hanging out with our BizX members. #bizxit #bizxholiday

The #BizX crew was in full force for the Swedish SummeRun for ovarian cancer! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this amazing event.

Entire bar made of ice : so I'm chillen❄️❄️ #startuplife #bizXtini #founderfun #womenowned #bizxit

It's going down here at the #BizxHoliday party! Are you celebrating the season with us? Let's see your pics! #BizXIt

Thank you to all who helped us cap off the holiday season! It was truly a party for the books. #BizXHoliday#BizXIt

Ever had breakfast pizza? If not, you're truly missing out on one of life's ultimate pleasures. Get thee to the THREE Restaurant & Bar in San Mateo, California. #BizXit  PC: @lilmisskocoa


The #BizX crew was in full force for the Swedish SummeRun for ovarian cancer! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this amazing event.

Among many #BizX perks, you can now count amazing hair as one of them. Head to Gene Juarez to get the luscious locks you've been searching for. #BizXMember (PC: @genejuarez)

Checking things off your list has never been easier. With #BizX you can expect increased sales, better word-of-mouth, and access to new markets like never before. See what our powerful community can do for your business.

When you're a business owner, it's important to find moments of peace amongst the chaos. Say hello to BizX member, @getzenhotyoga. It's time to get your sweat on.

Joining BizX opens up a new world for the business owners. Suddenly, their core competencies allow them to take care of the small things without spending a dime. #cashless

A gorgeous bouquet for someone you love, excellent. Paying for it with BizX, genius. Thank you to City Bloom, INC in Oakland, CA!

@maxsoakland is serving up classic American cuisine and the best happy hour deals in town. Settle in to watch the game, enjoy a cold one and do it all on BizX. (PC: @natsu.tagram)

We're building up the community, one member at a time. Say hello to new customers, better buying power and increased cash flow. What will #BizX do for your business?

Upgrade your business while you outfit your space. It's that simple. Are you ready to discover a whole new customer base?

Did you know becoming a BizX member can unlock all sorts of tasty perks, like this 'lil baby from Local Burger in Bellevue? Now you know. Feast accordingly. (PC: @eatlocalburger)

When you spend BizX dollars on what you need, like a fresh coat of paint, you can save your cash for everything in-between. #CashFlow #BizXconomics

Our friends at @pugetsoundtours know a thing or two about superior customer service. And while you see the sights, you're also supporting a local network of hardworking business owners. Win, win!

Your best friend requires attention and the best treatment you can give him or her. Check out the #BizX Marketplace for a variety of pet supplies and services!

Do you have an event coming up? When planning, remember that #BizX can help with any and all aspects of your shindig, from catering to venues and everything in between.

Whatever it is that you need for your business - because you don't have time or the expertise - can be accomplished with the help of #BizX.

The #BizX team recently visited @safecofield to watch the scorching-hot #Seattle @mariners notch another W and welcome our new friends from #SanDiego. There's no substitute for a great team outing, no matter what #business you're in.

No matter how busy you are, or will be in the future, a few days in tropical weather always does a person good. Travel with #BizX. Do it #cashless.

Thai food is a staple of west coast cuisine. Good thing #BizX offers a multitude of options to appease your Pad Thai cravings. #cashless
PC: @mandawhataboutit

When utilized correctly, it's the most useful card in your wallet.

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