Savoury and sweet Hari Raya plate.

What: Top: #Pavlova with #fruit, Middle row: #cake #tiramisu #savourypuff, Bottom row: mini #cheese #mushroom #tomato #pizza. Quite sure I know where most (all?) of the #buffet food came from but as not certain won't name names.
Where: #jerudong #brunei
When/why: #selamathariraya #hariraya #visiting #openhouse
So how?: Always like their pavlova (again, guessing the vendor here) #sweet #tart #crisp #creamy 👍🏼👍🏼 The tiramisu was also good with just the right #balance of #sweetness and #coffee #cocoa #bitterness 😋

#jojo #eatsbrunei #bruneieats

When it comes to being a father I think I am the most self critical person. I’ve evaluate every single thing I’ve done since my son’s birth. If I’ve been there for him enough, if I’ve given him the time and love he needs from me, if I have shown him Godly principles and if I have kept him safe from harm. It aches to be away as a dad and traveling. I met this reality more so then ever before being in Japan for two weeks. My wife would tell me that Abishai would cry himself to sleep saying “daddy” the last couple of nights I was away. We had never been so far apart for so long. I think I put on the effort of being strong, but the last couple of days I really just wanted to teleport straight home to see both of them. I have never experienced that severe of a separation anxiety. I think no matter what kind of father someone has been, every father has probably felt that kind of pain when away from their families. My biological father must’ve felt that same way when in the last few days of his life he tried to reach out to me with what limited tech savvy ability he had. I know he tried, and I know he loved me despite his alcohol addiction. I know my adopted father feels that way when I don’t see him as much because I don’t attend his church as often as I used to. I think that’s exactly how God feels when his Son died on the cross. A big gaping void of pain. But, oh the feeling of joy when a father returns home. Or when a son finally gets to see his father after a long trip away from home. There’s nothing quite like it. I feel for every single child who has lost their father, or has been separated from them. I lost my biological father and am still coming to grips with that. I am still learning to be a son who cares enough to reach out to my adopted father. It hasn’t been easy, things don’t always line up. I guess what I’m saying is that no matter what our situation is, it’s up to each of us to do what we can to mend. Whether it’s on us or not. We only have one life, and the reality of it is, sometimes love is all we got. So if you are hurting today, love those who need your love despite how you feel. It’s how we heal. Don’t continue watering seeds of bitterness 💦🌱☂

Can I just say that guilt tripping people for selling their horses just because you’ll miss content of said horse is not a very nice thing to do? I work in the industry and sell horses as a business, so ill always be having horses coming in and out and I feel as though I’ve been very upfront with that. I love my horses and do have their best interests at heart but frankly, for anyone, it’s pretty egotistical to act like you’re the only one on this planet who can give a horse a good home. Without people willing to put in the work to deal with young and green horses, there wouldn’t be broke and safe horses for people who don’t want to train from the ground up. We need that middle man that handles training and does resale. Not everyone wants to buy straight off the racetrack and that’s absolutely fair. I appreciate how much you guys love Archie but guilt tripping me isn’t going to change my decision to sell. He’s a quiet, mild mannered boy who can go in a number of directions and who deserves someone with more time than I have. Given my work as a trainer and work with horses as a business, while I have the time to ride and continue his work, I don’t have the same time to fawn over him and spend hours grooming and hanging out with him. He loves one on one attention and just loves being in the middle of everything. I’m certain that he’d be absolutely thrilled living elsewhere with the right person. •

As I don't like the #bitterness of the real #aperol #aperolspritz 🍹 I've created a similar #cocktail for myself 🤗 with #homemade #kumquat #jam and homemade #orange 🍊 #liqueur #sparklingwine #prosecco #yummy #cocktail #cocktailbar #imadeit #sundaychill #sundayfunday #foodporn #drinkporn #cocktailporn 🤸🏼🤘🏼

Cannonball IPA by @magicrockbrewing. A huge sample of bitterness after a hard outdoor work day.
#beer #craftbeerporn #craftbeer #biereartisanale #biere #ale  #hop #ipa #saynotoordinarybeer
#beeroftheday #amertume #bitterness

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