Taking photos at the @31bits Uganda HQ is always an ordeal... (swipe left) 😂 We sure do love these people! {Also, if you spend $75+ this weekend we’ll gift you with a free Voyager necklace! Use the code “VOYAGER” at checkout! 🙌🏼} #bitsofgulu #fashionforgood

Waving bye to the weekend like 😍👋🏼 #bitsofgulu

Friday mornings are for varnishing the beads. And for baby cuddles. 👋🏼💛 #bitsofgulu #bitsmoms

We are blessed to work alongside some pretty awesome mama’s... Apio Jackie being one of them. 💛 We asked her a few questions about the ups and downs of motherhood, and it’s up on the blog today :: blog.31bits.com #bitsmoms #bitsofgulu

I got it from my mama. 💛 #bitsmoms #bitsofgulu

Everything has a supply chain, and every supply chain has real people behind it. We believe quality work is a result of artisans who are being cared for as individuals. In a nutshell, we believe how your stuff is made matters. 💛 #bitsofgulu #fashionforgood

The story of Arach Pauline is up on the Bits Blog today. 💕 With her savings from 31 Bits, Pauline built her own apartment building in which her family now lives and rents out to other families in the area. (Swipe left to see her in front of the building!)
Gladies, our Livelihoods Manager, named Pauline “31 Bits Biggest Success Story.” 🙌🏼 YOUR support of 31 Bits has allowed Pauline to be empowered and dream big dreams :: Read more on the blog! #bitsofgulu #fashionforgood

Our job isn’t to choose who to love, our job is to LOVE. Our job isn’t to divide, our job is to STAND TOGETHER. 💛 #bitsofgulu #thetogetherbracelet

Hold your girl gang close. 💛 #bitsofgulu

Ever wonder the meaning behind the name? We’re called 31 Bits because Proverbs 31 describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family using her gifts and talents. Oh, and the “bits” comes from our original and bestselling jewelry that uses beads made out of "bits" of paper! ☺️ {And don’t forget, it’s the last day of our President’s Day Weekend Sale - 25% off all necklaces with the code “AMERICA25”!} #bitsofgulu #fashionforgood

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY - We are so grateful for all of you!! 💓Today on the blog we’re answering a question that we get asked ALL the time, “How do you run a business with your best friends?” Head to the blog to hear our thoughts! 😉 #bitsofgulu #fashionforgood

OH HEY, WEEKEND 😍👋🏼 #bitsofgulu

How we feel about Valentines Day being two weeks away = Joanna’s dance moves! 💕💃🏾 Link in our profile to our Valentines Shop :: We’ve got everything you need for your tribe (and yourself 😉)! #bitsofgulu


One of my favorite days of the trip was spent touring the Uganda production facilities for @31bits and @krochetkids! Both brands mission is to use fashion to provide meaningful employment helping people rise above poverty. 🙌🏻

Meeting these incredible women working hard for their futures with hopes to become independent entrepreneurs was inspiring. #31Bits and #KrochetKids have definitely come up with a business model that is not charity but promotes sustainable change and we need more of it. 💪🏻

Especially after watching and being discouraged by the documentary Poverty, Inc., which highlights the harm we are actually doing when we try to #giveback. If you’ve not watched it, I strongly encourage you do. It makes supporting these Orange County based #fashionforgood companies that much more rewarding. 👊🏻

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Every Monday morning at @31bits Uganda begins with worship. And it’s the best part of our week. 💛 #bitsofgulu

“We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.” Happy MLK Day, friends. Here’s to continuing his legacy. 💛 {And don’t forget - FREE SHIPPING* ends tonight with the code “LONGWEEKEND”!} *US only #bitsofgulu #mlkday #fashionforgood

Give your loved ones an extra hug this weekend. 💕 #bitsofgulu #31bits #fashionforgood

New year, new possibilities. 💫
Wishing you all the happiest New Year, and thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t be more excited for all that 2018 has in store! 💛 {And don’t forget... this is the LAST day to get 30% off all jewelry + bags with the code “BYE2017” :: Link in our profile to shop} #bitsofgulu

That feeling when you realize how much you have to do before Christmas. 😩 #tbt #bitsofgulu

Check out my welcome party. You know when you meet someone and you instantly know they are cooler than you will ever be? That must have been how these women felt about me today...jk. These incredible women let me hang out with them while they transformed bits of paper into beaded jewelry. Amazing.

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