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That beautiful expression...we did it!! Our baby is here in our arms! THIS is why I photograph births, for the moment you meet your baby and all the emotions wrapped up in that moment.
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ACOG Finally Recommends What Many Moms in Labor Have Been Fighting For!
No more time limits when giving birth!! Yay!!! Hopefully this will help diminish the term "failure to progress"🙌🏻! 👏 Women can follow the natural process of labor! Now if we could just wipe out stirrups + women giving birth on their back!!! Look at this amazing picture of a woman pushing on her side! Pic by the wonderful @estheredithbirth #becomeinformed #youhavechoices #empower ----------------------------------------------------
"Studies from the last decade or so have also shown that methods of inducing labor were often used in excess and unnecessarily....this has resulted in an increasing rate of birth via C-section and more women who've suffered trauma from their births experience" Link in profile to article 💗

How will you birth? What positions are allowed to you? Birth belongs to you and your baby. Be informed. Ask questions. Trust your mama instinct. #birthunitedus #birthbecomesher #birthwithoutfear #thebirthnarrative

How adorable is this little babe?! 😍
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The proudest papa + the biggest eyes. Smitten.

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Hold On! This was her road to deliverance and she arrived at the hospital at 10cm, just in time.

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Freshly born.

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Admiring his new son! ❤️

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When you finally get to meet your baby sister 😍 #siblings


Sometimes people ask my "Why would someone want birth photography?" I can tell by the look on their face, and the tone in their voice that they are thinking it's all about the crotch shot.  Like somehow the only goal is to get all up in the birthing mother's business and catch crowning.  The truth is, it's not about that.  I mean, certainly if a client wants crowning I capture that for them... but that's not what my purpose is at a birth.  As a birth photographer, I am a story teller.  I call my services "birth stories", clients aren't booking a session with me, they are booking the story of their birth.  Birth photography is about the relationship between you and your partner.  It's about the work you put in to meet your baby, the details you will never see without someone there to capture it.  It's about all the moments you were not aware of because you were completely absorbed in what you were doing.  That's my job... I am the teller of the story of your baby's journey here, and I love it!  @empoweredbirthproject @thebirthhour @birthbecomesher @carriagehousebirth @tribedemama @motherhoodrising @birthunited

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Skin to skin in the OR is so wonderful for a mother to be able to experience. I'm happy that it has become more normal and common than a rare special thing. #cecarean #skintoskin #birthstories #birthphotography #pittsburghphotographer #ICAN #newborn #hospitalbirth

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Freshly born.

It’s the moments like these that really speak to me as a mother and a birth photographer. These quite tender moments are so fleeting. I feel very at home in a birth space and the significance if being invited in to bare witness to such a private, primal time in peoples lives is not taken lightly by me. When the seeds of this dream were planted I could never have imaged just how beautiful it would begin to bloom. “Why birth” I am asked often, my personal answer is this. The three most important days of my life where the days each of my children were born. All three of their births were different. When my oldest son looks back on the pictures we have he will see just how much love he was surrounded with. What our faces looked like when his birth mother placed him in our arms. He will know without a doubt he came from a place of love. When my youngest son see the photos and video from his birth he will see what women are capable of he will know that he has a strong warrior mother, he will see the love and compassion his father holds for me. My daughter will know what strength she possesses inside of her and she will carry the knowledge that her body is amazing and will harness the support and power of all the women of her family who birthed before her. When I look back at them I see love and the exact moment in time everything changed. I see my own strength and weakness and that I’m a total badass!! Did you have photos of your birth ? What do they make you feel ?

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Mother and baby working together and figuring out that first latch. I often tell my clients to be patient and not discouraged if it takes a bit of time to figure it out. Some babies come out rooting for a nipple and others just want to sit, chill and take it all in #variationsofnormal

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Birth becomes her

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A moment of tranquility after the whirlwind of childbirth. Baby cradled in the safety of his Mama's arms, and Mama sheltered in the love of her partner.

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It's pretty quiet over here in between births. I'm going to try to post some of the work I haven't shared yet. There is so much. I've taken the months of December and January off to spend extra time with our family! But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already counting the days until my next birth.

Women are strong 💪🏻 Labor does not have a one size fits all. A laboring woman grounds herself in different areas of her home, birth center, or hospital room. A Home birth is not a woman being strapped to a bed but rather encouraged to move around to help open the pelvis and allow baby to descend. It’s a journey, it’s a marathon, it’s a movement. Midwifery care and monitoring happens in all different places. We follow our mamas and encourage them to continue working through each wave, and to remind them that each surge they will get through just like the last. As the year is coming to an end and a new season is approaching I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be on this journey with you and allowing me to be in tight quarters with you. Xox MOLM ❤️💙
📸: @birthingearthlings
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"Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage."
- Brené Brown

This gorgeous couple have had their baby! So amazing to see the little man on the outside!

Child of mine, nourished and tender.

"The moment a child is born, the #mother is also born. She never existed before. The #woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
- Rajneesh

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| b i r t h |

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Right where she’s supposed to be 💕

Psst. I’ve finally added some new designs to the apparel shop on my site. The cool thing is that you can basically build your own shirts, sweaters, pants, mugs, whatever! All sizes are supported. You can pick not only the colors of your gear, but the color of the design, too! Best part? You can even add your own logo! Woot! There’s quite a bit more designs available than what’s shown here, these are just the newest. ☺️ You can find them at www.tampabirthphotographer.com/photographers

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If you watch a midwife, even just for a moment, you see the depth of their hearts. When handling the most precious of cargo, there is always gentleness. There is always care. There is always love. This little love is not handled like you would a loaf of bread, but with the utmost respect and sensitivity. This, is midwifery.
Welcome to the world little lady! You had quite the entrance!

FLUID MOVEMENTS. It's an amazing thing watch a woman listen to her body and move how it needs to move. A wonderful dance between mom, pelvis and baby.
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The tiny girl I’m receiving in my arms turns 5 in just a couple weeks, so I’ve been reminiscing about her birth and going through the photos for the last few days. A dear friend of ours at the time blessed the heck out of us with these images. I love the emotion on my face, the sheer joy on our midwife’s face, and I can almost hear my husband’s laugh as he looks at the other people in the delivery room. These photos are so treasured, and it’s so wonderful to help other families hold on to these kind of memories, too. 🌿 {📷: Lauren Jaye} #doulatography #birthphotographer #personalpost

Maternity, yes. Creation Goddess, mic drop.
Flower crown by @earthwithinflowers

What a great capture ✨ seeing the joy illuminate from this photo! #dadshappiness #dads #waterbirth #midwife #happiness #family #together #birthwithoutfear #doulalife #birthphotography #birth #pregnancy #childbirtheducation #hypnobirthing #placentaencapsulation #2lifedoula #Repost @spokanebirthphotographer
Dad's JOY!
Had he been in charge of capturing photos...this moment would not exist. He was her labor support and was able to fully commit himself to her 100%. Now booking Births for 2018 <3

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It was the perfect day 💕

December 7th I had the honour of capturing the home birth of sweet baby Atlas. It was an especially special birth for me. I have known these two beautiful people for a long time. Dorian and I have been friends since we were children and when he brought Ashley into our lives it was obvious she was a keeper. They invited me to stand with them the day they became husband and wife and have been solid supports to my family in our hardest and happiest moments. Dorian your support and compassion for your wife was amazing to witness but of course was not at all surprising. Ashley you where a rockstar and I’m incredibly proud of you. What a beautiful family you two have made🖤

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SO MUCH BIRTH LOVE in these frames!!! And one of me nursing my wee babe while tending the greenhouse at our farm. I love that I can share little bits of my life and work on this platform and am so grateful to the insta-connections I’ve made with so many of you! #2017bestnine #rachellezelaneyphotography

Hearing that first cry after waiting what feels like an eternity.

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“Sooooo, wait a minute, we have to bring this thing HOME!?” Do you have more than one child? How did your older babes react to their new siblings?

Budding life amongst the great MT burn 2017.

Vibrant mother and child.

How perfectly perfect we are designed to be a vessel for life.
#missoulahomebirth #doulamama

Hey all: local birth and fresh 48 photographer here. Birth photography is truly where my heart lies and this is the time of year that I love to give back. My normal birth documentaries start at $1200 but during the holiday season I want to offer two families a " pay what you can " birth documentary. This means you will be able to have your birth beautifully documented at a price you can afford. I am accepting births through July. Please feel free to message me

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When I arrived for this Fresh 48 session, I was greeted with the darkest hospital room I've ever visited. The available light was scarce, and there was one very small window in the corner of the room. BUT, you'd never know! For those future clients of mine who are worried about their home's lack of "pretty light", fear not! I've got you covered.
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And let’s not forget dads. Here is to the men who endlessly rub our feet, whisper those encouraging words, endure our screaming, and hold those babies tight like there is nothing better in the whole world. ❤️

T’was the day before Christmas, and this cutie was born! Which means she is almost 1 year old! A Christmas themed shoot should take place hmmmm @ulinarakurea?

We see alot of images sharing the highs of #birth, those sweet baby rolls, tender embraces of new babies and tiny toes. But without the crashing waves of #contractions , raw trying moments and the hard work moms and dads (& the birth team) we wouldn't arrive at those sweet moments. The path of a new one entering the world is paved with hard, trying times of labor. This not something to run from, but something to embrace and know it's part of the journey.
#thisisbirth #birthbecomesher #doula

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