Breastfeeding an (almost!) one year old is a little different. It’s funny that he can help himself and just crawl up on me and pull my shirt down. All those hours in the beginning get his position just right and here he is, having his Stardust (what we call my milk) sitting up! The casualness in the way we nurse now is so different than the way we used just a couple months ago. I get his look though...I wouldn’t want someone taking a picture of me eat either! 🤣 How did breastfeeding change for you when your babies started to become toddlers? 👶🏼 🧒 .
. .
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This sweet moment. And him. Watching over them. Patiently. So much love. #yourlittlefamily

🐝 The other day Cubby and I watched bees. We watched them float, as if by magic, from flower to flower. We watched in silence, this synchronized dance of pollination. I saw his eyes flicker, following one bee, now the next, now another. I felt his breathing, slow and steady, his mouth open, spilling out that sweet as milk baby’s breath. I began explaining what they were, what they were doing, how they flew, where they lived. And when there was nothing more to say, we went back to watching. Looking at those bees, seeing them through his eyes, was everything. We watched those bees for five whole minutes. It was the most magical five minutes of my day. 💫 Do you ever have moments like that? Moments full of pure, unadulterated wonderment passed from your child to you? .
. .
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Boxes 📦 Us moms, we live in boxes. Every time someone sees us with our children, we’re placed in a box. How many times have you heard “oh. I thought you were an XYZ type of mom. Hmmm...” with a disapproving head nod? How many times has your parenting been judged because someone else has had a preconceived notion of how YOU were supposed to be doing something? How many times have you felt shame over something that is not shameful?
Fuck that.
I do not parent within the constraints society has placed upon me. I do not parent within a stereotype that is grossly hyperbolized. I do not parent for other moms or my own parents or my friends. I certainly do not parent for you. I parent for what’s best for my child. I parent for ME.
So stop putting me in boxes. I am not a crunchy/tiger/attachment/strict or any other kind of one flavor fits all mom. I am just A mom. I am just doing the best that I can, no matter what that looks like. I am not sorry that you don’t like it. I am not sorry you don’t agree. I am not sorry for some days just trying to keep my child alive and my head above the waters of life.
I *am* sorry that you thought your box could hold me.
It can’t. 💥
. .
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Delighted to announce my next #prenatalyogateachertraining with @zenyogadubai starting this September! This time the course is conveniently spread over 3 weekends 🙏🏻 I can honestly say I SO enjoyed leading this course and can’t wait for another round! Joining me again will be midwife Zoe Creswell and Women’s Health Physio Alexandra Collishaw who bring decades of knowledge and experience in working with women pre and postnatally 🙏🏻 Get in touch with myself or @zenyogadubai directly to find out more •

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I took a mental health day last Friday. It was a last minute decision after waking up late and disorganized, yelling at my daughter for wanting me near, and making it to school a whopping 30 minutes past start time. ⠀

I’m PMSing. The power of hormones and the speed at which they’re able to change my outlook on life is still hard to digest. How do I go from feeling like everything is just great one day, to struggling through waves of anxiety and feelings of inadequacy the next? That feeling under my ribs, like they’re being sucked through a black hole in the middle of my body. Pressure. Contraction. My heart beating so hard it might explode. ⠀

And I take deep breaths and slow down, sometimes unwillingly. To feel it. To open up. To talk to the pressure like a friend. Gently. With my hand on my chest to remind me that I’m loved. That I’m ok. It’s just a wave. Another passing wave of hormones. Bless those hormones for making me who I am. A woman. A mama. Bless them even if I can barely understand them. ⠀
And bless my family for their patience and understanding 🌹 #thismamajourney #onourmoon
This beautiful photo by @ilene_squires_photo

Milky Mondays 🍼 Danielle’s Story 💜 I cannot thank her enough for having the strength to share.
“I have decided to give up pumping and trying to breastfeed.
They say that there are parts of labor that no one talks about and that you're blindsided by, but there's also a whole other thing that awaits after the birth It's breastfeeding -it has been the most challenging part of motherhood for me so far.
I was warned that because I had Inverted Nipples breastfeeding would be a challenge, but I was also told there are tons of tricks to make it work... Because I knew this would not be easy, I hired a lactation consultant beforehand so that within 24 hours of bring home we could get some hands on help.
We had to supplement with a bottle right away [due to jaundice and dehydration]. Similtaniously my LC had taught me to use a Nipple Shield. This is a silicon suction nipple that you have to leverage on to your nipple and then get the baby to latch on. Sounds simple.
Now, get your nipple out from being inverted with the pump first, now its hard, now turn the shield inside out. Now flip it on to nipple so it suctions, now stimulate your milk to drop all while your starving child screams and you have had 3 hours sleep in 24 hours. Is there even any milk in there? oh wait the shield fell off. Ok, try it again, Hubby hand me the Nipple Shield. Shit Samaya is screaming even louder now. She is so mad. Omg, she wont latch, give me the bottle....Every single time.
I feel a sense of shame and embarrassment that my body is failing me. That something that is supposed to be natural to a woman and accepted by everyone else- isn't natural at all for me.
And there is no "right way" or the strong female way". Sometimes what's right for you and your family outweighs all that bullshit. My first lesson in motherhood has become trusting myself, creating a foundation of self love that I can serve my family from. “
Read the rest of Danielle’s story on her blog, link in my profile. 💫
📷 by @mamanielaphoto

A short story.
From the first contraction to the last: 21 hours. It was all a meditation.
The breath was my sanctuary, it’s what guided me to stay open, out of my head and lead me into the deep unconscious.
I experienced the dance of life with her soul.
Contract. Expand. Contract. Expand.
The body was tired but my soul was alive.
I remember holding on to the tub with all my strength, I listened + Araiya spoke, she was ready to exit my body. I was moved onto the bed where I instinctively went into #Marjaiasana (in #yoga it’s known as cat pose) I pushed, breathed, pushed, breathed, repeat.
Time to release. Time to open all the way.
Her decent was my last deep and conscious breath.
We were born - together. Painless. Without suffering. Natural.
Magical. Unforgettable. Powerful.
A warriors heroic journey. A connection to all. Devine. Sacred. Love.
This was the birth of Araiya Joy. This was the birth of me.
#birth #rebirth #journeytomotherhood #inspiration #vipassana #benefitsofmeditation

The calm that I was able to experience birthing my daughter by having tools in my hands to support body and mind is something I wish for every woman & her birth. I used these guys 🔽 🌿💫Clary sage is a great labour support for when your body is ready. I bathed in it for two days straight and #farout did it help my body. I could feel the contractions being bought on each time I sat in a clary bath #4cms I owe to clary 💁‍♀️ 🌿💫 Diffused wild orange and balance in the birth suite - it was exceptionally calming and the midwives commented on the birth vibe being “inspired” with my oils. 🌿💫 Peppermint - inhaled straight from the bottle this was LIFE for nausea. 🌿💫 easy air - open up your airways to calmly breathe - this was so useful & bloody important for pain management! 🌿💫 Ice blue because your muscles hurt. It REALLY helped with those lower back pains and getting through contractions 🙌 🌿💫 Lavender and Frankincense are all things PP healing for lady parts - bye inflammation and hello soothing 🙌. I made this up into a spray and it helped beyond belief #healingtimewasrapid I also found lavender touch beautiful for any sore skin, tender breasts or just general stress after birth. 🌿💫 Jasmine and clary sage - after birth pain *shuddererrrrs* these are really the pits. The clary calm blend is also great for these). These two oils are also amazing for mood and hormone regulation as well as Jasmine a wonderful support for breastfeeding (supply) and exhaustion. 🌿💫 Balance, Wild Orange and Frankincense - because mums moods and feelings need looking after too. Having a baby is a massive deal and mums emotional health is a top priority when dealing with these changes. Wearing these topically and diffusing them is grounding, uplifting and supportive for our mental and physical health whilst recovering from birth. 🌿💫 Neroli -It’s emotionally supportive at a time when emotions are high. It’s a great support to lower cortisol and it’s very soothing after childbirth or any type of panic, shock or overwhelming feeling AND if that wasn’t good enough it also great for supporting sleep & head tension 💤
So MANY options, so much to gain! 🙌

This is definitely how I feel this week. Anyone else feeling the burn? I love her comparison to the bottom of a jar. .
From @loveofalittleone - Burnt Out 🔥 You know when you get to the bottom of a jar and you scrap the sides hoping to get just a little extra? Well, I’m there. I’m at the bottom of my Momming Jar. I’m burnt out from Momming. 😫 I’ve been having a hard time finding a routine for self care lately. Or any self care for that matter. I feel like the only time I’m not with Cubby is when I’m working and then it’s right back to Mom Mode again. I’ve stopped doing all the things I love and replaced them with all the things I FEEL like I should be doing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll be the first one to fall on my own sword for my family. But lately, I’m starting to feel like a pincushion and I’m just done. I want to have time for myself, do something I love, be decadent! And then I want to spend time with my family, maybe soak up some sun and relax, coming back to them with a clearer mind, fewer wounds, and a fuller jar. 🍯 .
. .
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Burnt Out 🔥 You know when you get to the bottom of a jar and you scrap the sides hoping to get just a little extra? Well, I’m there. I’m at the bottom of my Momming Jar. I’m burnt out from Momming. 😫 I’ve been having a hard time finding a routine for self care lately. Or any self care for that matter. I feel like the only time I’m not with Cubby is when I’m working and then it’s right back to Mom Mode again. I’ve stopped doing all the things I love and replaced them with all the things I FEEL like I should be doing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll be the first one to fall on my own sword for my family. But lately, I’m starting to feel like a pincushion and I’m just done. I want to have time for myself, do something I love, be decadent! And then I want to spend time with my family, maybe soak up some sun and relax, coming back to them with a clearer mind, fewer wounds, and a fuller jar. 🍯 .
. .
#pregnancy #candidmotherhood #breastfeedingsupport #pumpingmom #birth #baby #candidchildhood #lactation #lactationsupport #feedingwithlovesubmission #postpartumsupport #normalizebreastfeeding #feedingwithlove #postpartum #breastfeeding #fedisbest #birthwithoutfear #birthingwithoutfear #11monthsold #11monthspostpartum #homebirth #bornathome #newmom #momswithcameras #parenting #momlife #lifewithbaby #vegan #motherhoodrising #motherhood

“The most funny, informative and lovely classes helping us understand how to survive life with a baby. Cannot recommend The Baby Journey enough for all Cheltenham parents to be!” Lovely feedback from one of our Graduating couples from last night ❤️.
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Just a Little Unsteady 👣 With Cubby toddling around more and more, we’ve been thinking about buying him some shoes. Having a very talented, beautiful, and intuitive medium tell me that his spirit guides were saying to protect his feet sealed the deal. 🦊 After researching online, I’ve come to two conclusions - I still have no idea which to buy and very tiny shoes come with a very large price tag. 🤑 I went to a local Nordstrom Rack and found these Nikes (which I had read were pretty good and were nice and wide) for about 30$ which I felt was better than the original almost 50$ price tag. 🙌🏼 Cubby would look at them and laugh when he first got them on and while he doesn’t fight them, I can tell he definitely needs some more getting used to them. His balance is off and he’s crawling a bit more but all in all, I think it’s a win. BUT I want to know what brands you’ve had success with! Which are your favs and where do you buy them?! 👟
. .
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If you're pregnant, take these questions and ask all the mothers in your life what their answers are. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised! #positivebirth #birthtribe #halifax #doula #birthingwithoutfear #pregnancy #pregnant

Joy 💫 I have felt joy but not like this.
This joy is pure, this joy is simple, this joy radiates.
This joy is instant. This joy swells. This joy drops your jaw and shakes your little body.
This joy wants to be felt. Your joy taps people on the shoulder, takes their hand and swings them round. Your joy creates laughter.
I FEEL your joy. I let your awe tickle me. I let your amazement make me laugh. I let your joy make me feel joyful. I save your joy deep in my heart.
A cord, an orange, the rev of your aunt’s motorcycle - these little things aren’t so little when looking at them through your eyes. Those eyes that are widening, that cannot believe what they are seeing. Those beautiful eyes that take these simple things and look at them from a different angle.
I am chuckling even now remembering that joy. And it brings me more. Your joy is never ending. Your joy will fill valleys, your joy will make hearts beat.
And if one day your joy fades a bit, gets pushed down by the weight of the world, I will take some of the joy I have saved from you and remind you what a gift life is, just as you remind me every single day. 🦊💜
. .
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HONOURING ALL BIRTHS // Women tend to bond overs similarities.
"Oh you had a C-section, so did I"
"Oh you did a home birth, so did I"

And while there is nothing wrong with connecting over shared experiences, what if we were to expand our collection to honour all stories. That is how we can truly build tribe.

Many women who had a birth that didn't go as expected, feel ashamed of their story because they feel like they couldn't do it. Yet women who did have a story they are proud of dampen the celebration and rarely share because they don't want to make someone else feel bad. This creates a culture of incomplete stories and a lack of freedom to be heard.

Let's let down our guard and shared all stories without inhibition. Listen from a place of empathy without judgement for ourselves or others. No comparisons, just honour each and every story as INCREDIBLE, IMPORTANT and MIRACULOUS.

Because however you birthed your baby or babies, YOU ARE MAGIC
Vaginal or C-section
With or without drugs or interventions
VBAC or not
In hospital or at home
Standing or lying down
OB's or Midwives or GP's or on your own
Premie or full term
Newborn or stillborn
Low or High risk
Birth pool or Operating table
... Head to the "All The Mama Feels" Private Facebook Page and share your story and be heard and honoured ❤️ #birthisbirth #birthisbeautiful #csectionawarenessmonth #birth #birthingwithoutfear #motherhoodrising #mothermusing #birthstory #birthstories

*Trigger Warning* ⚠️ . . .
Milky Mondays 🍼 Breastfeeding After Sexual Assault 💜 It is possible. I spoke to my beautiful friend @thekidswillrevolt who was kind and brave enough to share her experience in order to help other women who want to breastfeed but have also experienced sexual trauma. I cannot thank her enough.
“I needed to breastfeed for her. This was my plan. But second place I was in was each time I fed her it hurt (not only because of her lip tie and tongue tie) but I think there was this sensation I hated and it was tough navigating physical feeling of being uncomfortable and not wanting the sensation and the fact that I was nourishing her. I didn’t feel good, but I knew it was what she needed. A lot of push and pull. It was tough to have equanimity for the situation and be gentle with myself and my thoughts.
I had tried pumping after I passed my due date to try to induce labor a few times. And right before I put those flanges on my breast I would always have these awful thoughts. Like “this is gonna suck. This is not going to be pleasant. I’m going to hate this aren’t I?”
And it did suck. I had a physical feeling of disgust. But I did it and I sat through it. Same thing when I was breastfeeding Baby. And I hated myself for feeling that way but even more I hated that I even was in a position that I felt that way because of my trauma. I would have to take a few breath every time I put her to my breast. I know an LC who had a sexual trauma and she couldn’t even look at her baby because it would also creep her out and make her feel disgusted with herself. So it’s a very real thing.
I did have thoughts of having to formula feed her because I doubted my ability to be able to get through the pain. I think mentally I knew I could push through it if I had enough support - People listening to me and validating that it hurt which led to many people telling me it shouldn’t hurt, but it will tug a bit. After being open and talking about my trauma with lactation consultants, I felt validated and not alone. I was able to find comfort in other women. Especially ones that wanted to listen to me and help me on my journey.”

Any mamas in search of a local doula? ❤👶Having a doula is one of the best investments you can make for creating a satisfying birth experience.
💆Or are you interested in becoming a Birthing Doula and don't know where to begin?
@BirthingBeyondLLC is the answer! Vanessa Flood at Birthing Beyond not only offers birth doula training; she also gives prenatal classes, breastfeeding help, doula services, first hour of life photography, is @Happiest_Baby certified, and is @DONAintl certified! Vanessa has welcomed 456 babies into the world... WOW! 👶🍼 #BirthingWithoutFear

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