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When your inner student comes out 🤓 #astrology #birthchartreading #neverstoplearning

Ugly yet precious! Looking for another colour :D

You are my destiny ;)
Cat Eye, recommended stone for me to wear forever!
Must be either on the ring finger or the pinky one! I chose my tiny pinky!
Nobody can replace your place 💕

#cateye #stone #astrology #birthchartreading

They like me! They really like me! 🙈🙉🙊 #AnotherSatisfiedCustomer #ICouldGetUsedToThisFeedbackThing #BirthChartReading

One more example of the natal chart monographs. Get one for yourself. The book tracks you through every stage of your life, per your birth chart. Learn more here http://www.tinyurl.com/natalchartmonograph #astrologyreading #astrology #birthchartreading #birthchart #natalchartreadings #natalchart

#HappyMonday, skymates! 😌 It's me, @dossevia, the human behind this #astrology account :) I have exciting news! I'll be in #California this week for my KnowTheZodiac #SummerTour! 🎉 My #SanFrancisco event is on July 8 from 3:30-6pm, and my #LosAngeles event is on July 9 from 2-4:30pm! ⭐️ Come meet me and get a mini-reading! I'll also be discussing how to use this weekend's #FullMoon to manifest your dreams. 🌕 We'll also talk about romantic compatibility, and what the rest of #2017 has in store 🙌🏾 I've had so much fun on tour this summer, and I'm ready to keep the good times rolling 🤗 To reserve your spot, click the link in my IG bio or go to knowthezodiac.com/shop 🔮 Be sure to tell your friends too! 👯 Hope to see you this wknd!
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Happy New Moon in Leo. Leo is the creator, the ego. During a new moon set intentions and plant seeds. Intentions that will help you shine. Make you come alive and align your ego and your soul. Step into what makes you uniquely you and own it. If you need help finding those things I would love to read your birth chart. Just DM me. ✨🌚

Hey #MCM 👋🏻 My Venus is in Cancer so what does that mean when it comes to my (many) celebrity crushes? Check out my blog- link in profile.

Are you a planetary junkie? Would you like to be?
The Daily Hunch is gearing up for launch in just a couple of weeks! We'll be offering daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions of personalized astrology reports, written with all the clarity and sass you've already come to expect.
Stay tuned, and tell your astrology-obsessed friends! I'll be offering a special introductory promotion to all you lovely followers.

Okay so I know I said my #SummerTour would end in SF, but due to popular demand I've decided to add one final stop: #LosAngeles!! ⭐️ All my #LA babes, come join me next Sunday, July 9 under a #FullMoon as we discuss all things astrology, compatibility & manifestation! 🔮
I'll be giving mini-readings, answering all your astrology questions, as well as giving you an inside look at what the rest of 2017 has in store ✨ This is open to all 12 #zodiacsigns so feel free to share with a fellow astrology lover 👯 To reserve your spot for my #SanFran event on July 8 or #LA event on July 9, click the link in my IG bio & get your ticket for a discounted rate. 💕 #LinkInBio 🦂

Hope to see you there, #Scorpios! ♏️❤️✨ #LAMeetUp #LAEvents #ScorpioMystique #ScorpiosBeLike #ScorpioSeason #JupiterInScorpio #ScorpioPower #DosseVia #Astrologer #BirthChart #BirthChartReading #LANetworking #KnowTheZodiac #FullMoonMagic 🌊


The Heart Nebula! Tag someone you love ❤️

These past few weeks have been super crazy for all of you I'm sure. I know it has been for me! The reason for this is due to the fact we are all feeling the energies between eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse just passed, and we are feeling the combination from the upcoming Solar Exclipse in Leo on Monday. I don't know about you, but I have had a lot of past issues arise these past few weeks. I wasn't sure how to deal with them since I thought what was in the past should have stayed in the past. However these energies call us to let go of these past issues. Any regrets on bad decisions or situations will not help you here. If anything, ALL of our consciousness is shifting more and more each day due to these energies. You may be feeling sad or regretful with whatever has appeared this last week or this current week. You may think feeling sadness means you are not over such problems- when in reality you are healing from it. Sadness and crying and RELEASING these energies is a huge clean up process. These energies are bringing past events to the surface, because perhaps we all have not fully healed from our mistakes. However, this isn't a bad thing. As you can see, your life has significantly (and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY) changed since you've all experienced that moment in your past. Your environment is different as well as those in it. You are no longer the same person as you were before, and that is why this week is all about healing. Your consciousness is still set on past beliefs and it is time to purge all of that out. Cry if you need to. Sob. I know I have! You are all either awakening or ascending even higher in consciousness. Purging out past beliefs and feelings only leave you more room for love and acceptance for yourself, as well as the past situations that have shown up in your face these past few weeks. Do not fear. This was all meant to happen and you'll feel so much better once it is all over. For those of you that are accepting and purging out these past emotions? Good for you, continue to do so. And lend a helping hand to those who do not understand why the Universe is bringing back the past. You are all different now, and much stronger. Don't ever forget>

For those interested in my chart packages please message me! You can also contact me via email, for my website is still under construction. 💌: IN BIO⤴️
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Hey #MCM 👋🏻 My Venus is in Cancer so what does that mean when it comes to my (many) celebrity crushes? Check out my blog- link in profile.

When your inner student comes out 🤓 #astrology #birthchartreading #neverstoplearning

Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow. It can actually be a beautiful time. It's a time to slow down. Revisit old habits, friendships and hobbies. It can be a do-over. With summer being so busy it's a time to catch our breath. Let's honor this time not dread it. Get really clear with what your gut is telling you and connect with yourself and what you value in this life. If you need any guidance I'm still offering a personalized guide based on your chart to help you navigate the solar eclipse on the 21st and Mercury retrograde which lasts until early September for $20. Just message me. 🙌🏼✨

Raise your hand if you're feeling the eclipse season vibes? Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday causing us to reevaluate and revisit. If you're interested in how this eclipse season/mercury retrograde is affecting you specifically, I would love to look at your chart. Offering a $20 email writeup on how you can navigate the solar eclipse on August 21st and Mercury retrograde, specific to your birth chart. Just message me. 🙌🏼✨🌚

✨⭐️MAGICAL BIRTH CHART READINGS ⭐️✨ Get your personal chart reading from me £20 this includes a birth natal chart, a professional description and a summary/ coffee meet up with me to explain it ✨🙏🏼✨ It's my favourite thing to do! So excited! Message me for details or email me at yogimoviestar@gmail.com 💫 #love #horoscopes #whatsyoursign #birthchartreading #aries #leo #virgo #cancer #capricorn #sagittarius #scorpio #gemini #libra #pisces #aquarius


#絕情 #哲學家 #哲學 #正向心理學 #積極心理學 #占星 #占星命盤 #占星術 #星盤 #星座 #馬克思盤 #二人合盤 #合盤 #比較盤 #推運 #心理占星術 #astrology #zodiac #astrologyreadings #birthchart #birthchartreading #positivepsychology #psychology #beyourgreatestversion #selfactualization

Message me for one of my in depth chart packages! That's 20+ pages of detailed descriptions of your aspects and other planetary alignments! I also offer partial charts. Message me here or email me! Email in bio!✨

The New Phantom VIII's Astrology Birth Chart! @rollsroycemedia @spiritofrollsroyce @rollsroyceapac @rollsroyceseoul @rollsroyceindonesia @rollsroycecarsna
Luckily my wife Valentyna is a Highly Intuitive Astrologer, and I could ask her the insight to he taken from the Astrology Birth Chart of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII.
So here it goes the personal insight of the Astrologer Valentyna for the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII:
"Personal growth and change may be a problem due to jobs which can't develop.
Natives of this birthday will enjoy an happy existence. 
They will be extremely well cared but maybe without love, the dark side of luxury.
They will feel boring to transport the same persons to the same places. They will always miss the party and joy of the Bonhams event of his birth. They need Love!" ~ Astrologer Valentyna
Personally, I love that the new Phantom VIII has the Ascendant 1st house in Aquarius like in my own Astrology Birth Chart😋. Maybe we were made for each other😍
I wish that the next baby of Rolls-Royce will follow the most advance laws of Research & Development which is to Just Falling in Love! 
After Falling in Love, it must listen the Goddesses whispering to be ready for conception! After conception then be ready for the Launch in 9 months! For sure it will born in a Golden Cot and it will attract wealthy owners that are seeking the Enlightenment like Buddha! Then it will be the most mysterious, mystical and magical Rolls-Royce of all times, and will honour Eleanor, the model of the Rolls-Royce bonnet ornament: the Spirit of Ecstasy!
For more information about Astrology Birth Chart Wheel and Insights please contact us by www.augustotomas.com/contact/
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✨🌸 LOVIN Life 🌸✨ Right now in all its craziness! It's insane the shift that affects you when you live truthfully and follow your own path. Being Authentic is so powerful, rewarding & feels glorious 💞 Now doing HOROSCOPE BIRTHCHART READINGS £20 💖Message me for details! #yougogirl #goddessvibes #leopower #leoseason #grateful #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaedinburgh #yinyoga #restorativeyoga #rockabarrebaby #authenticity #yogimoviestar #horoscopes #birthchart #birthchartreading #whatsyoursign

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