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This starling was trapped in my ceiling all day and finally came out the boiler closet! I had quite the time catching him, but once I did, I rehydrated him and sent him on his way. I'm thankful to my volunteer days with @wildbirdfund that I knew how to handle and help this little star. ⭐️ #saturdaynightadventures #startledstarling #birdsofnyc #thewildbirdfund #brooklynwildlife

Cedar waxwing #BirdsofNYC

Fake it til you make it and one day your ship will come in #birdsofnyc #pigeons #pizza #lotto #uli

When you walk by with a bird chasing dog.

Is this dead bird news/crime/science? Seems unusual for 14th street. Any ideas @nycaudubon @asacredprofane #deadbird #birdsofnyc #birdsofinstagram (Sorry for the gruesome bloody eye.)


Hi there! Are you ready to start your day? Good Morning! 🐦🌳🌞

It's a piñata party! 🎉🐦 Check out how we made this awesome colorful forager, on our previous post. #SundayFunday #DIY #artsandcrafts

Does your feathered friend love to shred? Here's an easy and really cheap DIY foraging toy your birdy will love to destroy🐦🎉 #sundayFunday
#DIY #artsandcrafts

Here's what you'll need:
•wiffle ball [2 for $1 at the dollar tree] •string •scissors •confetti paper •plastic straws
How to:
•cut string to desired length and tie it to the wiffle ball •stuff the wiffle ball with confetti paper and maybe sneak a few nuts in there
•cut the straws in half and poke them through the ball • hang it and let it shred!
•Enjoy. 🐦

I'm not a city kind of guy. I'm happiest when I'm tromping through the woods. _aidanQuinn 🌳🐦 #happytrails

Three little birds outside my #skyclub singing sweet songs. #jfk #birdsofnyc #everylittlethingisgonnabealright

the fruff spot! 🐦💛

Shout out to Fridays and morning showers! 🐦🚿 #TGIF #birdbath

Bald Eagle

Woah, 300 followers!! 🎉🐦 We got one happy birb, and so many friends! Thank you for all the love! We hope you really enjoy a daily dose of Diesel 😘❤ #300followers

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