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She's a field Pointer, our Remington, bred for birding, not beauty. I don't know about you, but I think she'd have little trouble winning a 'Best in Show' title if given the opportunity! ❤ 🏆💐🐶 .
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↕️ up is down ↕️

I think it's safe to say that Sadie would rather be kissing fish than holding down the recliner today 😆.....good morning ☕ and have a wonderful week all #lovemylab #troutfishing #whatgetsyououtdoors

"Welcome to the Dingus Ranch, all Dinguses welcome." -Wheeler

Another day, another way to use Sister while watching food being cooked.

Spring has sprung 🌼
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We're loving this summer weather 😍

The boss gave the others the slip 😍💪🏻🐶 #femaleboss #crazyLuna #kong #lunasluxuryboarding

Racing through the woods 🐶👍🏻🐾 #lunasluxuryboarding #prettypointers #race

Hide yo' kids. Hide yo' wife. There's a two-headed dawg on the loose.

Just getting my paws wet...nothing crazy like swimming in this cold lake! 🐶🐾

What's the Vizsla advantage? Hands 🐶👋

✅Welcome Collectioncom❤️👈
#9gag #😂 #😹

Dont mess with my 🎾

Running through this week cause I can't wait until the weekend 🌊

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