#PMDD-PreMenstral Dysphoric Disorder
Now this is something I was only recently diagnosed with but came to my attention about 6 months ago. I believe the reason it went undiagnosed for so long is because of my #contraception #IUD device completely stopped my periods for 2 years so I couldn't see the connection.
This is super common for #women with bipolar. So common I dont understand why every #doctor doesn't talk about it with their #female #bipolar patients. Basically it's like a bipolar version of extreme #PMS. It can appear either during ur period before or directly after. Basically it's a sensitivity to #hormones. Our irregulative bipolar brains can't handle either the influx of #estrogen after ur period, #progesterone before ur period or all it during. I have a high sensitivity to #seretonin (obviously bipolar) but also progesterone. Basically I'm a #crazy #emotional, irritated, irrational unstable #bitch the 10 days before I get my period. The irritability and rage and emotional intensity grows with #anxiety and #depression each day until suddenly I'm suicidal. The very next day I get my #period and I'm fine. Completely refreshed and at peace. I can not stress enough the serious of the condition or the havock I suspect it's created in my life and relationships. The hardest part for me is my periods are irregular so thw 10 days could start only a couple of days after the last!! So shit. I am currently experimenting with #medication so I'll let u know how it goes. They basically prescribe the #pill to flatten out the hormones throughput thw month and #antidepressants :which don't work for me) but I'll keep u posted with how I go.
I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE all bipolar women to atleast have a read up on it or chat to ur doctor about it. I had been having monthly "mixed episodes" for years before I finally figured it out and say the link. This is another reason why I strongly enourage keeping a #moodchart and #mapping ur periods. Patterns like this become more apparent and the better you know ur own #cycle thw more informative you can be with your doctors and speed up #recovery! #mentalhealth #bipolaraf #moodswings #depression #mixede

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Ready for some days at the lake once this rain & hail decides to stop #nevadaweather #bipolaraf

Finally some sun! 🌞
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Along this journey, I’ve found lots of everyday ways to focus and aid in my recovery. Reading and learning are a big part of that. Therefore, I try to read at least 30 mins a day. Here are some of the selections I have on deck: The Lord of the Rings, of course, An Artist’s Creative Life With Bipolar and Got Bipolar by Alfredo Zotti, Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe (also bipolar), Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor (seriously, if you need a little positive perspective on life, get this book), Selected Poems of Anne Sexton, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (waiting on my copy of The Bell Jar to get her in the mail, ugh hurry upppp), and The Four Agreements box set by Don Miguel Ruiz which I’ve already started and is amazingggggg. If you guys have book recs, drop them in the comments. I’ll keep sharing new reads as I get them. #spinalcolumn #bookspines #bookstagram #booklove #bibliophile #read30minsaday #atleast #recovery #mentalhealth #bipolaraf #aggressivelybipolar

I stick with people who pull the magic out of me but also love my madness. @nerdferg 💕💕💕 #bipolaraf #aggressivelybipolar 🎭

If only the “wet” look lasted more than an hour 😩😂
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This bipolar shit is for the birds. My moods are terrible this am and just won’t stop. Im locking myself in my room and avoiding people for a bit. Let’s hope it helps. #aggressivelybipolar #bipolaraf #manicmanicmanic

Full of surprises 🎉 #surprisebitch #bipolaraf #

I have 13 years worth of proof ki tu chutiya hai 🌸

P. S. Set me up with a swimmer boy-toy, because you know why.

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