So I've restarted and decided to start listening to the green eyes subliminal. Hopefully this will get me faster results and if I get far enough along with green eyes, then I will start listening to amber eyes again.

Sorry I posted a day late. I've been getting a lot of headaches lately and I've also been kind of sick for a couple days so I couldn't bring myself to update yesterday. On a brighter note, my driver's ed classes are over and school is almost done so I'll have so much more time for this!
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here i am.
i'm really amazed at how powerful our minds are, like wow.
have a nice day! see you in July ❤️
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27/5/2018 🌟 15. Gün🌱 #biokinesis #biyokinezi #eyecolorchange

I love my new bras, thanks Mum.
And thanks to Ascension-ArchAngel's subliminals for the boob job.
And thanks to Tezenis for creating the Wien Bra, the perfect fit for me. I would totally buy those in any colour, version and limited edition release, because I can never be grateful enough for them to exist. Go get it guys, the Wien bra (this isn't even sponsored, holy boobies) in all of its pure perfection, its precious and precise round size with NO dang stuffing and NO pushup padding, but pure perfection.

Storytime! - I hate stuffed bras. And NO, I never stuff my bras! That's unfairness! What if u need to get undressed and the person in front of you believes your naked boobs look exactly the way they look when you are all dressed up?! The girl this message is for: you know who you are! How the hell did you manage to mislead me by stuffing you bra with socks, that was a damn rippoff! I still cry when I remember the moment you started... ehm taking all of that stuff out of your bra!

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Thanks for reading, have a soft night time everyone, without stuffed bras plz. ~

#biyokinezi ye başladığım gün sol gözüm iltihaplıydı. Başladım ve etkisini ilk olarak iltihabın geçmesiyle farkına vardım. Işığa aldırmadan aradaki farkı görebiliyor olmak güzel şey 🍀 #biokinesis #eyecolorchange #günbegün

26/5/2018🌟 14. Gün 🌱 Son bir kaç gündür #biyokinezi ye hafif devam ediyorum. #imaje ettiğim gibi değişiklik çerçeveden başlıyor. Günün yorgunluğu gözlerimin şişinden belli oluyor 🌾#biokinesis #blueyes #change #eyecolorchange

Day 62: I am on my way to work and was about to take a picture for my normal Instagram Account and saw my eyes were reflecting the light so beautifully, I had to take pictures of it and post it 😍

Although I do believe in subliminal and know that it works, I kinda always look for new signs! and my eyes reflecting so beautifully instead of absorbing is definitely enough for me today!
My post schedule will be Mondays and Fridays I guess, what do you think, since one post is to less 😊💮

Day 61: wow ...never thought I could do this so long without a break ❤ how did you guys get along?
I really like the new subliminal. It seems to work really well on me. Still have a tingling sensation while listening as for the others where the sensation totally disappears.

I noticed my eyes are reflecting a little more in room light and appears red-ish 🤗💮 Alle Pictures were taken by Lamplight, the first to pictures left eye
1. W/f (without any filter)
2. St. (just structured)
3. w/f
4. St.

hey guys.
hope you're having a great day. ❤️
do u see any difference?

This is my first time sharing some sort of video footage for my eye color journey. 😀

I know it's not the best, but if you look closely you can see shimmers of green and also a large patch of dark green in one area of my eye. It seems to be getting more noticeable, but not enough to where people notice. My eyes have also gotten lighter since I began as well.
It will be a whole year with no breaks on this journey this July 2018. I will admit I thought after a year that my eyes would fully be green by now😣, but I realize what I am trying to accomplish is a miraculous attempt to change and manipulate DNA and that is simply amazing, mind blowing, and takes time.😉 I will keep going until I have full results, I encourage you to do the same.🤗 Please let me know if you can see my progress too☺️ .

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Early morning work out and buzz session on the bad knee. Check out those legs - they have a shape! #iwantmycheekbonesback #weightloss #healthychoices #health #badknee #biokinesis #slowandsteady #justkeepmoving #saucony #muscles #legs

whatcha think guys?? am i doing it fine?
#biokinesis #quadibleintegrity

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