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Holy shit! This thing is really working!! WTF!! 4th day of Biokinesis! 😨😳 #biokinesis

September 28, 2017. Day 138. First photo is normal. Second photo is the Juno filter. No structural changes. I do have my contact in just because I forgot to take it out. The rings are definitely changing color now. It looks almost more blue/green to me, to be honest. What do you all think? 👁👁 #biokinesis #quadibleintegrity

August 23 2017.

16 weeks listening.
Same day, different lighting.

#subliminals #biokinesis #biokinesisresults

Llevaba una semana xd comencé el 8 de julio .

What do you think 💭💙😬#biokinesis #demblues 👀
Who has tried it, success, no results...chime in 👇🏼

In these photos I made a makeup equal to lagertha of vikings my favorite serie, my eyes are with strange color kkk 😅 do not know what color they are #biokinesis #subliminal #hypnose #eyes

Resultado de biokinesis aprovado funciona lembrando que tem que fazer o desbloqueio de 30 minutos 😘 #biokinesis

Day 13

I haven't been listening to the videos very much lately but will likely start up again soon. I tried this new method of taking a picture with a flashlight and it's making it easier to see rings in my eye.

#biokinesis #quadibleintegrity


Good channel according to my experience. #biokinesis

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So I wanted to post my ultimate goals so I can have them in one post. I also posted them in my amino (see my description)
❕ Disclaimer ❕ I don't want to offend anyone, those are just my goals. I hope everyone reach their end goals. Good luck on our journey guys 💝
🔥 Those are my first goals. I always loved blue eyes, my grandpa has light blue/grey eyes and non of his grandchildren inherited them. 😢
🔥 My skin and hair color goals 😍. I've always been pale, so it's not very different. My hair used to be light brown with red and blonde streaks, but I dyed them black. (I still love my black hair, my I messed my natural. But I also loved natural red hair color) 😳
🔥 Ohhh the hair texture and length I want. I had pretty long hair (almost 80cm/31inches) but I had to cut them of cause they were quite fragile and in poor health. I naturally have really straight hair, I have volume, but I always loved wavy long hair. 👌
🔥 Eyebrow goals. When I was younger I had eyebrows with a lot of patches. Then puberty hit and they got pretty thick. Then I spent a period overplucking them and they kinda lost their shape. I still have naturally straight eyebrows, I just want them a little bit longer cause they're a little bit short for my eye shape. 👀
🔥 And finally lips. I've always had thin lips so I would love to have bigger ones. 💋

That's it guys, I know it's pretty long but I'm finished 😂. Once again, I wish all of you the best luck in life and I hope you succeed in everything you want. 💚💛💜💙💞
#subliminals #goals #eyegoals #haircolorgoals #eyebrowsgoals #lipsgoals #biokinesis #goodluck #eyecolorchange #quadibleintegrity #eyecolourjurney #biokinesis #eyes #hazeleyes #browneyes #subliminals #matrixplay99 #browntoblueeyes #browntoblue #subliminalfrequencies #binaural #binauralbeats

Day # 33 I think there starting to look more brown without so much lighting.

#biokinesisresults #biokinesis #eyecolorchange

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Hz. Ali

Day 5 picture of my eyes with my bathroom light maybe i do something wrong cuz people affirm had some results I 1week or the first listening #biokinesis #quadibleintegrity #experiment #heterochromia #experimenting #experience

Day 5 ( normal light)guys if you see a difference tel me cuz I think nothing happens #biokinesis #quadibleintegrity #experiment #heterochromia #experimenting #experience

Day 5 ( with flash)😫 idk know if i do smothing wrong but I see nothing change until day 4 #biokinesis #quadibleintegrity #experiment #heterochromia #experimenting #experience

How did akuo really works faster for changing my eye color
#nofilter #browntogreen #biokinesis #eyes #subliminal #update #results #akuo

Perdoa o decote, eu não gosto de cortar as fotos ajjsudkdjis

Why does my eyes look lighter without sun? Idk anyways I never saw my eyes like the first pic.

#biokinesisresults #biokinesis #eyecolorchange

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