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I eat and train like a farmer 👨🏻‍🌾 eating and moving all day. Find what works best for you. If you have some questions about your nutrition just ask. At the end of the day you should feel good. @hamidjohannes -

#bioindividuality #natural #healthyliving #humanenergy #integrativenutrition thanks for the picture @luis_gaudi

Being well isn't about obsessively worrying about what you can and can't eat, which often gets lost in the current wellness movement. Being well is about finding what works for YOU. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is no one size fits all. Being well is listening to what your body is saying and finding what makes it (& you!) happiest.
And right now my body is telling me it's time for Magic Chicken (recipe in profile above 👆) with a healthy side of kale, a little @farmhouseculture kraut (that gut health 🙌) and my favorite creamy garlic dressing! 👊❤️ #bioindividuality #eattolive #youarewhatyoueat

#ThisMagicMoment .. Orden= cambios internos. Abro la despensa, y me doy cuenta que no importa la velocidad con la que se avance. Que lo importante es llevar un ritmo, el tuyo. #pensamientossaludables #rojomate #bioindividuality

An understanding that's grown as I work with more people on adjusting their nutrition for healing is that the relationship between a food and our bodies is totally contextual. There is no such thing as a universal superfood and conversely foods that would be beneficial to fully remove at one point in our health journey can cross over at some point into being key elements on our road to health. Broth, nuts, organ meats, and almost the whole plant world all come to mind here. So often our dieting history involves learning a set (and then another and another) of unwavering rules - "this is bad and this is good" and even though these lists always contradict each other it's a hard framework to unlearn. It requires that we embrace the uncharted territory of learning to listen to our own bioindividual bodies of learning some of the biochemical whys and how's. And along this rocky road of unravel, curiosity, rebuild - a whole food toolbox opens up in which there aren't rules but concepts, foods are not to be feared or held too close, and we can offer the body what it might be truly able to use in its efforts towards building dynamic, resilient terrain. This is chicken liver pate on a flax cracker. A nutrient packed combo that this morning will give me the boost I need to tackle my day of business finances (not my fave) and in the past might have caused a symptom flare that I might not have recognized as related to trying so hard to "do the right thing." Always learning but I do think some of the beauty lives there ❤️ #nutritionaltherapy #bioindividuality #context #terrainbased #superfoods

Organic meat, fresh from the farm herb and salads..... when you know where your food comes from you know your body is nourished #eatorganic #bioindividuality #iin #alisonstocktonhealthcoach #nourishwithorganic

Somos nuestros pensamientos... Y para mantenerlos positivos siempre es importante desconectar y darte momentos para ti mismo... Muchas veces la mejor manera de hacer algo, es no hacer nada! ☀️✌🏼 En estos momentos de tantos cambios internos y externos, de toma de decisiones, de inicios... es preciso parar, sentir, estar presente, respirar y simplemente ser. Gracias al universo por permitirme hacerlo en 🏡. .
#bioindividuality #paulasilvacoachef #lifemotivation #poolday #relaxationday

One child "hey Mom! Can I have yogurt with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds?" (Me feeling impressed..) "Of course!" Next child, "Mama, can I have a pancake with chocolate sauce and syrup on it?" Me = realization that you win some, you lose some -- ANNNND that it's okay.
Hey you... yeah you out there... <<deep breath>> it's okay. 😎✌️
#winsomelosesome #whattoeat #bioindividuality

Personalized daily vitamins c.o. @careofvitamins for our "Bio-individuality." If you are unfamiliar with this term, bio-individuality is one of our core concepts that is rooted in the idea that we are all unique beings and one person's food is another person's poison. #nutritionschool #IINhealthcoach #bioindividuality

Remember that no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone, one person's food can be another's poison. #IIN #bioindividuality #getURhealthON #nutrition #choiceswemake


It is said that the greatest wealth is health. And I think it's true.. if we don't have our health it is impossible for us to show up as the best version of ourselves and truly enjoy everything that life has to offer. It's not always easy to choose to invest in ourselves though - there is always a multitude of excuses we come up with as to why our time and money is better spent in other places. And many people struggle to prioritise themselves and their needs over others. So to celebrate the official launch of Katalyst Nutrition consultations and to help you on your health journey. anyone who books in this week will have concession rates applied to all future appointments in addition to this week being free of charge. Only a limited number of spots remaining so call 0423 493 330 or email info@katalystnutrition.com.au to book your appointment and start investing in YOU! (Skype consultations available and home visits by negotiation)

It's Monday but we are still thinking of weekend noms. @talesofakitchen capturing our Mushroom and Curry chickpea n pumpkin pie in all its glory. Enjoy the rest of the the (shorter) week. ✌🏼❤🌱 #positivevibes #positivethinking #bioindividuality #flexitarian #affirmations #vegansofig #vegan #vegansofig #veganprotein #vegancommunity #veganfoodshare #veganrecipes #vegancafe #foodporn #foodie #foodpornshare #wellness #happy #healthy #loveyourbody #onebody #protein #vegansnacks #vegancake #vegandesserts #cake #veganpie

❓What determines where you meet your friends for an evening of good conversation and a laugh?
1. Budget
2. Menu
3. Atmosfeer
🌶 Let me know in the comments.

First quiz is about to go down. Exciting yet nervous! Grabbed my pink #momfuel, reviewing my notes and handling things like a #boss 😝
Our bodies are like an AMAZING biocomputer. Our body maintains a constant 98.6 degree and adjust when climate changes. Our eyes adjust to light (whether night or day) and we bring and give birth to human life. Sadly, we're all guilty of it 🙋🏽, we over exert the body. We work the machine until it breaks; rest is key!
I've stepped into a very exciting time, for #healthcoaching is the future of health care.
#ourbodies #bioindividuality #healthcoach #quiz #first #knowledgeispower #plexus #plantbased #notes #student #education #healthylifestyle #iinsession @nutritionschool

Wellness is a single step. #thewellspell is my process of taking single steps to improve your vitality through real food, mindfulness and community. ✨✨✨

I never knew how much I appreciated food until last year when I was in the middle of my #HealthCoach Training Program @nutritionschool and began experimenting with the different dietary theories I was learning. I always loved food, but I love it even more knowing how it nourishes my body 😌✨ I made a drastic discovery that Red Meat wasn't suiting me anymore - the more red meat, sugar, & dairy I had in my diet the harder it was for me to go to the bathroom regularly, the more easily I was agitated, the less energy I had, and the crappier I felt. I discovered the true meaning of #Bioindividuality by realizing what really works for me...whole, clean, REAL, beautiful, delicious, colorful #Food 🙌🏻

What foods make you feel AMAZING?! 😘
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Los que tienen un tiempo leyéndome saben que estaría llevando una alimentación plant based esta semana 🍃. La cual decidí culminar el día de ayer y hoy estoy nuevamente desayunando con proteína animal🙈
Que pasó? 🤷🏻‍♀️No me fue mal, pero mi organismo me pide proteína animal, eso es parte de la bio individualidad. Los alimentos que yo consumo y me hacen bien pueden ser el veneno para otros. Ninguna alimentación es 💯% perfecta, ni es la mejor, ni la indicada. Debemos aprender a conocer nuestro cuerpo. Y cómo? Haciendo lo que hice, dedicando una o dos semanas a un tipo de alimentación y ver como nos sentimos, luego incluir nuevamente alimentos y ver cómo reaccionamos. De lo que si estoy segura es que aunque me encante la carne roja y los quesos es algo que no puedo consumir siempre porque mi organismo no lo tolera mucho. Yo con salmon, pechugas de pollo y huevo soy feliz en cuanto a proteína animal se refiere 🙈
Los que quieran intentar una dieta vegana pueden hacerlo, yo de seguro dos o tres días en la semana la adaptaré a mi alimentación. Todo está en el equilibrio!
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I am not a Princess I am a Khaleesi ✨👱🏻‍♀️ by the one and only @cenmauro

GUT GUILT \\ without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of healing chronic illness - especially when it includes a spattering of severe digestive ailments, as so many do (it's where almost all disease begins) - is walking the line between anti-inflammatory eating and diet-induced stress.
One of THE most significant lessons I have learned over the past 2+ years of attempting to heal is that food is not the be-all-end-all, and very rarely does strict adherence to any one specific way of eating heal everyone - or dare I say it, anyone.
Bioindividuality is an important component of this, as two people with the same chronic conditions will not respond the same way to any one way of eating. Also, your microbiome is constantly changing, and what you're sensitive to at present will likely change in a few months. On top of that, the STRESS of hard-and-fast adherence to a specific way of eating - however healing it may be - can sometimes offset the benefits of the diet and damage your gut more, as stress is probably more toxic than sugar. @phoebelapine's real, raw, and fabulous book, The Wellness Project, captures the essence of this so well - ESPECIALLY in the chapter pictured above!
Learning to listen to and monitor your gut's reactions to foods does take years to finesse. Healing chronic digestive ailments spans years as well, and in reality, probably never stops. The health of your microbiome is THE most important component to overall longevity and wellness, and though a primary element, it doesn't ONLY begin and end with food. #mindbodybalance

Treating myself to a big bowl of buckwheat porridge this morning. This is one of my favourite breakfasts so I indulge occasionally but I find it can make me feel a bit bloated and I often am hungry in a few hours. For some of you this will make you feel amazing. Listen to your body. We are all individual, eat what makes YOU feel great 👍 I cook mine with almond milk, tahini, mashed banana, protein powder and maca. Topped with more tahini, berries, coconut yoghurt and @cathedralcovenaturals raw activated super cereal #bioindividuality #breakfast #buckwheatporridge #wholefoods

Another wonderful day feeding a lovely gang from Erwood coffee morning who were enjoying a fantastic day of zentangle with Zenjo @jo_quincey at gorgeous @abernanthouse
Today they had chocolate dipped shortbread & vegan mocha flapjacks for with coffee. Creamy Curied pumpking soup with Turkish bread. Holoumi, Pumpkin and avocodo rice salad with a lime and chive dressing. Pudding was a boozy pineapple upside-down cake with brown butter butter cream, this was based on the fantastic @vanillablack recipe but veganised.
I even got to join in with some of this afternoons class and really enjoyed myself, it really is a lovely class Jo has such knowledge and passion and is a great teacher. #countryhouse #abernanthouse #balance #80:20 #soup #salad #homemade #homemadebread #flapjack #shortbread #bioindividuality #healthgeek #healthydoesnthavetobehard #notboringrabbitfood #fitfam #privatechef #feedfeed #work #tiredfeet #cooking #aga #autumnfood #healthy #delicious #homegrownpumpkin #autumncolour #zentangle #workshops #zenjo

Ever heard of bio-individuality? Essentially, each of us has different reactions to a given food (because of our different genetics), meaning a "one size fits all" diet is a fallacy. For instance, while I may not require carbs to achieve my exercise goals, someone else does. While a rice dish may cause a blood sugar spike for me, it does not for other people. The key is finding out what works best for you! As a side note, blood tests for variables like blood glucose can be super useful here.

Coffee detox starts Monday!
. "It's a vicious cycle. And, unfortunately, it’s a cycle that currently occurs in the majority of North Americans. Combine the standard Western diet high in refined carbohydrates with stress and a high caffeine intake, and you have a potential recipe for metabolic disaster." #PrecisionNutrition
☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ #HormonalSystemHealth #NervousSystemHealth #ImmuneSystemHealth #BrainFunction #Mood #DecreaseInsulinResistence #Coffee #Detox #HealthCoach #BioIndividuality #WellnessWarrior #HolisticHealth #TheRichLife #StressedOrTooMuchCoffee #elephantlegging

Some people may look at this breakfast and say it's not healthy. It's full of carbs. There's sugar-filled dates. Dairy isn't good for you. That much tahini ramps up the fat content. And you know what? Neither and all of those statements are true. It's called bio-individuality.

The ratio of macronutrients that serves my body well will most probs not be great for you. I can digest dairy well, maybe you can't. I feel good on plenty of healthy fats, that doesn't mean that you do too. Plus, we all have different lifestyles and different goals. Eating for weight-loss will be different from eating to shred, or to gain musle, or to establish a healthy relationship with food.

My point is, don't judge people on what they are eating or what you feel is healthy. Each of us need to define our own definition of health in balance so that we can enjoy eating and what food provides our bodies.
So what if the girl next to me only eat salds all day long? I bloody love carbs, and will continue eating them all day everyday. Because life is short and every meal should be a flipping delicious, indulgent one! | Rye French toast, apple, dates, tahini + feta
#health #wellness #blogger #bioindividuality #nourish

Thank you @zazapizza for being right down the street from my house, and for making some of the world's most perfect salads 😍 And some of the world's most perfect gelato 🤷🏼‍♀️

We have our overall Human Microbiome and then there are various microbiomes we refer to in and on our bodies. Ex: Gut Microbiome or Oral/Mouth Microbiome. Essentially, microbiome refers to microbe (or bacteria) cell communities.👾
🕵🏻‍♀️ Our bacteria cells outnumber our human cells 10 to 1! Now while this may have many feeling the need to hand sanitize, I invite you to really think about this fact.
👉🏼🤔 When we shift our understanding that we are comprised of mostly tiny bacteria that are essential to health and wellbeing, it's easier to comprehend how we (and our bacteria cells we're mostly made of!) could be so impacted by our food and lifestyle choices.
The Human Microbiome(s) are changing through out our lives based on our exposures. The first 3 years of life are absolutely essential to establishing a healthy microbiome foundation for life. This is something I'm so passionate about! Helping families learn HOW and where to start.
There will be a whooole lot more Gut Microbiome talk to come! As the Gut Microbiome is absolutely related to the increase in neurodevelopmental disorders we are seeing (among many other chronic health conditions!)
Gut health and nutrition impacts children's cognition and learning, behavior, motor movements, speech and language, and overall health & wellness. First step: eat REAL FOOD vs food-like products.👩🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🍳

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