Testosterone plays an important role in women’s hormonal health however as always balance is the key! As a female, having adequate testosterone levels helps:
- spark sex drive 🔥
- convert fat into muscle 💪🏼
- keep skin supple 💁‍♀️
- increase bone density
- boost mood 💃🏼
- manage stress 😡
- support cognitive function 🤪
- signals body to produce new blood cells
- supports bone growth & maintenance
- gives you a sense of power, motivation & assertiveness 👮‍♀️
🙌🏻 thanks Testy 🙌🏻 It is so important for women to have the proper levels of testosterone in their bodies, it’s not something to fear. Women can definitely have excess testosterone, which is commonly seen in women with PCOS however we should always nurture the balance of our hormones for optimal health! Food is your medicine ♥️
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HORMONAL SKIN IMPLANTS (aka ‘the rod’/implanon/nexplanon/norplant/jadelle) - a super common method of contraception. I think a part of its appeal is the ‘insert and forget’ aspect - designed to be inserted into the inner arm & left alone for roughly 3 years until need replacing. From the outset it sounds very convenient, however I see many women that want the rod taken out wellll before the 3 years is up because of unwanted side effects, the most common I hear being CONTINUOUS BLEEDING 😱❌🚫⠀

Hormonal skin implants deliver a synthetic progesterone called progestin to your system. ProgestERONE and progesTIN are completely different molecules with vastly different effects on the body. ⠀

Our naturally occurring progesterone is AMAZING 🙌⠀
It soothes and calms our moods, has neuroprotective effects on the brain, makes our hair and nails strong and shiny, boosts our energy, improves sleep, prevents autoimmune disease – & that’s just a small snapshot. ⠀

Progestin on the other hand…not only prevents our bodies from making our natural progesterone (through ovulation) but has the opposite effects of progesterone. Definitely not the same thing 👎⠀

So, the progestin delivered to the body through the implants suppresses ovarian function & thickens up cervical fluid to block & immobilise any sperm from entering the cervix. ⠀

But like all forms of hormonal birth control, they come with a list of side effects. The most common being continuous erratic bleeding, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, mood changes, weight gain, lowered libido, migraines & headaches 😬⠀

The continuous bleeding is the one I see most commonly by far, some women experiencing bleeding (spotting or heavier) for months on end, which is INSANE 😳 & I feel for any woman that has experienced this 💜⠀

However, like any medication, not everyone will get side effects. That being said I don't know any women that got the rod and 100% loved it. Can this be accurate? Out of genuine curiosity, I want to hear from you. ⠀

Have you ever used the implant? ⠀
What was your experience? ⠀
Did you have no problems at all & loved it? ⠀
Or did you experience any side effects & get it taken out? ⠀

Let me know!

To add to my previous post...
More High Fat Foods!
What’s high in protein and fat, with a powerful antioxidant to match? Salmon! This is yet another food that’s good for maintaining keto and good health. Fatty fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which provide multiple benefits. They may be useful for addressing inflammatory-related conditions like rheumatoid arthritis [6] and Ulcerative Colitis. Salmon also contains astaxanthin, a type of antioxidant from the carotenoid family that’s been studied for its affects towards protection against sunburn, wrinkles, and skin health. Astaxanthin may also support the immune system.Most people supplement with astaxanthin, but why not go straight to the source? You’ll be getting protein and omega-3 fats along with all the antioxidant benefits.

The spokesman of vegetables ought to be Broccoli. For starters, it’s a good source of fiber, helping to prevent constipation (which many have come to associate with keto). A single cup is chock-full of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, K, and Folate, Chromium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Choline, Potassium, Copper, and small amounts Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Selenium, and Magnesium.(Phew!) Broccoli also contains sulforaphane, a type of anti-inflammatory compound known for supporting detoxification, longevity, preventing cancer and diabetes, brain health, and having anti-microbial properties. [10] I’d say those are plenty of reasons to eat your veggies!

Fruit, although very healthy, is limited on keto since it contains enough sugar and carbs to prevent ketosis. The exception is berries, which contain fairly low amounts of sugar and net carbs (that’s the total amount of carbs you get after subtracting fiber). In moderation, they fit in a ketogenic diet.
Each berry has a “super power” of its own:
Blackberries contain the lowest net carbs, followed closely behind by Raspberries.
Blueberries have enough antioxidants to write an entire book on.
Strawberries provide as much, if not more, Vitamin C than an orange.
Cranberries– in whole food, un-dried or liquid form- may help to reduce urinary tract infections.

Are you struggling to have the life you truly desire❓ Does “success” always seem just out of reach❓ Well, what if I told you that I have the answer to most all of your problems⁉️

That wherever you are, in your health, in your relationships and in your business.....lies the opportunity to have EVERYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of❔❔

Here’s the thing.... it’s NOT labeled “success” or “life’s instruction manual”.

It’s HIDDEN.....behind the mundane tasks you just won’t do❕

🌱With your HEALTH, it’s hidden behind the bad decisions and the wrong food & drink choices that you continue to make. It’s behind the games, t.v., and social media you’re distracted by rather than working on yourself!
❤️With your RELATIONSHIPS, it’s hidden behind the hurts, resentments and long held grudges!
💻With your BUSINESS, it’s hidden behind the calls you have not made, the work you will not do and the people you haven’t reached out too!

Your success...🤔❓👇🏼

Is hidden behind your Fear of Rejection, Ridicule and Failure!
It’s hidden behind your Excuses....Why you can’t, How it won’t Work and your Overall crappy mindset!
It’s hidden behind the Dreams you will not chase, the Goals you won’t write down, and the People you’re so concerned with about what they think!

Once we develop the SELF-DISCIPLINE to shed excuses, ignore fears and follow the steps that successful people have given us....it all become crystal clear....SUCCESS IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

🌱Your healthy body is hidden underneath that soft exterior.....FIND IT by feeding it healthy foods instead of the bad!
❤️Your loving relationship is hidden behind all the stress, annoyances and pet peeves.....Find it by smiling, speaking kindly and focusing on the good! BE PRESENT!
💻Your thriving business is hidden in plaint sight..right in front of you! You’ve made the decision to start it.....now make the decision to WORK IT!

We know WHAT to do, we just have to DO IT!

That amazing health 🌱 relationship ❤️ and business 💻 awaits.......you just have to want it bad enough to be willing to do the things you HAVEN’T been willing to do thus far‼️

☀️“Suns out. Thighs out.” 💙yourself. #beyourtrueyou #inspiretoaction

Enjoying my Keto burger 🍔 over
a portobello mushroom 🍄 for dinner
with avocado 🥑 on top! For dessert-
🤔 couldn’t decide between which
chocolate muffin? 🤔Let’s do both!
Delish 😋😍scroll 👉🏼
. . .

Nesses últimos meses eu tive uma insperiência!
Eu tive que chegar no meu limite para entender meu limite, tive que estar saturado para aprender a dessaturarar! O quão ruim é desapegar de maus hábitos, o quão difícil é se cuidar kkk mais com muita fé, ajuda de pessoas importantes, muitos poemas, muitas horas de sono (quem diria kkk) eu estou aqui pra testemunhar uma mudança de vida! Uma mudança de hábito! Uma reconversão! É possível...
Chega de brincar com os limites! Eu vou governar minha vida!

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I have been on a sleep quality rampage the last few months trying to enhance my ability to fall asleep faster and spend more time in the regenerative state of deep sleep to improve my cognitive, biological and physiological functioning and all around quality of life. If you look at my sleep cycle photo it's safe to say I am finally getting a good at it.
Here is what I found to work the best.
1) Dark, cool and quiet room. 19 degrees is the optimal temp apparently.
2) Get adequate natural light exposure as early as you can with no sunglasses or shirt on. The first exposure to light and Vit D regulates your production of melatonin (sleep and wakefulness hormone) and you naturally get sleepy about 12 hours after that first exposure. The eyes and skin are the organs that absorb the most vitamin D from the sun.
3) Minimise exposure to junk-light (TV, House lights, screen lights etc) after sunset. I went as far as uninstalling all the lights in my house besides the kitchen and toilet.
4) Put blue light altering apps on devices such as phone and computer. Most phones have this built in and you can download FLUX for your comp.
5) Wear blue light blocking glasses (seen in picture) and not only feel like Clarke Kent but stop all that wakeful blue light from tricking your brain into thinking it's the middle of the day.
6) 20 sec cold/10 sec hot shower - repeat 10 times then finish with 2 minutes cold - 30 mins before bed. Your core temp needs to be a few degrees cooler than normal to enter deep sleep so showering like this helps the process and makes it more bearable than 5 minutes of straight cold showers. 10 seconds of heat also lowers the cortisol dump associated with cold exposure, and cortisol disrupts sleep quality. To keep the core temp lower but not get uncomfortable in your extremities, sleep nude and try wearing socks and even gloves to bed (Yes I've done this. You're welcome for the mental image)
7) Avoid all stimulants. In the cup is Hibiscus tea, cocoa powder and coconut oil.
8) Exercise. As well as the health benefits, nothing puts you to sleep like exhaustion.

That is my sleep quality optimizing routine. Hope you get some helpful tips 💤💤💤💤💤💤

Beef Liver and chicken hearts 🤢🤮 (jk, I like it 😊)
After spending too much time with @theketologist and taking 3-4 weeks to keto adapt, I'll be trying Carnivore keto for a few weeks and assess my brain function with no supplements during this time. Updates to come 🤔

The Chinese had it figured out thousands of years ago.
This is a Chinese Meridian Clock or Horary Clock. It divides the day into two hour blocks per meridian. This modernized version provides suggestions of daily activities for each block. When I follow this rhythm, I feel like a superhero. I have energy at the proper time and feel relaxed throughout the day. I also experience a sweet balance of work/personal life with lots of connection to myself, other people and the earth.
Much of this wisdom is rooted in our own circadian rhythm. We have an internal clock that syncs our biochemical processes to the cycle of daylight. When our internal rhythm aligns with the external environment - magical things happen. Overall, our health and well-being improve. Our hormones become more balanced. Our digestion/metabolism is optimized. Our sleep is more restful. Our relationships become balanced. And we all feel like superheroes.
How amazing is that?!
@DrTitusChiu uses the Horary Clock to biohack a remedy for jet lag! Once you begin traveling, every two hours do an acupressure massage of the listed Meridian Point (according to the time at your destination.) I.e. If we’re headed to Paris, as soon as our travels begin, we check the time in Paris and massage the corresponding meridian point for a few minutes. Then we repeat the next point 2 hours later. So if at take off from SFO, it’s already 5-7pm in Paris, we massage the inner knee. Then 2 hours later, the palm of the hand. Get it?! It’s automatically starts syncing your internal clock to the new time zone so once you’ve landed your body has acclimated to the new rhythm!
This trick works for at home too. Even if you’re not traveling you can do this to reset your circadian rhythm and resolve late night insomnia and groggy mornings!
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Hyperbaric trial...ftw

Serotonin - I like to call it our serene hormone. Sweet serotonin regulates your mood + social behavior, appetite + digestion, sleep, memory, sexual desire + function. It also acts as a messenger between your nerve cells. Scientists believe that low levels of serotonin may be a link to depression and low serotonin can also lead to an increase in appetite + a craving for starchy, sugary foods. ⠀⠀

There is still so much we’re learning about the gut + microbiome, so many studies so little time! But there is one important fact that constantly rings truth and that is: your gut is your second brain. ⠀⠀
WHAT?! ⠀⠀
Yes - the health of your digestive system, particularly your gut, affects how you function on a cellular level both energetically + mentally. It can also determine how resilient you are in combatting illness and infections and one of my fave topics - how your hormones are functioning. So, a gut low in healthy bacteria, causes mixed signals being sent to the brain - it’s like someone who gets off on playing mind games - but the games your unhealthy gut play cause things like brain fog, memory loss, low libido, lethargy and even chronic illnesses. ⠀⠀
So, what are some simple ways to help out boost your gut microbiome + serotonin levels that you can start implementing today? ⠀⠀
📌 Avoid inflammatory foods - the top 3 being gluten, dairy + sugar. ⠀⠀
📌 Take a quality probiotic (be careful it’s not full of sugar. I take usana probiotic as I know that they are bang on with their quality control + I’m getting the real deal). ⠀⠀
📌 Eat more foods considered to be prebiotic eg: garlic, chicory root, leek, bananas, apples, dandelion root + Jerusalem artichoke.⠀⠀
📌 If you’re gut health is quite good, foods like kimchi, sour kraut + fermented veggies are also amazing to help increase + strengthen your gut microbiome. ⠀⠀
📌 Eating foods like eggs, salmon, nuts + seeds + pineapple help promote serotonin supply . . . .⠀
📌 Recent studies show that sunshine ☀️ helps with serotonin levels - so go Outside! ⠀

Here’s to healthy gut flora + a steady serotonin supply. ♡⠀

"The Psoas is far more than a core stabilizing ℳuscle. It is an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue. The Psoas literally embodies our elemental desire to flourish🌊." ~Liz Koch.

The Iliopsoas is the deepest muscle in the human body, and the only muscle connecting the spine to your legs. So as the main hip flexor, he empowers you to run & move forward. 🏃🌎

Moreover, the Psoas is connected to the pulmonary diaphragm (the muscle to #breathe), and to the part of the brain that's responsible for our feelings + deepest needs of survival, such as the fight-or-flight reflex. Scienctific studies show that the Psoas is an emotionally responsive muscle. So your gut feelings are real. They aren't undefined emotions. They are signals from your Psoas, a sensor + motor of personal intuition. He stores (e)motion. That's why he's also known as the ℳuscle of the #soul. He recognizes your emotions, remembers your experiences, and reflects based on all that information with your gut feelings.

But when the Psoas tightens up, he cannot work well as your personal #powerhouse. As he's flowing down from the spine to the top of each leg, a tight shortened Psoas can be strong enough to pull the spine into a hyperlordosis.

Staying stuck like that can lead to lower back pain, sciatica, excessive menstrual cramping, hip tension, also knee/neck/ankle tension, digestive upsets, etc.
But it's totally treatable. Somatic awareness and the needed #mobility & #strength work will fix it✌🎉.

Pic from: bandha yoga
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