Morning hike in grandma and grandpas backyard 😳. #binghamfamilyfun #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney #myreallife #lifeat42

Bingham cousins have fun at the Bingham family camp out. 🎉😍 #thebinghamjourney #partofbeingbingham #binghamfamilyfun #teambingham

Family slip and slidding. #binghamfamilyfun

We are busy. All the time. Busy. But part of that is because we make sure to find time to do the things we love❣️ #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife #lifeat42

LTST lining up at league championships for the free style. Go LT❣️#ltst #ltsteam #binghamfamilyfun #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney 🏊‍♂️

“Blackberry Kingdom” as the kids like to call it. Sunday afternoon family bike ride down to the bike trail to pick fresh blackberries and what my kids have name blackberry kingdom. #binghamfamilyfun #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney

Like father like son. Gotta teach them young. #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney #myreallife #binghamfamilyfun

The Bingham kids hosted a water war this afternoon gathering school supplies for the children in Peru for #projectbinghamperu we are looking forward to our up coming trip this spring, where we will play with the children in orphanages (and bring them toys and school supplies). Thanks to all our friends who came and brought school supplies. We appreciate your kindness 😍. #projectbinghamperu #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney #myreallife #lifeat42 #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun

I love that I have childhood memories of this same place and now my kids are creating these wonderful childhood memories in the same place. It makes me all 😍. #binghamfamilyfun #fromgenerationtogeneration #thebinghamjourney #partofbeingbingham #teambingham #myreallife #lifeat42

We had a cold 4th of July this year. We were trying to wrap in blankets during the parade. #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife

We started our morning off with the “Haley run for a Reason” run in Orinda. Rick and the boys were some of the first few finishers. Then we loaded up with donuts and enjoyed the Orinda parade. #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun

This weekend we camped in the Santa Cruz mountains (Mt. Madonna), picked huckleberries on the huckleberry trail, fished in at Pinto Lake, went to the beach in Capitola, played in the sand, fished in the ocean on the pier, swam at the pool, churched, and played bingo with our new friends at Moraga Royale. 😍 this was my favorite place to camp growing up. I loved to play in all the old-hollowed out redwood trees. This one was a favorite, we called it our throne. This was one of the first things the kids said when they climbed up “this is our throne”. I love that my dad grew up going here, I grew up going here and now my kids are growing up here, playing in the same tree forts. #fromgenerationtogeneration #binghamfamilyfun #thebinghamjourney #partofbeingbingham #myreallife #mysimpleandsmall

Are you doing anything fun this coming weekend or for 4th of July. We have a few days off swim and we are trying to figure out how to spend our free weekend 😍 #thebinghamjourney #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife

Second annual family back packing trip. Would you take your kids backpack at 4,6 & 8 (or younger like we did)? I realize most people wouldn’t and that seems perfectly reasonable, but for us we like to start them young 😍 ⛺️ 🌳. #thebinghamjourney #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife

Happy birthday and happy Father’s Day to this one who spoils us with love and adventure and keeps our lives happy. We couldn’t ask for a better one. I’m just glad that I’m not as old as he is 😉. #lifeat43 #happybirthdayRickyb #thebinghamjourney #binghamfamilyfun

Sutton had a “mermaid by the sea” pop up party for her birthday (although actual birthday in July) at Alameda beach. More pictures to come 😍 #suttonbutton #myreallife #binghamfamilyfun #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney

I wish my boy would stop growing. Crew wanted to have a picnic at the park while fishing for his birthday dinner. I have a hard time believing my boys love to fish so much. It is so slow and boring which is sooo not them. When they aren’t catching something and they are bored they search for fishing gear that has been left behind by others and run around the lake 🤣. Crew ran a mile last night while watching for a fish to bite. #crewb #myreallife #thebinghamjourney #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun

This picture makes me so happy❣️ It took me a long time to find Rick and I can remember the days when I wondered if I would ever have a family. I had so many plans for my life and my little family, and now here I am living those days I dreamed about. I love taking my family to all the places I grew going to (Santa Cruz pictured) Although it can be a bit exhausting raising my young family in my 40’s rather then my 20’s life is good and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have experienced life to its fullest at each stage, I have traveled all around and have seen and done many things, and now it’s my time to teach my children to do the same. Thankful on this Sunday afternoon for a good life and fabulous family 😍 #partofbeingbingham #thebinghamjourney #teambingham #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife

Crew celebrated his 7th birthday with 21 boys and a Minecraft birthday. They started off with a ninja warrior course and a creeper donut wall at the end. Then they played a Minecraft game with a map that led them to resources. They found and collected red stone, coal, diamonds, sticks, gold, cookies, watermelon and tnt. They then traded their resources in at the crafting table for swords. We also had a tnt piñata with snap poppers attached to it so it would “explode” when the kids hit it. It was a wild and crazy 2 hours 😳🎉🎉 #crewb #teambingham #myreallife #binghamfamilyfun #projectbinghamperu

What are your plans this summer to make some fun memories with your family? #binghamfamilyfun #myreallife

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