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Though binge eating is extremely common, it is also very isolating. We sat down with food addiction expert Lisette Cifaldi to learn about the steps you can take after a binge to help break the cycle (link in profile). Lisette will be joining us for a binge eating specialty retreat in December and January. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.⠀
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I've received a lot of positive feedback from the latest blog post. It's all about trusting our pace and when we do, we really come into our own. Because when we trust our process, what we are really saying is we trust ourselves.
We've become so inundated with urgency that anything that takes time means certainly we are going about it all wrong. We become so afraid we won’t reach the destination, we let fear sit in the captain seat (not to mention wreak havoc on our metabolism.)
But allowing ourselves to go at our own pace means we choose our own voice over the voice of another.
It means we embrace our process over a process that is thrust upon us.
It means we allow ourselves to be in our process, with permission to settle in.
It means trusting our timing. And it means trusting life's timing.
If you'd like to read more and have a few minutes this weekend, check out the link in the bio for the complete blog. Xo

It definitely doesn't feel like December around here this week, but it is the holidays and with the holidays inevitable comes stress, and often times food stress.
In today's blog I have a short video for you that provides structure to the holiday food madness. If this topic is on your mind, I'd highly recommend watching (link in bio). I talk about three steps to use for holiday parties, buffets, and other challenging food situations. See you in the video! Xo

Not too long ago a client of mine, Christina (name changed for confidentiality), had a big week.
She gave a breakout presentation to top executives in her company – then immediately following her talk – she drove across town to receive the keys to her brand new home.
While parts of her week were exciting, she was way out of her comfort zone – taking her biggest financial and career leaps yet.
When it was all said and done, she sat on the floor of her brand new home, alone, with practically everything she owned in boxes, exhausted and overwhelmed. And she began to cry.
What happened next for Christina is a neurological wiring that occurs lightening quick. Instead of feeling the uncertainty and self-doubt about her presentation – or the fear of buying a home all alone – she looked for something more concrete to blame for the uncomfortable feelings rising in her.
And in a matter of seconds, she felt fat and heavy. She wanted her body to look and feel differently now. She started to think about dieting and getting on a plan immediately. She knew those things weren’t the answer, but the pull to get it all under control was ever so strong.
As Christina shared this with me over the phone during our appointment, she was looking for an explanation and an answer about what to do next. This is what I told her:
You’re super gluing life’s hardships onto your body. When life feels heavy, our body feels heavy. When life is hard – which it is – and when life is full – which it is – it can be a lot to handle and feel. Often times placing all that stress onto our bodies is the only tangible thing to do. We are really good at blaming our body, food, or the weight. We aren’t so good at dealing with life directly.
When we experience discomfort – which is inevitable if you have a body and a beating heart – it’s human nature in those moments to want to find something to blame. Sadly, that thing we blame all too often is our body.
Read more about what Christina and I spoke about, including how to not super glue life's problems on to your body on the new blog up today. See you there! (Link in bio.)

This past weekend I'd gone days without exercise and I. knew. it. was. time. But I was having the *hardest* time getting into it.
I was in that place where I knew I’d feel better if I moved. I’d feel more grounded, less anxious, and present. I’d feel more connected to my body and myself. I'd literally stand taller as I maneuver about my day – and yet, it felt so dang hard to get into it.
Maybe I won’t go.
I’ll go later.
Do I have to?
I shouldn’t have to.
That sounds like zero fun to me.
The reality is that it can be tiring and challenging to attend to the physical needs of our body. I talk all about this in the blog this week, including six tools that help me - and my hope is they help you too - when you're in this dilemma. Link in bio - see you there! Xo

A nice big brunch before I get my day started - I don't know what I'm doing but I do know the gym is in my future 🤷🏼‍♀️😜 // Swipe ➡️ for more info! (Not pictured in the info is 2 cups of pink lemonade for 10 cals)


Didn't get to exercise today but did lots of laundry there is always tomorrow! Just praying I get some sleep tonight my little one is sick & coughing a lot 😷 also praying hubby & I don't get sick!! #notgivingup

Rough day!! Going to try & get good nights rest & starting over tomorrow #notgivingup

Do you find yourself with bloated belly, joint pain, depression or fatigue? You may want to try a sugar detox and experience the power and benefits God has waiting for you. Sugar is addictive

When your senses grow weak... you know the moments of smelling fresh hot oven baked bread or looking at a beautiful decorated cake with ice cream and you feel temptation call you. Set your mind on your creator who gave you REAL food with REAL benefits. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus...

I decided to open this page to help persons that suffer of binge eating disorder. I am not an expert, just a girl that is trying to overcome this eating disorder. My desire is to share with you my progresses and motivation and to cure together from this disease.
#eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorder #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeatingsupport #motivation #nevergiveup

Healthy food is not the enemy! Bad, packaged, processed chemicals they pass as food is! Eat the good stuff & you'll never be deprived! I don't crave the sugar & junk food I once "had to have" now I can just say no thank you and enjoy something better that will nourish my body & in turn nourish my soul because I know God wants what's best for me!! #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #Jesus

God doesn't make junk! Believe it can happen! #sabbath #happy

Ich hasse mein Leben
Ich hasse meinen Körper
Ich fühle mich unwohl und bin seit 4 Jahren im Binge eating.. gerade herausgekommen.. und ich bin wieder zurück gefallen! Ich bitte um Hilfe!! Ich bitte um Unterstützung!! 😭😭😭😭😭 ich halte das nicht mehr aus... ich kann das nicht mehr.. langsam bekomme ich das Gefühl ob ich mir nicht das Leben nehmen soll.. ich will nicht mehr so weiterleben
In Scham!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 heute als ich mir die letzten 10 Frühlingsrollen gebacken habe.. hat etwas in mir angefangen zu heulen wie ein Kind.. ich bin am Ende
Bitte hilft mir daraus zu kommen... #hilfe #bingeeating #essattacken #hilferuf #unterstützung #Essstörung #essattacken #bingeeatin #bingeeatinghelp #bingeeater #bingeeatingsupport

New acquisitions today wine red top & forest green leather jacket in XL #nsv coming from a 3X/4X!! Originally just got the top... was playing around with the outfit and sent my husband this picture (took a total of like 10 before 1 came out halfway decent 😄) he was a bit sad I didn't get the jacket & took me back to the store later that day, I said I didn't need it but while I had it on talking to him he said I looked too cute in it and he was buying it for me. I love this man 😁 and I love clearance clothes but mostly him 😄 #lovemyhusband #clothes

It definitely doesn't feel like December around here this week, but it is the holidays and with the holidays inevitable comes stress, and often times food stress.
In today's blog I have a short video for you that provides structure to the holiday food madness. If this topic is on your mind, I'd highly recommend watching (link in bio). I talk about three steps to use for holiday parties, buffets, and other challenging food situations. See you in the video! Xo

Soooo transformation tuesday it is & here is my contribution with all my glorious flaws.... On the left from March 2017 & the right is from today! Just crazy to see the difference although at times I don't feel like I lost anything & the scale lies but then I have the no scale victories like seeing this transformation! #transfomation #victory

We are instructed to think about what we think about & to ask God to reveal that area in which we need to grow, change and improve. When we are struggling in one area, we often allow that challenge to effect other areas of our lives, often our relationships, or the way we take care of our health - rather the lack there of. So let us put aside some quiet time everyday and ask him for correction & direction. God bless you.

Since I have been on my journey I no longer need to take prilosec & 2 extra strength Zantac every single day while I still suffered with burning acid indigestion (that I have been suffering from since I was a child & had my gallbladder removed 4yrs ago) the freedom to eat healthy satisfying foods helps me feel amazing!! I am being repaired from the inside out!! You can also if you check out the free mini course for tips & tricks! #healing #love

Had a wonderful night with my family enjoying all the lights!! God is so wonderful & I am extremely blessed to have my amazing supporters my beautiful daughter & my handsome husband by my side through this journey #blessed #weightlossstory #selfie #happyme

I have struggled immensely with my anger (most of my life) and today I had many things go wrong but I just laughed through them instead of the usual temper tantrum type stuff I did yell a bit but I did not stay in that mind set I quickly and calmly moved on especially as a mom who constantly has to repeat herself I actually feel pretty proud of myself (just wish someone else was there to witness it) #mindset #godisgreat

I have faith for Gods will to be done in my life & guide me through the challenges I will face but I know that through Him everything is possible!! Amen #faith

Including the twizzlers and mini mars bars we snuck into the movies last night! 😎🙊🍫
I truly believe there is room for treats like these in our lives - no guilt required!
Funny thing is once I stopped feeling guilty for every piece of candy or bagel I ate, and instead focused on following the 80/20 guidelines I stopped c r a v i n g junk food all the time.
It's like my brain knew it was no longer a now or never love affair with indulgences.
Now when I choose to enjoy movie snacks with my BFF I feel zero guilt and no need to eat the whole bag in one sitting!
Could you use some support in making these shifts for yourself? Send me a message and let's get the convo started 💜
PS Bad Mom's Christmas was hilarious and you should wear waterproof mascara... I learned my lesson the hard way. 🐼

Ready to fall Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with your body?
I remember feeling frustrated and disgusted with my body. Binge eating, then guilting myself all day long. Turning over at night, not wanting my husband to touch me. Covering myself in baggy clothing and never feeling beautiful or worthy.
Have you ever felt that way before?
As someone who has been there and knows exactly how you feel – let me promise you, there’s another way! And I’d love to show you how during my 90-minute masterclass on Dec 7th. .
This primarily eyes-closed experience will walk you through the process I’ve gone through to fall in love with my rolls, embrace my body, and fully express all aspects of myself without the guilt, shame, or doubt. It’s POWERFUL and I know it will change your life!
Tag a friend below to join you in this intimate experience. It will sell out! .
Link to join in BIO!

I found this interesting & true! When I eat good food I feel good on the inside & when I eat bad food I got got severe stomach pains!! Honestly if your struggling with the right foods to eat or want to help heal yourself from the inside out and get in the right mindset I urge you to click on my link and check out the free course!! #godbless #motivate #happy

Guys i need help 😫 I feel so broken and disgusting, i just binged so badly, the worst in such a long time (biscuits, cakes, bars, chocolate, nuts, cereal, everything 😭) and now i feel completely sick 😷 in all senses, i've lost all self control, and the guilt is insane. Im a healthy weight and have been for over a year but mentally i'm as ill as i was at my lowest. I just cant cope with the demons in my head anymore. 😓

Make these baby cliche in muffin tins to grab & go during the week. I like to make 18-24 before the busy week begins- so easy to make - mix 8 eggs & dice 4 veggies of your choice - approx 2 cups. Mix well & add turkey bacon as an option. Spray muffin tins & bake 18-22 mins. 375

From my food diary...Today’s Tip! Make 12-24 of these ahead if time! So easy: in a bowl beat 8 eggs - add 1/2 of chopped peppers, zucchini, shredded carrots and 1/4c chopped onion For flavor add 6-10 slices Organic turkey bacon. Place bacon at the bottom - mix egg mixture & pour on top. Bake upper rack 18-22 on 400 degrease. You will want to spray tins with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Bon” Appeti &

Father, thank You that You bring healing in my life and You can create beauty from ashes. I pray that You will help me press on, refusing to quit. I want to use my experiences to help others find the same healing that I have found. #Amen #givethanks #HappySabbath #love

Happy Thanksgiving & God bless!!! #thanksgiving

Never settle you only deserve the very best time to move forward❤️

I thank You today, Father, that You are faithful. Your provision is always exactly what I need and exactly when I need it. Help me to look to You for provision in my life. Thank You that You are more than enough for me. #thanks #beautiful

Be transformed One Day at a Time by renewing your mind. God wants you to have a better life!

Become the person you were created to be STRONG & WISE in Christ Jesus

We all need a little motivation & I feel like I could use a huge boost! Had a tough week being sick trying to bounce back before Thanksgivings! #needmotivation #picoftheday

When we receive Gods love, we then have love in us. Once we are filled with God’s love, we can begin loving ourselves. We begin giving that love back to God and loving other people.
I am grateful, Father, that You love me and that Your love is perfect and unconditional. Help me learn to receive Your love by faith and go through each day knowing that I am valuable because I am loved by my heavenly Father. #godslove

It was a hard day but #Godisgood gotta #smile through the tough times!!! #needmotivation

Stop and think what are you most grateful for today. Now don’t forget to share that with a friend or family member. Consider telling God how grateful you are. 😇👍

What is the first blessing that comes to mind? What are you thankful for today? Think on these things and remember where the mind goes the man follows. #followme

Keep on keep”n on! #follow4follow

don’t consume it if it doesn’t add value to your life. #followme

What a feeling of love & #joy #childofgod #happy

NEVER GIVE UP!!! #photooftheday

The mind is a very powerful thing #followme and you will be inspired!

#followmeto for years I felt the voices calling me from inside the kitchen cabinets, The refrigerator and driving down the road as I passed in front of fast food Giants. But when I turn my focus on God I hear a different voice. In the voice of truth tells me a different story, the voice of truth tells me that he loves me, that he’ll give me his power, Mercy and strength. And out of all voices calling out to me I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth because God voice is much more powerful than the voice of food. Remember to take time to pray, read the Bible if you feel up to it look up the song on YouTube title the voice of truth. May you be filled with the Holy Spirit may your focus change a little bit just for today. God bless you. 😇🙏 I love you🙋❤️🌸🌸🌸

#followme when the voices of Temptations are calling you – and you feel like you’ll never win the battle that’s going on inside don’t listen! The voice of truth is telling you a different story - out of all the voices calling out to you choose to listen to the voice of truth because God wants you to have a better life. Spend time listening to his voice by reading the Bible, talking to God and telling him your hearts desire, and listen to the song if you can find it on YouTube, the name of the song is the voice of truth. May you embrace the power, the love In the peace that God is waiting to give you. God bless you 😇

I love you🙋❤️

#followme on my journey to happy and healthy!! Maybe I can inspire you today!!

Today’s message is to cause us to think about the cycle of the roller coaster ride with not being able to be . consistent. May we bring our struggles God by asking him to grant us the serenity to except the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. And as we grow stronger in the power of God we will attain consistency. God bless you

#followme Are you tired of being on the ups and downs of trying to lose weight or trying to give up those foods that really seem to have a hold on you - today’s message. Here is a video that I’m posting with the message of change.- God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change, the courage to change things I can and the wisdom in knowing the difference. Don’t be afraid to ask God and to meditate on this prayer and the miracle of Change will happen - God bless you 😇🙏

There is help that's only a click away! A free mini course with awesome tips and tricks that has helped me lose over 50 lbs and the program has reversed my mother-in-laws type 2 diabetes!! #instagood

I did the dishes 😄

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