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K I had lunch and I am still hungry 🤷🏼‍♀️.... Who else runs into this dilemma somedays? 🙋🏼.... So here is my little secret ... you ready???? EAT MORE! 🙌🏼 Wait what!!!??? YES listen to your body! It needs more and that's ok! Instead of pushing off the hungry bug and devouring the last of the cookies in the treat jar later this evening, FUEL YOUR BODY NOW! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I always go with something sweet, healthy and squeaky clean! Don't waste it on empty calories like candy and pop cuz you will just be reaching for more 😵🍬 Try my secret weapon snack! Rice cake with Jif Whips and a sliced strawberry! 🙌🏼Winner! Clean carbs and fats to help satisfy my hunger and sweet tooth. What's your fav "clean snack" ❤️

“No matter where you are in life, you’ll save a lot of time by not worrying too much about what other people think about you. The earlier in your life that you can learn that, the easier the rest of it will be. You is who you is, so get used to it.” ❤️ I’m a total bookworm📚🐛 Can you guess what my current book is?🤓 #booknerd #ilovereading #reading #quotes #beyourself #beyou #youreenough #bookworm

There's a point in eating disorder recovery when it's really just time to move on. At least there was for me.
My doctors and therapists we're great & they helped me so much... But then they stopped helping. I had moved on from my disorder..and I felt like they were keeping me in it.
For example in recovery I stopped weighing myself completely and was terrified at the thought of knowing what I weighed. Eventually I realized it wasn't a big deal, that my weight wasn't something to fear. I wanted to be able to go to the doctor without being thrown into a panic when it came time to check my weight. I wanted to be able to discuss my weight in a nonchalant way like normal people do!
To do that, to become comfortable with that, I needed exposure. So I started weighing myself periodically. The first time was scary yes, but the fear went away and now I weigh myself without an issue. I needed to learn and teach myself that no matter what the number said there was no reason to panic. It was OKAY. I was OKAY.
When my therapist found out she got very concerned. She was fearful I'd become disordered again. But what I needed was to face my fears head on, not be kept in a safe little bubble.
I eventually stopped going to see her. I was worried when I did my ED might try and resurface...but that's not what happened at all. It was time to move on. I didn't need to be coddled, I needed to live again. Live without fear.

My face of determination to get this hang clean up to my shoulders in today's WOD 😆. Also, just discovered today that deadlifts may no longer be my favorite movement. Snatches are my new bae ❤️❤️

🎉G I V E A W A Y🎉 @vitalproteins @g2gbar
---------------------------------------------------- • I love the new Collagen Whey flavor (🍌banana cinnamon) and really enjoyed it in one of my tradition protein-packed recipes 💪🏼(macros included)
•I topped my protein bread with another favorite--@g2gobar for a hearty breakfast full of protein and fats. (You get to choose your box flavor if you win!)
----------------------------------------------------**************👇🏼TO ENTER 👇🏼*****************
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Some good lighting and my fabs will appear #fatabs #selflove #enjoytheprocess

✨It’s easy to think, “I’ll be happy when…I have X amount of money in the bank….I lose 15 pounds…I find my soul mate… (…anything else you desire) ” because we have a conditioned belief that in order to be happy we have to be and look a certain way, own certain things, follow a certain path to “succeed” in life. In reality, having and achieving these things creates attachments that only give us an illusion of security.
Most people aren’t happy after they possess these things and move on to pursue the next thing that they think will make them happy. The more attached you are to external, material possessions, to outcomes and people, the more you fear loss and the more you allow them to take control of your happiness. Practicing detachment (one of the moral guidelines I learnt in yoga, “Aparigraha”) by letting go of these external cravings, letting go of wanting things to go in a certain way gives us so much freedom and allows us to live a more fulfilling life. Start by separating yourself from the little attachments in your daily life, seeing your morning coffee as something you enjoy rather than something you desperately need, or seeing your partner as someone who adds to your life instead of being the reason you live. Do you really need that new shirt that looks exactly like that other one you have at home? or that new car because it’s better than your neighbour’s? The next time you want to buy something, think about why you need it so much? Will it bring you lasting happiness? Be grateful for whatever comes, cultivate appreciation and feel happy with what you have right now.💖 📸 @steffi.sarkisphotography

Muharram and Recovery from Eating Disorder.
Islamic New Year – رأس السنة الهجرية‎ Ras as-Sanah al-Hijriyah- 2017 began on the evening of Thursday, September 21. Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar. It is one of the most consecrated months in the Islamic calendar. It is a month of deep sadness, hope and blessings.

People who suffer from Eating Disorders often look at New Year with hope, a hope of recovery from their Eating Disorder, a hope to heal themselves of their disordered thinking, a hope to lessen some of the dangerous eating disorder behaviors, a hope that life will turn better with a New Year. We often promise ourselves that this coming year, we will take care of our mental and physical health, become more sociable and perhaps be free from the slavery of Eating Disorder. We strive for improvement, even perfection, thinking that we will be happy and content if only we can achieve the often out-of-reach goals we set for ourselves.

The road to disappointment is paved with expectations.

What I have discovered over the years is that the problem with New Year’s resolutions is they are mostly expressions of hope rather than plans of action.
What’s the old saying? You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

Visit us to read more.

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Fajitas for dinner, I had three😳 was only planning on having two but I was bloody starving😂 might regret it at weigh in tomorrow though haha! Chicken, peppers and onion with salsa and cheese😊 super scrummy😋 #weightloss #weight #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldjourney #fitness #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessjourney2017 #healthyweightloss #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorder #health #healthy #healthyeating #losingweight

so, i just deleted myfitnesspal 😱 It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and i don't mean in pounds or kilos. my life for the past few years has been completely controlled by Myfitnesspal - constantly logging in calories, planning my meals a week in advance, reading it over and over like the daily paper😮. I realise now that if I'm going to properly recover from my obsession with calories and addiction to control, then i need to get rid of the enabler. I feel good💗and i want to practise intuitive eating.

Stasera una proposta super-gustosa😋, sana e soprattutto condita da zero sensi di colpa 🙅🏻!!!Ottimo petto di #pollo alla griglia 🍗accompagnato da squisiti peperoni al finocchietto e peperoncino 🌶 e insalata di lattughino e #melanzane grigliate 🍅 un piatto che appaga gli occhi e il cuore ❤️... squisito 😋basta saper scegliere e modificare le proprie abitudini alimentari errate sarà un gioco da ragazzi! 👍Hai abitudini alimentari malsane🙋? Vuoi dimagrire sul serio senza nessuna Dieta?💪Oggi puoi con lo Psicologo Alimentare💆,attraverso un programma personalizzato!👈
Oggi puoi divenire consapevole delle tua modalità di approccio al cibo.Oggi puoi:
-Recuperare il senso di fame e sazietà.
-Gestire i comportamenti scorretti legati all’ alimentazione.
-Modificare stabilmente il tuo stile alimentare.
-Acquisire nuove abitudini con piccoli gesti quotidiani.
-Ridurre il peso corporeo e mantenerlo nel tempo.
-Prevenire l’insorgere di Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare (Bulimia, Anoressia, Binge Eating), acquisendo un rapporto equilibrato con il cibo e il tuo corpo.
Il trattamento utilizza strumenti come il Diario Alimentare📒 e indicazioni e tecniche pratiche utili per una sana educazione alimentare 👏.Per info contattami in privato , è il momento giusto per cominciare!👈
Oggi puoi ricevere una consulenza e strumenti annessi anche a distanza💻, essendo monitorata ogni settimana!
Affretati, per info e contatti invia un messaggio privato!
Dott.ssa Maria Amore
Psicologa Del Comportamento Alimentare, esperta in nutrizione e tecniche di gestione dei peso corporeo.
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sugar-free vanilla almond milk cappuccino as an afternoon snack. after i had this i felt really ill and nearly vomited :< but I'm ok now. i'm home for the weekend and i'm having one of my favourite meals for dinner later, wish me luck👊🏻

🥑Avocado Tuna Patties on Cottage Cheese& Cucumber🍋

Tuna patties with avocado, red bell pepper, red onion, spicy green peppers, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, dill and celery salt.🥒

Sitting oh so prettily on cottage cheese, chili flakes and cucumber, and topped with tomato!🍅

I was feeling a tuna melt, but also a tuna burger, so I compromised with with, and felt the winner💪🏻

Happy Friday from Zane and me!! Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to have fun! The more enjoyment people have in their lives, the less they turn to sugar or eating, for enjoyment. So if you feel like sugar is your personal crack, try having more sweetness in your life and see what happens. #foodforthought ##greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #deafdog #deafdogshearwiththeirhearts #deafdogsofinstagram #bingeeatingdisorder #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeatinghelp #healthymindset #livewell #healthandwellness #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #selflove #bodylove #healthymindhealthylife #bodypositivity

#triggerwarning: #weightloss Putting my #goals in writing. Gotta #getmypoopinagroup. So much has fallen by the wayside this past year. No one to blame but myself. But I have aspirations and need to start with the permanence of having it all written down. Weight loss is on my list. I'm always a little wary of making it a goal because of my #bingeeatingdisorder but I can't disregard that it's a priority and that it can be done in a #healthy way. I'm giving myself the wiggle room of making my goal also translatable to pant sizes (which can also be problematic due to the lack of consistency in women's sizing) but I know that the fitness I do will not always translate to pounds lost because of muscle gains. ANYWAY. Blah. #accountability I just need to #createthelifeiwant #again #startingover

22 September 2017: Lunch is apple cinnamon oatmeal which I added a chopped apple to. Breakfast was 2 cups of tea and a bagel. I'm currently in bed watching Lady Gaga's new documentary on Netflix and I love it, it's so emotional and gives insight on Gaga's life. I love her so much x
#eatingdisorderrecovery #EDRecovery #ProRecovery #Ednos #Osfed #Bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #Bingeeatingdisorder

Serious statement with a touch of comedy 😂


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