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Well I'm officially fucked now this was my last binge and apparently not by choice. Purging fucked up my gums which I hasn't noticed as much as I should have but now not only is the front of my mouth fucked buuuuutttt my wisdom teeth that have officially fully broken through and are impacted are now completely in pain and the gums are screwed from purging thus making it impossible to eat and almost talk. I hate myself why do I do these things to myself.
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🇮🇹🇮🇹Buona sera!! InstalatONA is the way!!👌🏼😻
•InsalatONA 🥗
•Mais 🌽
•Grana 🧀
•Lenticchie rosse fresche 🌿
•Pane di segale🍞
•Olio evo 🌱
Oggi pomeriggio ho fatto un giro in centro con il mio ragazzo 💑 e ho preso due nuovi oggetti per i miei dolcini e le mie colazioni ⚱⚱da @flyingtigeritalia (se volete che ve le mostri subito fatemelo sapere in direct 🙈) Piano piano il mio "arsenale" cresce!😍
Detto ciò, vi aguro una buona cena 🍽 e una buona serata. 😘💖{#helthyfood #helthylifestyle #helthydiet #helthymind #helthydinner #helthyandfitness #reversediet #intuitiveeating #fitnessmotivation #flexibledietinglifestyle #happyfood #couplemotivation #bodybuilding #bodyrevolution #bodyrecomposition #flexiblediet #ihbcommunity #ihblogger #italiangirl #intuition #foodporn #foodblog#stopbingeeating #bingeeating #flexibledieting #diary #roadtoriminiwellness #fitnessfamily #ifbbfamily}🇮🇹🇮🇹

Have you ever just felt stuck like you aren’t living to your potential?! Have you ever had a job where you have competition right beside you to the next level.
Feel like you can’t get ahead?!
Always stuck!!..... like Everyone’s chasing the next LEVEL just like you?!? What if there was support for everyone TOGETHER to chase their dreams??? What if there was encouragement to become your BEST and most fit self?!
There is 💕💋

Delicious and oh so healthy vegan box from Leon earlier. My skin has been so bad recently and I can’t pinpoint the exact cause... maybe my dairy intake, or too much bread orrrrr hormones? I’ve never had skin this bad, it’s like a second, more aggressive puberty 😩 I have been consistent with more intuitive eating and eating a variety of food so it’s kinda disheartening that my skin has regressed. Any skin tips or similar experiences out there 👀 #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorder #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingerecovery #bingefree #ednos #ednosrecovery #socialanxiety #socialanxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorderrecovery

💫 Your family deserves the best of you not what’s left of you.... Sucking down my momma magic 🦄🌈🌸
He’s drinking his “chocolate milk” one
Serving of veggies and fruits
Getting ready to get our workout on!!! ::: I only wish I had done it sooner.... so I could have given MORE of who I am
Now to my oldest..... Before I found where I have landed I was :: Depressed, anxious, body shaming, emotional eating, 😩 EMBARRASSED of where I was not just physically but mentally I sucked too. Drinking BOTTLES of wine on a nightly basis.... M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E
And for NO DAMN good reason but within myself.
I made a choice..... I chose to change.... I KNEW there had to be a better way.... I love where I have come. I love the place I landed into.
I love how I am still growing and still
Learning but SHiIiiITttt I’m better than I ever once was!! To the momma out there thinking “there’s gotta be more!” To the momma drowning her fear/doubt in bottles of wine a night

To the momma eating just to make herself feel better.

To the momma who’s gassed in life and wondering how to give the best to your family.

Know YOU aRent alone. YOU are worth putting yourself first. YOU make your life around you. YOU are ENOUGH now.

And Because someone had the courage to share with me 💞 MY life is forever changed.

Need help.
I’m just a message away! 📲📥

Today’s workout was a bit different
No weights ❌
No cardio ❌

Straight up 🔥 burning my ass cheeks tho 🍑
I can feel the pancake ass lifting already 😆👏🏻🙌🏻 Ass.... booty and abdominal areas will be ready for Mexico!! 🏝 🐠

Sometimes I get caught up in the shoulds of being a therapist working with food/body/stress/trauma issues. ***I should have it all perfectly together. I should wear pantsuits or a blazer or something...(not jeans!) and definitely not swear in sessions. I should always know the perfect thing to say to every client. I should be the perfect picture of a healer and helper and less frickin messy***
Well newsflash, even therapists struggle. It's no accident most of us go into treating patients in the areas we have struggled most. I'm recovered 11 years from bulimia and I STILL have had times of falling into diet culture traps, of recoiling from the mirror on a day I "feel fat". It happens. ---
Our minds spin up all sorts of obstacles to our own peace and happiness, a big one being that we have to fit into some box. But it's a box we built and it's a box we can split open. In each of us lay the capacity to build resiliency, to come to terms with how that box got built, and know ourselves more deeply in order to bust out or make more room. ---
What a lucky thing, to sit with my clients, just a couple of humans opening boxes together. 📦 🎁

My workout this morning - I like how strength training helps me mentally so introduced a couple of sessions into my week 💚

Oggi è uno di quei giorni in cui mi sento grossa... Sapevo che aumentando i pasti per via della palestra mi sarebbe successo. È che durante i giorni di riposo, quando non faccio esercizi, mi sento come se non bruciassi calorie e di conseguenza sento come se il cibo si accumulasse nel mio corpo sottoforma di grasso. Malgrado stia facendo sei piccoli pasti al giorno, basati su proteine e grassi buoni, con qualche carbo in più al mattino e a pranzo. Odio principalmente la mia pancia e i miei fianchi, li ho sempre odiati, soprattutto il mio stomaco che si gonfia con pochissimo, anche se mastico una gomma, per dire. Sono sempre stata quel tipo di donna col seno minuto, spalle larghe e sedere abbondante, tipo di fisico che non è mai dispiaciuto agli uomini, ma io avrei sempre voluto quel vitino stretto da vespa e i fianchi piccoli. Non che sia una balena ora, anzi, ma a volte, quando mi guardo allo specchio, osservo quelli che considero difetti e penso che siano orribili. Mi esamino e riesamino, e penso "se questa parte fosse diversa, se riuscissi a cambiarla, sarei più bella e felice, piacerei di più...". Oggi è uno di quei giorni. L'odio verso lo specchio, l'odio verso il mio riflesso.
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wavvvy hair & sixth day of 3,500 calories✨ honestly, i feel like my digestive system is SO weak that it's not even absorbing 3/4th of the food I'm eating lol 🙄 #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #bingeeatingdisorder #bingeeating #edfam #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery

Seems like every time I take a step forward I take two steps back. I've been eating a lot the last few days and I haven't exercised at all and my excuse is that I'm tired and just want to nap. Yes I was supposed to take a day break because of my arm but it was supposed to be for a day. I feel sluggish and gross. So sick of doing this. #ugh #lowenergy #bingeeating #sharkweek #gross #weightlossjourney #upsanddowns #fuckingup #sickofdoingthis #tryingtobehealthy #backontrack #sad

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