"... beginners are many, but enders are few."

#2018 will be here before we know it. I don't make #resolutions, I make #goals 'cause I think they're more attainable. Yet my most elusive goal is finishing things. But guess what? I'm officially done with #bpsewvember ! I finished! A couple days late, but I can cross it off my list ✔👍

Day 30 #bpsewvember “2018” I can’t believe it’s the last day 😱❤️
Ya know, I’m not really sure what 2018 holds for me creatively but I want these words to continue to be a part of whatever I do artistically, in relationships, when improving the way I take care of my mind and body, in the energy and compassion I send out to the world as I work to achieve wholeness.
There are so many things I want to do and try but I’m also lying in bed right now completely fatigued 🙃 so I’ll just continue to take it a day at a time ❤️
Thank you Amanda @bimbleandpimble for organizing this, it’s been so much fun following each theme and connecting to other sewists. I have loved everyone’s posts and can’t wait to see what all of you do creatively ❤️❤️❤️

#bpsewvember Day 30. 2018. Need I say more???? Except thanks a million to #bimbleandpimble for hosting this sewvember. I've had a wonderful time and made some lovely new insti friends😘#sewing #create#madebyme#handmadewardrobe

Day 28 #bpsewvember “No Limits”
Remember the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” wherein Michael Pollan follows three food chains from the source right down to the meal? Well, I would love to be a part of every step of the clothes I/we wear. From seed to cloth, button molds to machine made thread, even cobbling and knitted socks, elastic and metal grommets... It would be amazing to actively participate in every step of each process. Think the garment version of farm to table. Among a litany of reasons, one is that I would like to really MAKE my own clothes and if, with new awareness, I would make any personal changes as a maker. It’s an interesting thought to explore and learn everything about the clothes we wear. (Like, what ecological conditions make for a good fiber? Where are my buttons made? How much water is used in all of these processes?)
Always wondering and curious...🙃
@bimbleandpimble ❤️

Day 29 - NO LIMITS!!! #bpsewvember
In an ideal creative world with no limits on time, money, skills and materials.... I wouldn’t have a UFO box on top of my bookcase 😂🙈🙈 (for those of you who don’t create, UFO’s in the crafty world aren’t flying saucers, they are Un-Finished-Objects!!!) #sewvember #onlyonedaytogo #onlyonedayleft #bimbleandpimble #nolimits #ufo #unfinishedobjects #unfinishedproject #needmoretime #notenoughtimetosew #sewlittletime #mysewingroom

#bpsewvember day 29 no limits if I had the money and the talent I would love to make saber from the fate series dress and armor. There is more to the bodice and a few things that make this slightly more complicated but this is one of my dream cosplays.

#isew #millenialsewing #saber #fatestaynight #dreamcosplay #bimbleandpimble

Day 28 #bpsewvember “Success”
For me, success is being able to do one creative thing every day even if my fatigue/pain/depression (or all 3 😬) make it impossible for me to even leave my bed.
Fitting in time to sew, sketch, watercolor, write a poem, create sewing plans or simply doodle on a post it is incredibly important to me. This past week has been difficult, it marks the anniversary of some past trauma I experienced. To honor my healing, I’ve chosen to express my thoughts and feelings creatively. Sewing is definitely a part of the mix.
To be able to let it all out through such an enjoyable outlet as sewing has given me confidence that I can still create beautiful things, a sense of self, relief knowing that I’m not holding anything inside. Actively creating (as well as seeking the appropriate help and support😉💜) has gotten me through so much. Pictured: sometimes when I can’t concentrate on sewing something specific, I’ll do something random like play around with the different stitches and tension on my machines. At times, it feels good just to run the machine.
@bimbleandpimble 💙

Day 28 Success. bpsewvember
Well the fact that we have been Married for a long time is the best success in this photo, but my suit comes a close second. This was a big sew and taught me a lot about fabric. The outcome made me very happy, and I can’t wait to wear it again. The jacket seams are piped with pink silk, underneath is a matching silk cami. Jacket is Vogue V1132 (discontinued) cami is New Look 6328, skirt is self drafted.
#bpsewvember #bimbleandpimble #mccallspatterns #tessutifabrics #adelaidefashion #weddingguest #advancedstyle #mimcobags .

#bpsewvember 24-26! Holidays were super busy and I didn't have a chance to post much oops! So here is all except 1 which is finishing touches since I couldn't think of anything.
For texture i chose a shirt I made in velvet. I may have finished it today! The pattern is #s8439. I have been loving the velvet trend so I am thrilled to have a 3rd piece in my wardrobe!
Next is from where i sit and when sitting at my desk i have a lovely view of my backyard!
Design lines is next oh I hope I'm doing these in order if I'm not oops! But I love form fitting dresses! This is my newest dress it's #m7621 I made it for a thanksgiving/Christmas party a few weeks ago.
And lastly success and for that I chose a lapped zipper attempt last week on a dress in progress and it doesn't look to horrible! Best zipper yet!
Now hopefully I can keep up the rest of the month!

#handmadewardrobe #isew #isewmyownclothes #bimbleandpimble #simplicitypatterns #mccallspatterns
#sewingisfun #ilovesewing #sewingislife #millenialsewing

Day 27 #bpsewvember “Design Lines”
Folk and traditional textiles from around the world have always fascinated me. I am ethnically mixed and my entire family is made up of numerous cultures and backgrounds. From these different origins come a wealth of fabric weaving and embroidery methods, and traditional dress. Some are pictured here, all showing where my family comes from (couldn’t fit them all). I often wonder what my ancestors wore, how involved they were in making their clothing (knitting, weaving, dyeing, sewing, etc.), and how a simple bit of fringe or particular knitted cable pattern became a part of their identities. I will always be amazed by world textiles and want to use them more in my crafting and sewing. Enjoy!
Top row from the left: Hungarian embroidery, the Fleming tartan, Spanish lace edging.
Second row: traditional Nicaraguan weaving, Ponca tribe traditional clothing, Cuban white work.
Bottom row: Irish crochet, Indigenous weaving from the northern Philippines,
Cherokee tribal weaving.
@bimbleandpimble 💙

Day 26 of #bpsewvember “From Where I Sew”
Past my sewing machines are two art prints that inspire me creatively.
First is Édouard Manet’s “La Modiste” (1881) and the second, Maurice Denis’ “The Muses” (1893). I viewed these works at two separate exhibitions (I’m a sucker for Impressionism and Post-Impressionism) at the Legion of Honor. I still need to get them framed but I love having them in view as I sew, draw, paint, etc... @bimbleandpimble 🖤

Day 26: From Where I Sew - No lovely views of countryside for me from my window but you can just see the beautiful medieval church in the background. I have lived in a lovely village in Wiltshire (just outside Chippenham) for the past 5 years and adore the area 😁. I have also shown a picture of my workshop again for those who didn't see it earlier in my posts. G x #bpsewvember

Day 24 & 25 #bpsewvember “Texture” and ”Finishing Touch” (combined post 😉)
Pictured are textural and design details found in my late grandfather’s expertly tailored coat from the 1950s.
He had it made by the downtown Summerfield and Haines tailors on Market Street (fancy!!) after he moved to San Francisco and met my grandmother at a dance. 💕
I just love the texture of herringbone tweed, especially in this coat. And just look at the finishing details: the button holes, piping, hand stitching, the leather buttons... Opa was always very dapper-a true gentleman, his hair slicked back, a trim mustache, a modest yet stylish wardrobe and a Gatsbyesque reserve. My dad (who could be his twin) still wears this coat. It’s in fabulous condition and weighs a ton!
@bimbleandpimble ❤️

#bpsewvember my soundtrack is TV, usually a series I have already seen like Grey’s or Blue Planet 😺 #bimbleandpimble

Words to live by!
Clip: Auntie Mame (1958) #auntiemame #rosalindrussell #agnesgooch Repost from Repost from @houseofgroff
@bimbleandpimble #bimbleandpimble Kenneth D. King entertains us with lines from old movies in his workshops and classes. 🤗 Now when I watch them I hear his voice too. 🤗

#bpsewvember day 25. Finishing touches. I can only admit that I'm not good at finishing my projects at all!
#bimbleandpimble #shesewsvintage #sodburysewing #netherlandssews #sewcialist

#bpsewvember day 23 yes I'm a day late! But here it is. This is the back of a quilt and I'm not sure what happened. I was in picking the binding and notices this. What was I thinking just leaving this! Thankfully It's a lap quilt and I just did a basic in the ditch quilting. Spending some time un-picking while driving to Wisconsin.
#quiltfail #attemptingaquilt #isew #millenialsewing #bimbleandpimble #sewingfail

Day 24 #bpsewvember Texture
I find it difficult to describe this fabric. It’s not soft to touch yet drapes really well, and has a great sheen. This colour blue is one of my all times favourites. ( @tessutifabrics , Melbourne). The collar is a very beautiful and very soft leather. I was anxious to sew this, however it glided through the Teflon foot like a dream. (@wearethefabricstore , Brunswick St). Pattern is Butterick 36383, with my own sleeve.

#bimbleandpimble #sewing #sewcialist #sewingblog #sewingaddict #bpsewvember #adelaidefashion

#bpsewvember luxury - fab sewing kit from the Makers Atelier 😺 a real luxury purchase, fabric in the wash as I type as it’s definitely going to jump the queue to be made ✂️ #bimbleandpimble #makersatelier

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