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THIS HERE! I’m Grown AF. 👑💎📍 Come Correct. #QueenNay #BillsPaidOnTime #MoneyMoves #LiveAlone

Payday got me like throw that money in the air #paydayfridays #billspaidontime

Clip issues! I also have another 3 drawer storage full of clips! 2,more on the way from @paper.covers.rock #plannergirlproblems #addictionsarereal Jesus take the wheel! Guess what tho! #billspaidontime #creditexcellence #noworries

#StayWOKE "If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes" #BeORIGINAL 💛 #ATL #time 🕧 #noNukkaWannaBeMyEx 😁 #POSITIVEenergy #Independent #PRAYINGforTHEmiserable 🙏 #BACKBONE #gotMyOwn #billsPaidONtime #CommandYourTHOUGHTS #NewADVENTURESareCOMING

Don't forget to use your bill pay for December statements ! #billspaidontime I need my credit scores to jump 🤑 (sitting down and pay my bills like my momma taught me 😆) @lilannie1

How much time does it take??? ⏰
To make a Facebook post? 5 minutes
To respond to a message? 3 minutes
To send a message? 3 minutes
To have a conversation? 15 minutes
To have coffee with a friend? 60 minutes
To listen to a training call? 25 minutes

To make deliveries?? No time (we don't make deliveries)
To sell your inventory? No time
(we don't carry inventory)
To have a party? No time
(we aren't a party-based company)

This is something that fits in and around your life. I think making TIME now to change what your entire future looks like is #shampoolady #residualincome #extramoney #bossbabe #billspaidontime #workingmom

Make sure you mention this...I got a smart intelligent daughter in college A student and a handsome little 9 year old who by the way looks just like his dad, oh also A student. You so busy worrying about mines, when yours is lacking so much more. Worry about cleaning those toilets rather than putting your face in it.#billspaidontime #drivingnotwalking #unbothered💁🏽 #whereyababydaddyat

Okay niecey 💅🏾😂 @chubbs_by.the_pound @mz_rudetude stop entertaining her 😭💋#billspaidontime

If we was all united as a people all of us can Shine , but some people don't believe in themselves and choose to hate and bring their black brothers down rather than being inspired. I never worried about the haters that's why I will forever shine and get better and better ! 💪🏾🖕🏾✊🏽
The hate make me go harder let it be your Fuel ⛽️ as Well folks !!!! #Airworthy #oldflick

When You Realize You Get Paid This Week...And You Paid All Your Bills Last Check So You Can Splurge With This One!! #Halleluuuu #LookAtGod #Adulting101 #BillsPaidOnTime #CanIGetAnAmen #OrNah
#ChopDaily #AfroMovements #AfroDaily @Afrosocalove @afrobea @worldafrodance #WorldAfroDance 🎶 #Alkayida by @iam_kcee @timayatimaya

For years I have let others comments about me get under my skin. I've let irrelevant people to my life ruin my attitude and sometimes my whole entire day, only to give them exactly what they want! Why, I ask myself over and over again! The old Brittany wouldn't have cared and went right back at you but for the last 2 years I've gone through more things experienced things I wouldn't wish on anyone. I've learned so much by sitting back and watching the actions of others and how often they go through the day trying to break others down. It isn't my place to judge them, get even, or even worry myself over it. In the long run I've learned they are a problem to themselves! They are so lost in there own life that they try to hurt people around them. I have became a better person not only for myself but for my family. From today on out I am going to do my best to just completely let the thoughts and drama irrelevant people bring on fly by and brush them right on behind me, that's where they belong! I have made more out of myself alone In the last year and I refuse to give my happiness and success up for some one who is only jealous to see another do good! #gotmyfamilybymyside #dramafreezone🚫 #sucessfulbusinessowner #mommy #wife #financesincheck #billspaidontime #wedoingjustfine

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