Time to be held accountable! @tiu_kly @tiu_ary 👙 💕 @toneitup #bikiniseries

Gimme all of the drinks!! OBSESSED with @toneitupnutrition Java Peanut Butter Cup smoothie😍💜☕️ Can’t wait to try some new smoothies with this #bikiniseries

I’m in!! I have followed the Tone It Up community for years and always wanted to be a nutrition member and be part of the community but everything else always got in the way. Well I am so excited to say I am finally a nutrition member and beyond excited to partake in my first ever Tone It Up challenge!! #toneitup #bikiniseries #toneitupohio #tiucommunity👙☀️🍉🍍🍑

It’s a tough job being a mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ you just make it look easy (and supes cute in a ‘kini) 🙌🏼🌺 #modernmermaid #mermaidlife 📷 by @projectmermaids

I’m READY to finally commit to myself for this #tiubikiniseries 💪🏼 I’ve been a #tiugirl since 2014 and embarrassed to say I’ve never stuck with a #bikiniseries before. This time I’m making a promise to myself and I’m keeping it, whose with me?! 💕💖👌🏼

Jotting down my #BikiniSeries goals early like 😂😂

Loved watching these inspirational beach babes!! Thank you @karenadawn and @katrinaascott for crested this fitness empire of strong, supportive women!! I was introduced to @toneitup probably 6 years ago now in college from my girl @themermaidbre and have dabbled off and on.
Watching the live video while I was in bed last night actually made me emotional... because I felt doubt, scared, shame, excitement, anxiety, and more.
I feel like I have always made excuses during these challenges, or something comes up and I prioritize a night of fun that turns into a weekend, that turns into a week. I kept asking myself... what is holding you back, Sheila? Why don’t you want to be your happiest, strongest self?

So I am going to sit on these thoughts today, and journal to let them out. But I definitely have gotten so comfortable with who I currently am, the thought of working towards a new and better version of myself frightens me...but I know I am going to do it this #tiubikiniseries
I now live with one of my biggest inspirations and best friends and I know we are going to hold each other accountable with those morning #bootycalls and giggle while we cook our #toneitupnutritionplan meals together in our beautiful home that she has made for us.

But until May 6, I am going to focus on what’s been holding me back, I am going to dig deep inside and let it out so I can finally commit to being the best version of myself.
I loved what karena said when someone asked if the bikini series is about losing weight or gaining muscle... it’s not about that! It’s about loving yourself and your body so much so that you want to take care of yourself for life!! Happy Thursday! 🤗☀️ #tiuchicago #chitone #chicago #fitness #wellness #mindbodyspirit #toneitup #bikiniseries2018 #bikiniseries #beachbabes #loveyourself #karenakatrina #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiucommunity

Morning lovely people!!! Had a great start to the morning with a breakfast that was low stress. I just got to sit down and enjoy my food! From what I can tell from Instastory’s yesterday is that it was a Wacky Wednesday for a lot of us. I was high strung and honestly not very nice to my husband after work. One little thing got in the way of my mental state and it’s really not okay to let something minor ruin my whole day. Something I’m going to focus on is stress during the Bikini Series. •
So far my #BikiniSeries goals are :
1) cut back on coffee
2) cut out stress
3) work on flexibility

No workout today because I need to pack for my cruise! I planned on doing this last night but I chose to be a bum last night haha. Only one more shift til vacation!

Skipped a traditional workout yesterday, but still kept things active by painting the ceilings of my guest rooms!! Felt the burn in my shoulders and arms immediately because I am too cheap to buy an extension rod for our rollers 😋
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Are you ready ... here we go! 💪🏼 👙🍉👙🍉👙🍉👙🍉🎈🍉🎈🍉🎈#tiubikiniseries #bikiniseries #tiubikiniseries2018 #checkin #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiumexico #tiumermaid #tiulifestyle #tiumember

Got my partner in crime! Can’t wait to doooo thisssss 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @mrs_mich_pickett #toneitup #bikiniseries #tiuteam #tiuchallenge #summer #beachbody #letsgo

Inspired by @elisalovesyoga and @pixiedustcrossfit to post my first picture from this account next to a current one. I created this fitness instagram profile in January 2015 to post my progress and meals because @karenadawn and @katrinaascott said it would help. And it did! I also found a wonderful community of women that lifted me up, encouraged me, and motivated me on a daily basis. But I got caught up in my progress and took it too far. Luckily, I realized what was going on, took a step back and found some balance between what was healthy and what was overkill. If you’re signed up for the #bikiniseries, I’m excited for you! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader! But don’t make it your whole life. @toneitup is WONDERFUL and it has changed my life in so many ways and I’ll always love it because it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’ve met so many wonderful people through it and experienced some awesome things that I probably otherwise wouldn’t have even considered doing, but it gave me just the boost of confidence that I needed to jump in. But it’s okay to take a step back sometimes and try something that isn’t #toneitup. I’m loving this #makeinstagramrealagain movement that @tiubogo and her Miami squad started because it’s bringing back the instagram that I fell in love with 3 years ago when it wasn’t about perfectly styled posts. I just want to share my #sweatyselfies, #uglyfood and make some friends along the way while we keep each other accountable with our goals 😂

@toneitup #tiuteam #tiutransformation #tiuthrowback #throwbackthursday #tiutbt #tiunutritionplan #tiubikiniseries #tiumama

Omgahhhhhhh I’m so excited for the #bikiniseries to start! I’m going to write out my goals that will keep me focused and motivated during the 8 weeks.
I’ve been making smoothies with my son using our favorite vanilla #tiuprotein almost every morning! I can’t wait to carry that practice into the challenge. {you might have seen us blending on my IG stories on @treats_with_a_twist }. So briefly, I’m IN! Goals to come!! .
#tiuteam #tiumemphis #tiumom #tiupostpartum #tiuapproved #tiubikiniseries

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Happy Thursday babes!! Today is our fourth wedding anniversary and #tiuarmday so it felt only appropriate to share a little #throwbackthursday motivation picture from our wedding day! I found @toneitup in 2013 right after we got engaged and following the plan and getting my #tiubootycall in got me in the BEST shape of my life so I felt so confident and glowing on our special day. SO for this year's #tiubikiniseries my goal is to bring back the glow (& maybe those toned arms too 🙌🏻) to feel confident and energized at miss jojo's first birthday party. Man. A lot has changed in four years since our special wedding day - lived in three different houses, had two kids, two Attorney positions and current SAHM life - but my #tiuteam has remained a constant... and I am SO grateful for that. So here's to waking up early, making the time, working on myself and being the woman that I vowed to be for myself AND for my husband and kiddos. Love yourself and you will outpour love to those around you. Have a good Thursday babes! #tiujourney #tiutransformation #tiumom #tiumama #tiubride #tiucommunity #tiucheckin #tiucalifornia #toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott #health #wellness #shareloveinspiresweat #bikiniseries #goals #makeinstagramrealagain

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I’m so happy this morning because my favorite work pants finally fit 😃 they didn’t fit pre-pregnancy but they definitely do now, and that’s after eating a big bowl of brown rice pasta last night 🍝 I loved the chia seed pudding yesterday so much that I made it again for breakfast and I brought a crockpot quinoa/bean stew for lunch- so good!!
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