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Lui dice che sono simpatica ❤@ermes_mazzali_photo

Autumn 🍁🍁🌺

The hardest thing I ever faced in my entire life…
After a month of bed-rest and hospitalization, steroid injections and IV drugs to stop my labor my babies were born at 28 weeks.
When my babies were born the first thing the doctors, nurses and many of you who reached out to me said this is going to be a very bumpy road and just take ONE DAY AT A TIME, while in surgery I was in a cloud the only thing I remember is trying to look over the green sheet to see if my babies were ok. On April 6 at 12.28pm my Gianni was born weighting 3.1 oz and measure 14.3 inches. My Nicco was second only weighing 2.11 oz and measure 15.1 inches. They were so little….and they were both crying.. that sound was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.
The first few days was all positive with no major complications.
Then we get news that they have PDA, jaundice, breathing problems, eating difficulties and the list goes on...a baby’s NICU (intensive care) stay is like a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks they were in the NICU for almost 2 months.. Bonding process is hard when you can’t hold your baby and that as a first time mother was extremely hard 😭 I remember the NICU days like it was yesterday but I am so grateful that my babies are so big and healthy now!
There is no words I can find to say to all of the people in the NICU that cared for my babies. It was amazing You should be thanked every single day for what you do for a living. THANK YOU!!!🙏🏻
#fighters #preemie #twins #nicu #intensivecare
Swipe for more pics of their journey!

New body who dis? 😅 .
Transformation on a Saturday 🙋🏼 .
Over the past year I’ve had Total body transformation, I’ve adjusted my diet and training to get the gains and lose the fat I needed 💪🏼 .
I remember that picture in 2016 I was just doing cardio and crash diets, I had lost weight (which I gained back 10 fold) but didn’t ever pick up weights, meaning no ass at all... WHERE THE BOOTY AT?! 🍑 .
Now a year later I hardly ever do cardio and love the weight section you can barely get me out I train legs 2/3 times per week and still working on building those glutes because it’s all about the booty whilst keeping the waist small! 🔥 .
It’s all about the dedication and commitment you apply to every session, it’s not about depriving yourself it’s about nourishing yourself 🙌🏼 .
We only have one body guys don’t take it for granted 🙏🏼


Some days it’s therapy, some days it’s for gains, and sometimes it’s to eat big, fat, cookies ... either way, there’s nothing quite like the flood of endorphins after smashing a great workout 💪🏼

These pants doh👏🏽

Macros yesterday. I usually take in 80-120g of carbs the first two weeks then down the carbs the next two weeks to 50-70g. A little high yesterday.
#healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthy #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fit #fitandhealthy #shred #bikiniprep #bodybuilding #fitness #macros

Shoulders, cardio, & posing this morning ✔️ improvement season is treating me verrrry well, eating good, lifting good, & feeling great, but I've always got the 2018 season on my mind 💃🏻😈
Thanks to ➡️ @alphapackfitness @alphapackwomen for making my posing routine a little bit more 🔥 with these new sports bras 😍

2018 goals yo! 💁🏻❤️🏆
#roadtopro #roadtonationals

3" V-cut with a soft blowdry! ❤️

Throwback to when I found this guy and this bus all the way in Washington 😍😏

#lbd 😍 Our client @lizzyfitrn @lisamazingg & @jnj_miller ready for the @ferrignolegacy this weekend!Good luck girls!
To join Team EDGE
email us at teamedgefam@gmail.com

Coaches @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1

#teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge

Those post-cheat bloat are surreal 🙄 short night of sleep / tired / wanna watch a movie 🎥 / direction to the gym a little bit before 😇✨

Do you love to train? And the process of it? Or do you train for another reason?
I started training because it was simply something to do and it was a path that would get me to a body i liked. I continue training because I’m so freaking passionate about it. I love to learn about training, the best way to preform an exercise or activate a muscle group. I’ve even lately just been closing my eyes as i warmup and workout just to truly FEEL my muscles and picture them working.
I love that training can be a form of art, and that it holds so much and so many different meanings, for so many people.
It’s some people’s therapy, it could be your time to quiet your mind, or it could be the only time in the day you get to yourself FOR YOURSELF.
I can’t wait to see how my training progresses and truly show my passion through it.
What does training mean to you? Why do you train? Have you taken time to appreciate different forms of training? Let me know!
Ps shirt is @musclebabesapparel and i 🖤 it and the owner. The front says upLIFT and damn i love that. She also has “empower” crops in olive. Go snag one and be a muscle babe 👭 .
Pps the shorts are @paragonfitwear .
Ppps @legionath released a new product! Watch my story for more info 👀👀👀👀👀👀
#checkoutmylastposttoo #itlit #teamlegion #teamparagon #passionateafabouttraining #thnxalexforinstillingthatinme #musclebabes #mybuttgrew #alsomyback #andshoulders #espreardelts #okimdone #ily #happysaturday #nootropic #ascend

1 important secret to success is...
Learn to welcome obstacles!
The obstacles I find along my journey I accept appreciate and learn valuable life lessons.
I look forward to the challenges that come my way and all the solutions I find to over come them.
Thanks to all the girls @popeyesfallclassic that jumped to my rescue yesterday and offered help, support, and advice when my bikini was rejected.
Especially @emilygrahamfitness who lent me this beautiful suite and made it possible for me to go on stage and compete today. You rock girl!! I appreciate all the great sportsmanship to make sure I was able to make it on stage today:) This is an awesome sport and couldn’t ask for a better experience and no matter what the out come there will be more shows to come. And I can get better and better.
Much love, and good luck to all
❤️❤️❤️ #showday #bikiniathlete #bikiniprep #gym #gymlife #fitchick #leaningout #competitionprep #transformation #gainz #cardio #gymmotivation #weightlifting #goalcrusher #girlswholift #preplife #girlswholiftheavy #weightlosstransformation #fitnessmodel #preplife #girlswholift #girlswithtattoos #gymmotivation #gymfreak #fitnessjouney #fitnessjunkie #fitnessmotivation #herbaliferesults #herbalife #teamlitandfit #beforeandafter #victoriafitness #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

Svalbard days❤ zoom in to see the pure fear in a man's eyes when his Svalbard wife is driving ;)

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🌟I dream because you believe in me 💕🙏She’s the LIght 💡 of My Life! My mom almost missed her flight today, but I wasn’t worried because in the end everything works out how it’s suppose to! So grateful to have had you this afternoon screaming for me in the crowd. I was anxious but nothing calms you down like a hug kiss and good luck from your momma! Ready for round two tonight 😁💪slide left for some footage of my first time on stage 🙈💜👙💕 #iloveyou #bikiniprep #bikinicompetitor #bikinifiness #strongwomen

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