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Sea you soon 🌊🐳

Stunning view of the Dead Sea from the Jordan side. Israel seems so close in my pic. Which side is your favourite for #Deadsea ?

Fit bodies daily 💕 @fitbodygrams

Don't give up on your dreams... keep sleeping 🌛 #thoughtoftheday #southflorida #bikinifit #fitfam #siswimsuit 📸photo by @dallasluckey

👙Cover Girl✌🏽️
I use fitness and health as an outlet to get out of my head. It helps me to stop comparing my body to all the other beautiful ones around me. I'm never the prettiest or fittest girl in the room but I've learned to think I am the 💩.
I focus on being faster, stronger, and just a better version of myself from yesterday. It allows me to block out the distractions, insecurities, and negativity and focus on my goals. When you only see who you once were and what you've become, what other people have no longer keeps you down!
Try doing that and see how quickly you surpass your goals and how much happier you become. You'll stop thinking about where you want to be and focusing on where you are now! Always stay in the now... @idealfit
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Officially scared and excited! Goodbye money that was a quick paydays spendings 😂😂🙈 we spend our money according to our goals at the end of the day and i cant wait to do it all again!
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Hi Guys!
17 August, Keep Love on Indonesia!
Ada promo 17an nih buat kalian, setiap pembelian 2 pcs bikini bakal dapet potongan IDR 17000 ni dari harga total, ayo buruan, cuma berlaku dari sekarang sampai besok jam 4! 'Kak, klo beli 4pcs, brarti dpet potongan IDR 34000 ya? gakk sis, potongan ttp IDR 17000 kalau masih dalam 1x transaksi yaa hehe'
Love You Guys!
♡ joleybikini

A beautiful sunset with a beautiful and sexy young lady @elena_kooleva at Avon Beach @avonseapictures
Photographer @lssantore

Beauty comes from an inner strength of courage and passion. The very stunning and mesmerizing @elena_kooleva at Avon Beach.
Photographer @lssantore

Lunges are one of my favourite movements for the legs and bum. There are many variations you can try: walking lunges, stiff leg ones, you make them harder by holding a weight etc. You can also play around with the upper body positioning, keeping it upright or leaning forward for more stretch! The only lunges I avoid are jumping ones as I find that they impact my knees too much. Wearing my favourite skirted leggings by @trogym

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