Only the top 5 get these beautiful trophies! 4 more days to register and 17 Pros and 107 amateurs have already made the commitment to compete! Register for the 5/5-Richmond, VA @ocbatlanticsupershow so you can bring home one or more of these exquisite sculptures by Niels Andersen and become our next champion! This year’s show includes Pro Men’s & Women’s Physique divisions!
✔️Guaranteed cash payout to the top 3 pros in each division ($1,000, $600, $400 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd)!
✔️Open to ALL natural pros *see criteria!
✔️Polygraphs from all natty orgs are accepted within 6 weeks!
✔️Awesome swag bags, sponsors, vendors, and MORE!
Amateur offerings:
Bikini: Novice, Age 40+, Open
Figure: Novice, Age 50+, Age 40+, Open
Men’s Physique: Novice, Age 40+, Open
Men’s Classic Physique: Novice, Age 40+, Open
Men’s Bodybuilding: Novice, Age 60+, Age 50+, Age 40+, Open, Physically Challenged
Women’s Physique: Novice, Age 40+, Open
Visit OCBonline.com for event details, registration, and advance ticket sales!
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Almost over the hump! #smile
Have a great rest of the week. 🙂👋💜

#wcw has us crushing on #TeamSexyStrong Emily Chang @echang_ the bikini beauty crushed it to take #firstplace at her most recent #bikinicompetition last weekend @ocbpinetreestate! She has made quite the #transformation since she began #bodybuilding with our #headcoach and #personaltrainer Miss Meriza Ciccone @ifbbpro_Meriza (aka #thebootybuilder) and is proof that "where there's a will, there's a way" - you just got to do the WORK!
Thanks for the inspiration Emily and keep on paving that #SexyStrongWayofLife ! Follow her fitness journey @echang_ @s3xystrong

Back/glut progress at 7 weeks out. ↕️
Left: standing straight no flex
Right: booty pop with legs flexxed
Both: still can't get my straps right
Angles can you make look certain ways in pictures. Coach is right anyone can take a selfie and look good at that point and time. But to compete in front of hundreds, stay conditioned and look fabolous competing with a line up girls in different classes and do it natural...well that's gonna be a lot of fucking work. Let's get it. 👍
Today happens to be leg/glut day and my knees are about to pop out 🙈
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#wcw goes to all the beautiful ladies I shared the stage with last weekend, especially @jcfitness4u. I started off the day unsure if I would even make it onto the stage, and finished by placing top 10 along with this amazing girl. Thanks for helping to make this one of the greatest experiences of my life #swolemate

yo soy mi más grande competencia y motivación, en esta foto el trabajo de años habla por sí solo, el invertir tiempo,dinero. Dar lo mejor de mi invertir también en "conocimiento" para poder ayudar y motivar a más personas. #bikinifitness#fitnessgirl #bikinigirl #bikinicompetition #bikinicompetitor #fitgirl#gymgirl @beautyfitgirlss @atzirifit_mex @bravaphotographer la mejor @ck_karri gracias por déjame siempre bella ❤️

June 23rd is the date of the 12th annual St. Louis Natural Bodybuilding Classic. A pro-qualifier sharing the stage with an all masters pro show. For more info or to register visit www.STLbodybuilding.com

Yes, I’m sharing my favorite snack with you in a Bathroom, because I don’t want to share with the pack. White cheddar rice cake, avocado, sea salt, roasted chicken. The bomb.com #snack #healthy #macros #cleaneating #preplife #bikinicompetition

ANXIETY. Can we talk about it for a sec?
I’m going to try and keep this short but I can’t make any promises.
When I was in HS I watched this documentary about a girl being possessed. When I watched it, something triggered inside me and I all of a sudden had these irrational fears of the unknown.
I was afraid to hang out with friends for a little while, was always concerned about strange noises, and had these crazy thoughts about death.
I felt out of my body and numb. It was awful.
3 years later I had another “flare up” and decided it was best I get put on an anti anxiety until I could work through some of the things that caused it.

3 years later it happened again.

Something I learned is that all of these episodes revolved around times of big change. Graduating high school, graduating college, moving into a new home, friends and family moving away.
This week I’ve noticed my anxiety starting to resurface. Losing my step mom still doesn’t feel real. I’ve never been one to dwell on sadness and I think sometimes to others that makes me come across as cold in times of sorrow. I think the reason I run from my feelings is because I’m afraid of being fixated on them. To someone with anxiety, being stuck on one thing all day is the worst feeling ever.
I truthfully don’t know how I feel right now. I feel anxious & numb. I feel unmotivated but busy. I don’t feel myself & I hate it.
I’ve promised all of you to always be authentic and share my journey & this is where I’m at.
I just had the most amazing call with my dad. I really just needed THAT tonight. We both mentioned that we need to start taking care of ourselves mentally - even if it means taking our stubborn butts to go talk to someone.

I am still going to show up every day the best way I know how. But I’m also going to take time to work through how I’m feeling (or not feeling) because that’s important too.
I’m so thankful that I have an incredible support system in my family & friends. I’m beyond blessed to have the team of women that I do and to do something I LOVE to the bottom of my core every day. Life is too damn short & I will never take for granted that I get to live this life that I do.

@anastasiaborger rocking both of her Goddess Glam bikinis at the #ronniecolemanclassic 💚💜 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Inquiries and orders 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼WWW.GODDESSGLAMCOMPETITIONSUITS.COM! 🗓Accepting BIKINI orders for shows no sooner than June 9thnd; FIGURE/WPD suit orders for shows no sooner than July 21st. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 🔔 If you are a BIKINI competitor competing in this year’s #dallaseuropa, NOW is the time to place your custom suit order! We are no longer accepting figure/WPD suit orders for this show. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ FACEBOOK.COM/GODDESSGLAMSUITS✨👑

Guys. Today, was flipping amazing! I got to work with the famous @kennywallach on my posing at @thesupergym. I knew I was going to like this process but I didn’t know how much I was going to LOVE it. This morning I woke up 6 weeks out from my first show..... I end the day with being only 4 weeks out.... @alexiatuttle1 these heels are no joke! My calves are sore!!!!!#twoshowsnow #posing #practice #iwillgetthis #ocb #inbf #bikinicompetition #fitness #bodybuilding #fitmom #tuttlenutrition @cvbfit @alexiatuttle1 @tuttlenutrition

It’s peak week for our first time competitor @nvina00 😍😍😍 Just a a few more sleeps til you hit the stage mamacita 💃🔝🏆 We are so proud of you!!! @floridagrandprix
#bikinicompetitor #npcbikini #peakweek #proudcoaches #onlinecoaching #bikiniprep #bikinicompetition #3daysout #flawless

Probably the hardest week of this prep so far tbh but in 24 hours I’ll be freeeeeee from studying for the rest of my life👏🏼 promise to post more then💗
Ps just had a quick check in, everything’s going as planned, no changes to cardio or training, minor change to diet (get to have an extra carb the day after my two carbless days) and that’s ittttt💁🏼‍♀️

Big well done to all my beautiful girls yesterday at the
Such an amazing experience with all my beautiful hooters babes, amazing to be able to take part in such an iconic event and soooo refreshing be in such supportive loving environment, so much girl power it’s unreal well proud of myself and every beautiful Babi’s that took part. True family 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 #hootersnottingham #hooternotts @hootersnotts @hooters #2018hootersswimsuitcontest #bikini #bikinicompetition #orangearmy #hootersgirls

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