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Good morning and happy Friday fitfam! When my alarm went off this morning at 6:30am I jumped out of bed and smashed out some deadlifts at the gym 🙅🏻🙅🏻 (this is a lie....) What actually happened - I turned off my alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep. My thoughts at the time were something along the lines of: "I hate deadlifts" "The gym is overrated" "I'm never leaving my bed" "Who can I call to bring me some food"
When I finally got my butt out of bed, I messaged my coach and conveyed all this to him and he gave me a little pep talk and I have changed my mind about hating the gym and I will in fact go there later today 😜 .

It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to have days where you lack motivation. It happens to me more than you probably realise! But I now have strategies for getting through those times. For me it's having a coach I can message. If you don't have a coach or a PT, then find yourself an accountability buddy. Someone sensible that you can message and tell them what's going on, and they can help you figure out if you are being plain old lazy or you actually need a rest day. It's ok to ask someone to help you! There's no rule that says you have to do this on your own or have to be motivated 24/7. You just need to know how to work through those times so you can stay on track 💪🏻 .

P.S Instead of the kid, it was my sister's dog photobombing me this morning 😍 He's a massive sook and never leaves my side when I look after him 🐶❤️
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Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation 💪
@rachelringwood "-45 pounds. 1 year later.
The photo on the Left was after I moved to Miami and was Introduced to Miami Lifestyle (late night drinking ) and LATIN food. 
My dad is a chef so you know I had to TRY everything!! I slowly started gaining weight over the span of 2 years. ⚡️ I was finally diagnosed in 2010 after YEARS of stomach pains and miss diagnoses. I was allergic to Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, and Soy. At the time I was about to Start College Softball and I was Always in Pain. 
After going to a Holistic Doctor that told me change my Diet to more Raw, Healthy foods. 
After years of YO-Yoing with my weight and my emotions I got sick of it, literally. 
I think my body started to reject more foods, and ALCOHOL, so I wanted to see how my body would feel closer to Mother Nature. 
I started juicing (Not as a meal replacement, but to get more vitamins) 
ALOt of fruits and Veggies, Snacks and Fish. 
I get hungry if I don't eat, but after a while you're metabolism speeds up and you just Need food. I WAS Never like that. Haha •Hiking, and at home workouts are my jam! I hate people starring at me at the gym. •So after years of weight struggle in middle school and highschool I have seriously accepted that You have to do what is write for your mind, Body,, and Soul. 
If people are telling you you are to Fat, skinny, Short, Tall = Fuck them. 
They are NOT in your head at the end of the day.....You are, you have to be ok with yourself and your thoughts when you attempt to sleep at night!!! If you knew how powerful your Negative thoughts were, you would Try to never think like that again. 
Thanks for letting me be honest and vulnerable, I want girls, people to be honest and ok with themselves. I'm here for that! 
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#Repost @fitleea
✖️Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. ✖️ .
Yesterday when I went to the gym at night (since I didn't have time during the day) I did HIIT sprints. And I struggled. A lot. Running has been always the most difficult form of exercising for me. Sweat was dripping of my face like a waterfall. No joke, I had a towel on my other hand even while running, just to see something forward. It might have been the longest 20 minutes of my life. Toughest seconds. But I made it. It was horrible and certainly not pretty. I want you to understand that every single minute counts. Every sweat drop matters. All that effort you put out there. So next time when you are having a hard time and felt like struggling, keep fighting, because that will make a change. Push your boundaries. You are stronger than your limits. Remember that always. 🙏🏼 @bbg_community .
. @kayla_itsines .

Side by side, rep by rep💪🏼Tag your babe, the one that's there for you👯 #BodyBoss

6 months @madarlington and clean eating ... and counting 😘💪🏼❤️

Reunited TONIGHT 😍😭 so excited to squeeze @plankingforpizza & @healthylivingdreams!! Cannot believe it's almost been 2 years since Instagram brought us together through BBG. Going to be celebrating that love and light all weekend ✨

After I posted my transformation pictures 2 weeks ago I got a few messages saying that there was a mistake in a given numbers and that is not possible I weigh more now... Well, let me tell you that it is totally possible and true 😎 I am sure that it would have upset me in the past but now that number doesn't mean a single thing. Do not let you think any less of yourself only because this stupid number is not what you want or expect it to be. And let's be honest, half of the time it is not even accurate! Would you think I gained 2 kg looking at the pictures above? I regularly take my progress pictures and I see how my body changed since I started my journey. I feel great! I am so much stronger and healthier 💪🏼😍 Screw the scale and look in the mirror! ❤️ #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #kaylaitsines #motivation #weights #lifting #beforeandafter #bbg #screwthescale #bbgprogress #abs #ageisjustanumber

Struggling sticking to your macros? Here's some tips you might find helpful
▪️Are your calories set too low? If you are aiming to burn fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit, BUT make sure you aren't eating less than you need to be to still make progress. No crash diets ok? 🙅🏼
▪️Are you overwhelmed tracking? Start with just tracking calories and protein- those 2 things are the MOST important numbers to watch
▪️Eat foods you enjoy- if you hate broccoli, than don't eat it- find nutritious foods you like, and eat those things on repeat- but also try new things as well. You might find your preferences change as you improve your nutrition. And if you LOVE donuts, then for heavens sake eat a donut
▪️Focus on volume- eating calorically dense foods too often can sometimes make sticking to your macros more difficult. Include veggies, fruits, greens, egg whites, popcorn, protein waffles, oatmeal, lean meats, rice cakes, etc throughout your day so the quantity of food you eat is larger
▪️Eat your calories instead of drinking them
▪️And to add to that, drink lots of water and other zero calorie beverages- sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually just thirsty
▪️Have an evening snack or treat you can look forward to already tracked at the start of the day- save those macros and that will help avoid evening binges
Leggings: @xxivactive

A bit less tan, a bit more butt and a bit more weight ✌🏼. These 3 things could be the nightmare of so many girls but I'm definitely fine with them 🤙🏼.

First pic is 8 Augustus 2016, second pic is now. I have clearly been on a booty mission since then, haven't done any cardio in that period of time, have eaten my weight in clean food (but also indulged on burgers 🤗), have challenged myself in the weight room, lifted heavy and basically lived my life happily without going all nuts but also without being restrictive. This shows that without being too harsh with yourself, you can still reach your goals, at least if they include building a booty or getting more curves. 🍑

We often make things appear more difficult than what they are 🤗. But trust me if you go to the gym consistently, do the right exercices, eat enough food and challenge yourself, you'll get there. You don't need to give up on social life nor beat yourself up when you eat ice cream. I'm the one who hated sport at school, never ran, played video games all day long and had brownies every day if it can give you an idea 🎮🍪🍩 so if I did it, so can you 🙌🏼.


This was by the far the fastest year of my entire life; I can't believe I've already completed 1 YEAR of #BBG ! It's pretty incredible how an exercise program can change someone's life in the best way possible. I've become much more aware of my mind and body in many ways. One of the main reasons as to why I originally started #BBG was because I felt very badly about myself post pregnancy. My body had dramatically changed the last month of pregnancy, I blew up in a way I didn't know was possible. I ended up feeling so negative about myself after giving birth. Another reason why I wanted to take action is to be be fit for my daughter. it's important that I am great role model for her especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.
I had suffered from anxiety for several years and never thought that feeling of fear or the unknown would ever disappear, I thought I'd have to live with it forever...but I was wrong. Within the first 12 weeks of the program, my anxiety completely vanished. To this day there has not been one day or a moment of anxiety in my life.
Kayla not only changed me physically but most importantly, mentally. I am able to listen and appreciate what my body is capable of doing. Before starting the program I felt lost; ! Post birth all your focus is on your baby - I personally was unable to find that balance. I had forgotten about myself. Once I dedicated time for myself to BBG it made such a difference in my life. It's MY time now and it's doing something healthy and positive for myself.
The least proud moment is that I've slipped nutritionally. I wish I was a bit more strict with my diet - I think I would be a bit leaner but that's something I'd like to work on going forward.
I look forward to seeing the additional changes my body makes mentally and physically. Most importantly, I learned to take care of myself not only for myself but for my husband and my daughter and I must thank Kayla for that. @kayla_itsines @bbg_community @sweat

I have had two unplanned rest days (yesterday and today) and we all know how I feel about those 🙄 but at least my body is getting some much needed rest and time to grow. I may be able to get in a quick booty sesh later since I have so much energy but if not, I can't wait to CRUSH it tomorrow morning 💪🏻
Enjoy the start to your weekend #fitfam 🎉😜

Got that Friday morning workout done! #bbgweek15 complete! My 4th round of BBG :) Have the day off work today! Gonna clean the house, go get a new license, pick up my new car 🎉🎉, and just enjoy having some time on my hands!! 😁😁😁😁 Love getting my workouts done in the morning! I feel so energized for the day ahead! #bbg1 #bbgnewyork #bbgbabes #bbgfamily #bbgmovement #thebikinibodyguide #bikinibodyguide #kaylaitsines #bbg #bbgunite #cleaneating #intuitiveeating #fitnessjourney #weightloss #fitnessgirls #tobipearce #kaylagirls #bbgbabes #healthylife

IT'S 🍟🍟🍟DAY!!! I don't think I've been so excited for a Friday in a long time. This has been the week from hell and I'm sooo ready to sleep in and relax with my boy this weekend. I FINALLY worked out this morning for the first time since Monday. I have been working long hours and have been absolutely exhausted so I listened to my body and gave it a (much needed) break. This is the first weekend in about a month that we have no plans, unfortunately we don't get to go away or do anything too fun for Memorial Day because...work, but if the weather is nice, you can find me laying out desperately trying to get a tan☀️and most likely doing some climbing because we are obsessed🐒Anyone have any fun plans for the long weekend??

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Psssssj, heb jij de winactie op mijn Facebook pagina al gezien? 🤗 Je kan namelijk deze slowjuicer van Princess winnen 😍 Ik maak a.s. zondag de winnaar bekend! 🎉 Link in bio! 💕

1 egg, 1 whole grain cinnamon raisin english muffin (with a teaspoon of butter). Maybe not the healthiest meal ever, but nutrition-wise, it's really not that bad!
My goal for the day is to drink water or tea when I'm feeling a craving, maybe it will suffice and create a new habit. Small goals, big results.
full body workout today in about an hour! Ready to take it on. Can't believe week 1 is already in the books. Only 11 left😍
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Resting bitch face was on. Actually more my don't make it obvious you are taking a photo Alex face**** still don't have the courage! 🤔 so I was just watching @maxxchewning video on how I got fired from my job YouTube video. And omg. Umm I can' relate but I can relate to the fact that I sometimes go ferkkk what if my kids somehow find my Instagram of me with transformation photos or me just in general at school and at times bitching about the kids (never say names haha) so yes I do freak out. And if I ever happen across someone's Instagram (only found 1 so far) I just block that sheiatt. Because I would so totally get fired or something would go down (I think) and my teaching career be ovaaaaa! Anyway just thought I would rant out feelings on this haha currently finishing a Friday. Then it's a bank weekend PLUSSSS a week holiday as it's half term, booo yeah!!! 💪🏽

57 days until South America! Legs and cardio in the sun ☀️ @kayla_itsines #fitness #bbg #bikinibodyguide #holidaycountdown #sunshine

Ce matin c'était grosse séance legs pour moi avec des bons exos abs pour finir, they'll be back soon 🤔🙏🏼
Et vous c'est quoi le programme today?
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If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong💁🏼 #BodyBoss

Those half boats are initially easy, but the repetition of many of them, well, my legs start shaking and I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Which is of course exactly what I want. This week has been very lackluster for me. I've competed all my workouts except the challenge and one LISS, which I'll easily do over the weekend. But my heart just hasn't been in it. I think I have the post holiday blues (does anyone else ever get them?) But I know this mood will pass and I'll just be grateful I stuck with my healthy lifestyle even though I didn't feel like it. It's the only way to battle these low energy periods we all go through. Just pretend it's not happening and continue on as usual 😃

Woke up desperately wishing I was back at the spa. Y'all! This week I crushed ma workouts and ma body is feeeeeeeling it. #itburnssogood 🔥. I'm up and ready to start this Friday before my parents and in laws get here to celebrate Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸 🎉. #redwhiteandblue. Babes, remember to enjoy the weekend and not worry about that extra drink or treat. #balanceiskey and what are goals if you can't enjoy life in between making them?
Also, I just found out it's #nationalwineday. Think it's a coincidence it falls on a three day weekend? 🤷🏼‍♀️ // #friday #threedayweekend #spaday #spalife

@dannimexfit 🎉🎉🎉 Congrats chick! You have won my giveaway... you have received some awesome goodies from @pinkpunkactive @coffeenotcoffee and @slimsecrets 👏🏼👏🏼 Send me a DM with your details 👌🏼 Thank you everyone who entered my first ever giveaway!!!!! Might have another one for you very soon 😝 . . . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgfam #bbg2017 #bbgprogress #bbgaustralia #bbgsisters #bbgbabes #bbgladies #bbggirls #bbgover30 #bikinibodyguide #bikinibody #bbgstronger #bbgfamily#sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitchick #fitties #thekaylamovement #strongnotskinny #iifym #bootygoals #gymjunkie #screwthescale

High school. What exactly is high school?
It's a place full of mistakes and failures. It's full of late nights and early mornings. But no one will ever tell you this. All they tell you is that it'll go by so fast.
To be honest I never believed the whole "you won't even see the end coming" because I always was ready to graduate. But man it did go by so fast, and no I did not see how quickly it was coming.

These past 4 years of my life have structured me as a young lady. All the heart break, all the stress, all the tears of joy. Made me exactly who I am today. Without all of these things, without the help of some of my teachers and family. I probably wouldn't be anywhere close to who I am now.
You see when they tell you high school will go fast they leave out the important part of failure and the stress that will accumulate over 4 year. Because they know once it is over only the good times will stand out.
So as I move on into my second chapter I'm happy to say that I'm a J.M. Atherton alumni and that I will bring everything this school, my friends, and teachers have taught me. They will guide me deeper into what lies ahead 💖 { more photos up on my Instagram story }

Petit week end en amoureux a Lyon :) on profite du pont de l'ascension !
Après une journée de marche et de visite, on a été bien fatigué.
Comme d'habitude je me fais plaisir avec la nourriture française ! Mais impossible pour moi de finir mon assiette xD
Niveau shopping, on dévalisé les magasin français, sans acheter ces magnifique robe de princesse !
Bref ... un petit séjour qui fait du bien au moral 💗💗
See U soon
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Can't wait to get my hands on @jacksstirbrew tomorrow 😍

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