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{biking baby} Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bike helmet?! #thule #giro #babygiro #bikingwithbaby

Today's agenda includes bike rides along the beach, lunch at Sprouts Cafe (again) and an evening at Sand Harbor. Thank you for all the recommendations, everything has been amazing #laketahoe #bikeride #bikerideviews #bikingwithbaby #americancenturychampionship

Two hour bike ride today. It was spectacular!!!😄 #bikingwithbaby #westcoast #kaimeetsworld #vancity #onthego 🚲🚲🚲

Excited to hear about the 🚴🏼adventures of these two! #latergram #bikingwithbaby #topeakbabyseat

Driving very important passenger in our neighborhood 🚴🏻
Катались вечером на велосипедах. В нашем районе все большие дороги имеют отдельную полосу для велосипедистов, не надо останавливаться и ждать пешеходного светофора или ещё хуже ездить по бордюрам. Лео кататься похоже нравиться, агукает и смотрит по сторонам
#bikingwithbaby #fitnessmom #fitmom #ridealong

Bike ride with my lil homie #dumbo #manhattanbridge #bk #brooklyn #bikingwithbaby


{biking baby} Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bike helmet?! #thule #giro #babygiro #bikingwithbaby

So I married a guy who is in love with biking. As in, has biked 100 miles in a day, kinda way. 🙆 I didn't even own a bike when I met him and hadn't really biked much since my super cool middle school days biking around town with my bestie (@klp248 )😎😂 The first few years of being together, I joined him on bike rides every now and then, but my first choice was always the motorcycle. When we decided to start a family, we sold the motorcycle, (still a sore subject for him😏) and I finally decided to join my boy and get into biking with him. Since then, he has taken me on every kind of trail, along the coast, dirt roads, in the city, and everywhere in-between, and I do not know why I didn't get into this sooner. It's starting to match my love for hiking and is showing me miles and miles more of this beautiful place we live. Not to mention, biking with the little snooks with us has been adorable to watch (little hands clapping going down hills, holding picked flowers against the wind...☺️). Just one of the ways he has made me better.

Kljub temu, da je naša družinica veliko skupaj, smo v resnici zelo malo časa zares sami. Čas, ko se lahko posvečamo eden drugemu mi je zelo dragocen.
Tudi zaradi tega, ker ponovno občutimo kako zares shajamo eden z drugim, kako funkcioniramo, ko se nam ne mudi nekam drugam, ampak smo tukaj.
Kar pomeni tudi, da se ne moremo umakniti. 🙄
Poznate te občutke, ko greste z družino na počitnice?
Danes je naš drugi dan. In moram priznati, da kar težaven. Tako težaven, da bi ga najraje preležala v šotoru.
Smo pa včeraj prekolesarili Rovinj in občudovali sončni zahod. ☀️
#thatslife #familylife #citytour #citybiking #bikingwithbaby #mybabygirl #lovelovelove #adriaticsea #vacationtime

First bike ride :)
Shout out to all the parents who are part of @bornwildproject for being a huge inspiration from before I was even pregnant. I've heard many of you express the same sentiment, and I couldn't agree more, that it may take us a little longer (ok, a lot) to get out and going but it is SO worth it! Wyatt is only a month old but we can already tell that he is much happier the days we get outside...and so are we. Seeing all of your posts give me the nudge I need some days to remember how much I want to raise him with a passion and reverence for nature and all it has to offer. We're so excited for all of the adventures to come with him!
#wildchild #bornwild #bikingwithbaby

My favorite hobby #bikingwithbaby

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