November 24th come on out and have a cold one, shoot a game of pool, and visit with some fantastic people!.....Gonna be a great time and you won't want to miss it!
Doors open at 2 PM
#sinnerslounge #somc #sffs #supportyourlocalmc #bikersdoitbetter #offtheroadbash

If you are stopped by a cop or a biker who is blocking the road; 99% of the time we are either riding to support a charity or riding to honor a fallen LEO/Fire/Service member. Yes, I know you feel that getting your latte at Starbucks is much more important, but please just put your car in park and sit back. Maybe even think about what you might be able to do for someone else as my fellow riders and I continue to do amazing things for other! #brightsidetoyrun #motorcyclecommunity #bikersdoitbetter #harleydavidson #epocheyewear

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