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My beautiful furfriend @cathills_ tagged me for the #bigwideeyeschallenge have a pawsome day everyone😽💕#calicoville

Hi furifriends we were tagged by our good furifriend #sergeantchandler in the #bigwideeyeschallenge hope you like mine ! (Simmy) and hope this is ok for the #showmeyourheadshot challenge tagged by our dear friends @sergeantchandler and @s00kiecat and @coolcat_archie and @miyavandsilvi and @cindy_andbunch thanks all you furifriends sorry its taken a while we are trying to catch up! We have tagged some friends but feel free to join in.

Happy Friday furriends!.🎉🐾🎈I started my day with biscuit making.😹This is my entry for the #bigwideeyeschallenge!😹👀My furriend, Sunny @sunnythesiberiancat tagged me. My eyes are quite big in this video!👀😹

Dear furriends! I was tagged by @coco_chanel_catx to enter the challenge #10 thingsaboutme # and also from @tsitsi_kopelou #bigwideeyeschallenge # thanks for that! 😉So here are some facts of me, trying to make it short. ..that's not so easy, cause i love to talk hehe. ..that's alredy fact 1😂2😇Meowmy and Daddy adopted me as a lil furball of 3month. ..happiest day in my life so far! 3😎Every morning at 6am I'm biting meowmies feet, so she gets up and feed me! 4😈After my yummy breakfast I'm forcing mom to play with me. .including scratches. ..so sorry hehe! 5😇Then I allow mom a break to prepare breakfast for the family! 6😈Break over. ..I'm running and jumping trough the house and make a lot of noise hihi! 7😂Love to scare my homan brother by hiding and jumping at him, when he's leaving his room hehe! 8😢Hate to be alone and this silly word "NO"9😍Love to relax on the balcony and dream about pretty boy's hihi! And at bedtime I'm slipping under the sheets and cuddle with Meowmy! And finally 10 😍😚I'm loving all my beautiful furriends on instagram. ...Thank you for your friendship! Your all very special!!!Love and kisses, Lucy! 😉😍😚😻💙💛

Do you think that I'm cute?❤
I was tagged in the #bigwideeyeschallenge thanks for tag @joeysmeow
#lfl #cat #blueeyes #holybirma

Good night my furriends😻. J was tagged by @b3n3d3tt4_ 😍for #bigwideeyeschallenge and so here j am! 😉👀↔
#catsofinstagram #instacat #lovecats


With - those - huuun gry eyes 🎶 #bigwideeyeschallenge #layla #nebelung #catsofinstagram

Así es como ellos piden sus golosinas | That's how they ask for treats

Roke no deja sentar al awelo | Roke is sitting in grandpa's spot

Special effects for special day. Happy #internationalcatday

I'm a bit late to the #bigwideeyeschallenge (thanks @chillitsbarry 😸) how can you not feed this cute face? #nebelung #nebelungcat #nebelungsofinstagram #staygray #bobacatt #catsofinstagram #fluff #peepers

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