We hope you’ll pay a visit to the new website we just created for an amazing foundation called BIGVISION. Founded by one of our clients to honor the memory of her son, BIGVISION is helping make a difference in the lives of young people struggling with addiction. bigvision.nyc #bigvisionnyc #livelifesober #sobernyc #sober #soberlife

Practicing for the Basketball Bash got me like...

•Mark your calendars for our Basketball Bash on Thursday, June 21st @ 5:00! RSVP on our site - link in bio.

Our final Sober Saturday event! Super excited to announce that we are hosting an “Escape The Room” event! Spots are limited, so RSVP ASAP to christine@bigvisionnyc.com
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Back by popular demand! Sober Saturday’s presents our second Comedy Night! @remykassimir @thechloshow @jwolmart @chrislamadieu @jasonscoop & @funnyxtine will be making everyone laugh like crazy! It’s our second to last Sober Saturday event - don’t forget to rsvp!!
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Who doesn’t love a little morning motivation from their local coffee shop?!

We all have experiences in life, some good, some bad. This is what makes us human. During these moments we have a choice to make, we can either give in or use these experiences as a life lesson and overcome them. What are some experiences you’ve used to grow from?

Who’s ready to end this week with a Dance Party! Come join us this Saturday for our 7th #sobersaturday event and dance the night away!

RSVP to christine@bigvisionnyc.com or comment below! 💃🏼🕺🏼

Friendly reminder that we can all afford to spread a little more love, especially to those who need it most 💞

It may be Spring but at #BIGVISION HQ, we are still wearing all of our best knitted projects!

Join us tomorrow at 6:30 PM to create some of your own! No experience necessary.
RSVP to christine@bigvisionnyc.com

Special thanks to @bigvisionnyc for featuring my story in their “Sober Showcase.” 🙏🏼 Sharing it was harder and scarier than I thought it would be, but if it helps even 1 person to feel less alone and less ashamed, it’s worth it.
I’ll be posting my story and more detailed information on my website soon (LINK IN BIO), along with other recovery stories I’ve been receiving as part of a special “Recover Out Loud Project.” Sharing your story is the bravest thing you can do, and I believe it is the most meaningful way to help end the stigma of addiction. Shame & guilt are, in my opinion, two of the largest contributing factors to relapse. Let’s share our stories and recover out loud together.
You’ll be seeing more of these stories on my website (LINK IN BIO) and Instagram soon. If you’d like to be a part of the project and share yours, feel free to message me on IG or contact me through my website. Your story could change someone’s life, and sharing your truth will also change yours.
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Don’t worry, we know it takes time. What do you think is the #1 obstacle to young people finding recovery in the city? 👣
. . .
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Happy St Patricks Day! If your idea of fun doesn’t involve throwing up outside of a bar, please join us tonight at Drag Bingo (link in bio). 🍭🔥
It’s a great night to stay sober - our celebration doesn’t include a hangover or regret ✨🙏

Join us ✨tomorrow🦄 for Drag Bingo! 8:30-11:30pm by Union Sq. Drag queens, mocktails, community and good vibes 🙏 Get your free ticket using the link in our bio! #SoberSaturdays

I attended @bigvisionnyc Sober Saturday’s Comedy Night. It was SO fun! Check out their page and go to an event ASAP! They served @cleancause energy drinks and they were SO delicious! They are all natural and even cooler, 50% of the profits support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction! Go check them out and treat yo self!
#sobernyc #bigvisionnyc #cleancause #cleancausewater #sobersaturdays #youngandsober #youngandsober

"I always thought of myself as someone who loved to party. The thing is, my definition of "partying" was way beyond whatever "normal" drinking is. The years went by and I crossed some sort of invisible line where the choice to slow down or stop drinking was removed. I couldn't stop.
I kept getting in to trouble - drinking daily and absolutely hating myself, feeling more and more shame as time went by. The consequences of my drinking kept getting more problematic, and I'd swear every day that I would stop, until about 5pm, when I would inevitably start drinking for the night. I worked so hard to hide my addiction from people. It was exhausting.
One morning four years ago, I woke up covered in bruises. I had fallen down the stairs, drunk. This wasn't even the worst drinking-related thing that happened to me, but I felt so much shame - I thought I would die from it. I could not imagine continuing to live with that much shame. I hated myself.
I haven't had a drink since that day. I had been using alcohol to cover over my feelings of deep depression and anxiety. It was a rocky journey in the first year of sobriety, because I had begin to face the roots of my addiction. I did a lot of deep inner investigation and healing. I used to think it was impossible to go for a single day without drinking. I thought I'd be miserable. Instead, I am the happiest I have ever been. I can't imagine going back to a life of lying, shame, blackouts, disasters. 🙌
I will keep working for this recovery, because it has allowed me to be awake in the world, to help other people, and to feel happier than I ever knew was possible for me. #iloveyoukeepgoing" ✨🙏 #SoberShowcase

The amazing @constancebustiae will be hosting Sober Saturdays: Drag Queen Bingo this Saturday at 8:30pm at our 🍰NEW🔥 location by Union Sq! She’s going to make Bingo fabulous again✨ .
Get your free ticket using the link in our bio. Ages 18-35.

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