Enemies on the field. Brothers off it. Welcome home Tof and good luck for the rest of the season. Great win ISP Warriors. Great to be back at Mt Smart #warriornation #warriorpride #nzwarriors #ispwarriors #faninthestand #fits @patsipley #bigtof

Im no NRL stats master jedi but i reckon this is the 1st time that 2 of the Fan In The Stands all time favorites will play against each other in a professional game. What a match up as Pat has home ground advantage over younger brother Tof who will be in the away dressing room for the 1st time against his former soldiers. Whos gonna win the battle in the middle?? Will Pat put some big hits on Tof as payback for the time Tof accidentally deleted Pats Wrestlenania XXV dvd by recording an episode of Shortland St over it. Or will Tof run over Pat as payback for the time Pat hid Tofs memory card on his Play Station 2 so he couldnt save his progress on GTA. Never the less get down to Mt Smart tomorrow or watch on Sky Sports 2 as these 2 legends go at it. Cheer on Pat as he always bleeds for the jersey and cheer on Big Tof for everything hes done for the team in seasons gone by. We all know both should be in 1st grade for their clubs. Good luck Sipleys. @patsipley #bigtof #warriornation #warriorpride #nzwarriors #ispwarriors #faninthestand #fits

While at the end of every season players leave, but this year 4 of the ISP Warriors best and 4 of the Fan In The Stands favorites will be with new teams for 2018. All 4 should of been in @nzwarriors 1st grade team this year. Best of luck @gubbcity @ofahiki_ogden @matt.allwood #bigtof and thank you for the hits, yards, blood and commitment to the jersey #warriornation #warriorpride #nzwarriors #ispwarriors #faninthestand #fits

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