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She’s Officially The Best Big Sister In The Whole Wide World 😍😍 ||https://braperucci.com|| #Kidstagram #BigSister #AfroBabies #Sisterhood #TGIF #ViralVideo

The cutest!! #Repost @adorjephotography
Oh ooh!!Someone can't keep a secret♡♡♡ #AdorjePhotography .
#loveandlife #aftertheaisle #cutekids #bigsister

For those of you asking, my baby sister Kayla's heart surgery is this afternoon. Please keep her in your thoughts - she's the light of my life. The best Chanukah present in the world would be Kayla's health. 📷: @iamjakobb

You guys, I’m so obsessed with them. I’m so grateful Zola has Grey and Grey has Zola. I didn’t get to grow up with my siblings and so I was always so jealous of girls that had a best-friend sister. I really hope they realize how lucky they are to have each other. I want them to be best friends, not only with each other, but with me too. I’m so excited to experience all the shopping trips, mani/pedis, and sleepovers with them. 😊Grey is really into telling people that they’re her best friend and even though she tells everyone that, I get so happy when she says Zola is her bestie! Are you guys best friends with your mom or sister? I’d love to hear how you guys keep your relationship special and what i can do to cultivate it with my girls! ❤️ #superzola #greygiven #mybesties #mygirls #girlmama

Here is the youngest of Colt and Nic’s sisters. She is almost 3 1/2 years older then Nic, so just old enough to help out and young enough to still make me nervous when she attempts to move him. 😊 She is almost two years older then Colt and is his other partner in crime with the upside that she can get around easier to reach more areas of trouble then Nic can and the downside that she can tell on him. Either way, she runs around with these two all day laughing and playing. She knows that her brothers have Down syndrome but that means absolutely nothing to her. They are her best friends, buddies, partners in crime and brothers.😊❤️
#siblings #nothingdownaboutit #downrightwonderful #theluckyfew #bigsister #littlebrother #toddlerlife #familyfun #downsyndrome #thatsdarling #cuties #proudmom #sweetgirl #siblinglove #cutenessoverload

In case you missed my instastories, the outcome of Kayla's surgery was everything we were hoping for and the best Chanukah present I could ever ask for. 🙏🏼Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes! Flying out to Boston to see her now. ✈️

How do people make it through life without a sister? 🤔 #bigsister

"I'm like a mom to her. Our mom is now looking after the youngest, so I am taking care of Samia. She's so good... she rarely cries." We met big sister Nina, 13, with Samia, 2, at a World Food Programme distribution for Sahrawi refugees in Laayoune camp, Algeria.

#bigsister #littlesister #Algeria #Sahrawi #Sahraoui #babysitting
Photo: UNHCR/Russell Fraser


Happiest Birthday wishes to the best big sister a girl could ask for... thanks for always having my back🤗 @l1zelle jy verdien net die beste dag en jaar vorentoe. Wens ek was saam met jou vandag om te celebrate. Baie lief vir jou ❤️❤️❤️ #birthdays #bigsister #sistersgoals #happybirthday

Fun time with little ones
#bigsister #littlebrother #christmastheme

My sister is my best friend next to daddy. She has loved me since before I was born. Thank you sissy. #nicutohome #sisterlove #bigsister #babysister #preemiesupportandawareness

Conexiones 😊😛🤗!!! @lheonat la hermana mayor con el mejor corazón del mundo mundial #loveu #sevaleextrañar #imissus #missyou #thebest #bigsister #melbourne #yarratrams hahaha

Well good night ppl from me and my sister❤️ I look bad but w.e 😂 #bigsister #smallsister 🤞🤧🌻

Wouldn’t trade my little siblings for the world...well maybe?😘❤️ #bigsister #mysibilings

É assim: quando teus bebês crescem você faz um só pra ti #bigsister #titios #babyshower

Now what kind of awesome big sister would I be if I didn’t take advantage of a perfect opportunity to take a picture of my sweet sleeping little brother ❤️ oh by the way @hernandezjon36 you’re welcome 😂 #bigsister #littlebrother #imthebest #sleepingbeauty #sweetdreams

Smoosh face! Long days baby sitting little brother! #bigsister #ihavemyowncouch #pittbullsofinstagram

My sister/ momma ❤️😍🙈💕 #bigsister #thereforoneanotheralways #cantwaitrometsoon #appreciationpost FYI who messes with her best believe it will not be pretty if I get ahold of you , that's my sister no matter what ppl say yes I know she's not my real sister but she is in my heart and in my soul and our bond is stronger than ever ,stronger than any relationship ever had 👍😜🙂 I love and care about my friend and I'm happy I met her and how she changed my life for the better like I have done with hers 🙂.I noticed that I'm more comfortable and more open with her on things and that she doesn't judge me for being different but I like how our friendship grew and now we are stronger and closer than ever I think 😶 so but I never want to lose my sister ,my friend , my mom,my everything 💕 , if anything I can take from my friendship is that she made me stronger as a person and that no matter what I can do anything that I set my mind too . I know it's long and that I'm rambling lol but Nala Starling is perfect and beautiful , smart , and kinda a free spirit lol and is crazy and weird 😶😊 and much more she's the nicest person ever and I'm glad I get to call her my sister and best friend ❤️❤️🇭🇺🇺🇸🇭🇺🇺🇸 and my protector 🙂 #may222016 #may222016 #oneyeardownforevertogo (P.S. you are you and nobody can ever be you if they tried to ,your beautiful on the inside and outside 🙂 momma -To Nala -From ur Lil sis 😜😂❤️ love ya crazy girl btw I didn't ask if I could put this up .. I was going to ask when u sent it to me butt I forgot 😶😶🙈 so please don't feed me to the IT lol )

And just like that I have a teenager, oh ya and a 9 month old. How time flies. I can't believe she will be 13 tomorrow. Having Saleen feels like having Shelby as a baby all over, she is a spitting image of her big sister as a baby. I feel so blessed to have her always willing to do anything for her little sister. Happy Birthday to this amazing girl/woman. #teenager #babysister #bigsister #birthdaywishes #amazinggirl

J'ai cette photo beaucoup trop imparfaitement parfaite qui traîne dans mon téléphone depuis trop longtemps. Elle les représente si bien!

I love them❤️Livy loves her baby sis so much, although she always makes it a point to tell me that she is the Queen and Reesie is the Princess #bigsister #christmastime #babiesfirstchristmas #sisterlove 👯 🌲👑

For day 17 of #100daysofhappy I got to see @gboitnott14 and my #snugglebugs for like a second! It was a little stressful and everyone was all over the place (can you tell?) but any time I get to see them makes me happy! 💗 #spreadthehappy #lovethemsomuch #family #ollieollieoxenfree #bigsister

My baby is going to be tickled when she gets back home! L.O.L Surprise Doll ornament that I made for her tonight with her girl "Hoops MVP!" 🏀🎀✨ #lolsurprise #lolsurprisedolls #hoopsmvp #lolbigsurprise #lolbigsister #lolsurprisedollscollector #lolsurprisedoll #bigsister

👑 When the smoke clears and I’m still in pain they there no matter what #BigCousin ❤️ #TT ❤️ #BigSister ❤️ #TexasDaysWithFamily 💕

Guess who’s happy, to be promoted to a BIG SISTER ? 😆😝 #bigsister

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