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A week from today is the #bigpayback, a 24 hr online giving event and our goal for @beneaththeskinorg is to raise $10,000, we can't do that without you! #BTSbecause everyone deserves to feel loved and worthy!

The #BigPayback is happening for the next 24 hours + @proverbs1210animalrescue needs your help. Please consider donating, because we all know that animals are way better than people.

Did you know May is #fostercare awareness month? Yes, there are lots of kids in need of safe homes, but there are also lots of hurting families who need cheerleaders and champions to walk with them as they journey to wellness and reunification. I never could have imagined the joy of such a sweet relationship with this baby's mama but I am so thankful she is in our lives. I am also so thankful for the @jonahsjourney family who encourages healthy relationships with birth parents and who invest wholeheartedly in these mamas. || Today is a day dedicated to giving back to non-profit organizations. I know there are TONS to choose from, but I f our story has touched your heart in any way, I know Jonah's would so so appreciate your donation! Link is in my profile. #bigpayback

Celebrate Middle Tennessee’s spirit of

generosity, and support W.O.M.E.N. on May 3

during The #BigPayback ’s 24-hour, online
giving day. http://www.TheBigPayback.org
If the video does not play try clicking this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6shdV15QEMs

How we spent our Tuesday morning. Filming a video with Kismet in a Jaguar. Check out our video next week as part of The #BigPayback.

Just a little support to the nourish food bank, we volunteer there and love the community! #BigPayback #RutherfordRally

Today is the #BigPayback event and I'm donating to @proverbs1210animalrescue for saving my two big boys. Maverick was thrown out of a car and left to die until a nice AT&T man working up on the telephone wires saw and carried him around in his truck all day until finding proverbs. Rickie was abandoned in a box along with his siblings right across from a busy highway (where one sibling was actually killed trying to cross it) 🐶❤️hopefully @proverbs1210animalrescue will be able to continue what they do for these dogs and cats for a long, long time! #adoptdontshop


Starting Friday with some #SeanPrice #ImperiusRex #RealHipHop and a #BigPayback

Uh oh...look what I just cracked open @room101brand #bigpayback #8X80 #cigaroftheday

Mice in the presence of the lion. Mid tempo banger that upped the game in '91. Hardnoise weren't around long enough in my opinion.

#MakersMarkWhisky, #BigPayback , and #IggyPop. Night complete.

Big Pay Back, I love oldies!!! They don't think I know about that life 😂😂😂 James Brown Created A Masterpiece Really, This Song is Brilliant!!! 💯⭐... #BlockParty #OldSoul #Oldies #PositiveVibes #BiGPayBack #Soul #jamesBrown #keepthemguessing

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