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TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet
Back in 2005, Demetrius '#BigMeech' Flenory and his brother Terry '#SouthwestT' Flenory were arrested for running a drug trafficking business and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Receiving harsh punishment for non-violent drug crimes seem to be the norm, however, times are changing and President Obama has pardoned hundreds of inmates who were locked up for petty drug crimes.
Before we bid the president a farewell, #LLCoolJ believes that Big Meech and Southwest T should be next. In a lengthy Instagram post, he explains why these men should be pardoned and emphasizes that their stories can bring more inspiration to neighborhoods downtrodden by drugs and violence if they were freed.
He writes: "I think these two guys who are both products of my generation could do a lot of good in the community if they were pardoned. They were incarcerated for non violent drug offenses.if they were pardoned I'm sure they would do the right thing. It's a matter of character. From the outside looking in I think they both have it. Although they set what some would call a negative example I think the second chapter of their lives could potentially bring a lot of healing and inspiration to a down trodden community and show all our citizens that the USA is a country where second chances are possible. I don't condone what they did but I understand why --- read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

So Dimitri sent me this pic on his birthday and wanted me to post it... when I didn't do it he stopped talking to me.... Hopefully you'll talk to me again now Meech. Happy belated birthday brotha, you know it's all love. #BigMeech

Friday din din with @michellemeyr #BigMeech #BB18

Demain soir soyez Γ  l'affΓ»t Avec tonton @rimkofficiel tout le monde a le droit d'allumer son Snitch 😀😀 #BigSnitch #BigMeech #PtitHeetch πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ–€πŸš–

Coach Roach and Big Meech messing around on the mitts!! #March11th #BigMeech

Welcome home lil homie @sir_savage5 just touched down from the joint S/O #bigmeech #Bmf #blockmovement

Congrats to @gusm93 and @mrsgusm93 on their beautiful baby boy Demetrios. We've come a long way since Sutherland Hall, cuh! #bigmeech

Numero cuatro ⚾ #BigMeech

Greek FreakπŸ’₯ #bigmeech


#Sigmaversary ! On this date 6 years ago at 2:26am I joined the GREATEST fraternity and I couldn't ask for any better brothers than these men right here. My ace/vice rock @prosperity_act #BruceWayne my tre/rock @mr.1914 #RickRoss #BigMeech and my quad/anchor @fourtitude_mmxi #ChanningTatum #MarkWahlburg #GOMAB

Morning Vibes. #RickyRozay #BigMeech

Big Meech A true American Dream . πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Not my meme but salute to who made this .-boicash

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