Теперь у меня есть не только электронная и аудио версии, но и бумажный вариант книг. Большое волшебство❤❤❤
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Now I have ebook, audio book and paper book #BigMagic of #ElisabethGilbert #book #ilovereading #bestbook
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I have been singing Hush Little Baby and the book I'll See You In The Morning (in a melody I made up) almost every night to my older son since he was born. He loves when I sing to him ( I am fully tone deaf and have a horrific voice). My two year old on the other hand cried harder as a baby when I sang to him and now just says stop. Or hits me in the face. Until I started singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to them. They both love it. My older son especially. Recently he has started to ask me some really deep questions that I have had a hard time answering, about death, about life. I'm not ready for this. I don't want him to be ready for this. He has been expressing that he's nervous for Kindergarten. Well kiddo, I am too. It's amazing how we live through these life cycles in various ways, through our own eyes as a child, through our lives as a parent or adult, through the eyes of our children, and so on. It's not easy is it? With this week's political events my anxiety is flairing up. Our power went out at 4am and I thought the world was ending. I don't want to pass this anxiety on to my son, but I see glimpses of it already and am trying my best to make him feel safe and strong and confident. I just want to live in our little bubble where we laugh and snuggle and sing forever. ···
Where Happy Little Bluebirds Fly
Acrylic, pastel and pencil on canvas
Available and heading to @couchseattle next week. I will have work up there through September.

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