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Could really be on the beach right now. Having mad withdrawals from these ladies. #Rio #carnaval2018 #leblon #bigjesus #touchdownjesus

Is there something that you are afraid or have anxiety over? Seek the Lord today! He has commanded you and doesn’t want you to be discouraged because you already are strong and courageous. (Bless a friend today!)

Wondering why you aren’t able to move forward with a struggle? The problem is you aren’t seeking God. Often, we find ourselves trying to handle things that God already has done for us. We just need to seek Him first! (Tag a friend!)

Girl's trip tradition continued. #bigJesus #Leblon #Rio #carnaval2018 #wheretonext✈️


Are you on the fence? Do you feel the Lord knocking on your heart asking you to let him in? Commit your way to the lord! - Psalm 37:5 (Tag a friend!)

The idea is simple but the reward is massive! When in doubt, in fear, or struggling, trust Him! (Tag a friend!)

If you search for the things of this world, you’ll find them. But are you finding Jesus while doing so? Let the Holy Spirit lead you to fresh water so that you can have life to the fullest. (Psalm 143:10)

There are going to be days where you feel like the weight of sin is too much. However, we can be redeemed in Jesus name by believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouth! (Tag a friend to bless them!)

Earlier donations to the homeless this is what we do we go and spread some love!!! .
. .


Holy Christ! #bigjesus

#BigJesus #JesusRode #JesusSurfedApparel

It took us 2 days to take a perfect photo with “Big Jesus” 😂🇧🇷☁️ #kalwiinbrazil #riothejaneiro #christtheredeemer #bigjesus #nofilter

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