My house for a while!
Minha casa por um tempo!
Thanks Tutu Pele Deusa do vulcão 🌋 🙏🏼❤️🤙🏼
Believe in your dreams!!!
Sabe o melhor meio de proteger os oceanos?
Alimentando-se de forma vegan 🌱
Duvida? Assiste COWSPIRACY
You know the best way to protect our oceans? Being vegan. The animals and the whole world Thankyou!
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@fairmontorchid memories. Mushroom Brown Rice & Quinoa with Beets & Hamakua Mushrooms, Wilted Kale, Enoki Chive Truffle Essence & Roasted Herb Oil at Brown's Beach House part of this beautiful Big Island @fairmonthotels resort! What a delicious & beautiful meal.
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Sorry, not sorry, and you see why.

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CLC MEMBER FEATURE: My name is Mikey D’Amato. I’m 29 years old, living on the Big Island of Hawaii with my 2 fur babes. In January 2017 I began to lose the ability to walk, eat, or take a deep breath. I spent all of the year in and out of the hospital, and in my bed alone when I wasn’t working. Daily fevers, extreme nerve and joint pain kept me without sleep, and other symptoms led me to believe that my time was up. Fortunately, the mystery was brought to light with the help from tests, and I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.

It’s a tough journey relearning how to live life with something that drains everything you love away from you. This has caused lots of frustration, loneliness, and has forced me to really assess what’s truly important.

Everytime it breaks me, I try to find something new about myself to be proud of, and I grow. This allows me to feel warmth of a tiny light in a painfully dark room, helping me focus on how incredible of a human being I can become if I remind myself to be proud of the tiny achievements on my new path, like spending an extra hour with family or simply getting out of bed.

Currently, I’m using the little energy I have to focus on my own wellbeing. To take what I have left of my chronically chill life back, and to inspire others with a struggle to do the same. Take what you’ve been given, go get to know and love yourself better, and then come back to win it all.

This was taken at a delicious gourmet vegan restaurant on the Big Island. I can’t remember the name of it though... Can anyone help? I remember she makes amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on banana bread... and other YUMAZING plant based creations! I cannot wait to use the Dinner Party mobile app to love my neighbors and friends with FOOD! It will be such a great opportunity for us all to connect in an authentic mind, body, spirit way. Food is LIFE! Food is LOVE! Food is JOY! 🍽🧡🍽🧡🍽#lovepeopleandfeedthemgoodfood #lovepeopleandfeedthem #bigislandrestaurant #bigislandvegan #hawaiivegan #hawaiirestaurants #hawaiieats

*More good days than bad.🧘‍♂️🌴*

New discovery with @irenedonquis today!! OHHH.MMM.GGG you guuuuysss!!! So amazing! Hilo just leveled up 💚🌱 thank you @hawaiianlicks for such succulent, rich, flavor-packed vegan nice cream!! #veganicecream #bigislandvegan #notaskinnyvegan #blackvegan #hilohappenings #downtownhilo

Apparently when I'm real stoked, only dogs can hear me. Adventures with Pelé and @edbauerxvx right before everything exploded 🌋🔥 #whyamilikethis

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Pick up some fresh pints from Abundant Life Natural Foods today before they're all sold out! They've got some of our Nicoco favorites like Violet Mango, Midnight Chocolate and Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk 💕


A little trip to the Sunday Market for some fuel for the next week. 🌱I have an ideal weight goal in mind that I'm shooting for, while I gain back all that my body has lost being attacked by its own immune system for the past year and a half.
What I want show while I hit this part of my journey, is that you can feel good and achieve your goals without needing anything other than plants.
You can thrive without animal food products, and trust me, I'm a believer that isn't ever going back. It's to easy nowadays.
I've been full #vegan for over a year now, and it has helped me tremendously with the #healing process I've needed to endure with my #lupus. To be honest, making this life change has taken lots of dedication and creativity in the beginning, but now I really feel it's not only given me the obvious health benefits, but has made me an even better cook, and more appreciative and self aware of what type of fuel my body really thrives on. I'm lucky to be so sensitive to this at the moment. *
Of course you need to be patient, and be prepared to focus on the ways you'll need to adapt to make the new #plantbased lifestyle easier to get used to, but I will say there's something sexy about creating a new norm in life that affects you and others in a positive way. Now I just need to find me a beautiful #vegangirl I can cook for when I'm finally up for it. I'll get there.

The best way to learn to cook is to gather up some friends and practice. Red sauce can literally have anything in it. Chop stuff fine or rough add mushrooms, tofu and beans for that meaty texture. #cookwithfriends #bigislandvegan #bigislandlife #happyblackvegan #blackvegan #blackwomenhealthfitness #eatplants #dailydozen #addturmeric #redsauce #veganized #veganizeit

Jackfruit Nachos and a Dragonfruit Smoothie here at Herbivores 😥

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Just been eating my way through Hilo for the last 24 hours. Their vegan options have to be some of the tastiest of all the islands.
This cassava crusted pizza topped with a tangy tomato base, pesto, mac nut cheese, and a chopped up taro patty was everything my tastebuds ever wanted. If you are ever in Hilo, you have to check out @sweetcanecafe... you won’t be disappointed!

Will you be in Hilo this Saturday? Pls come join us for a celebratory PLANTluck @1pm @ #carlsmithbeachpark with your #moxiefitness family! Pls bring a plantbased vegan dish to share. #plantluck #veganpoc #veganpotluck #veganevents #whatblackvegansdo #happyblackvegan #hilohappenings #bigislandvegan #hawaiivegan

Will you be in Hilo this Saturday? Pls come join us for a celebratory PLANTluck @1pm @ #carlsmithbeachpark with your #moxiefitness family! Pls bring a plantbased vegan dish to share. #plantluck #veganpoc #veganpotluck #veganevents #whatblackvegansdo #happyblackvegan #hilohappenings #bigislandvegan #hawaiivegan

Lebanese has arrived at my local farmers market and I flipped out and bought the plate minus the pita. 😂Vegan and GF lunch and dinner! My friend Jai and his partner make the incredible coconut 🥥 milk turmeric drink (pictured) and their business is booming! Find them all over Big Island and in the stores. This drink is medicine ✨and available in sweet and unsweetened (I used the unsweetened as a base for curry & salad dressing- yum!) 🌈 Love this new Sunday farmers market flow- stocked with veggies and hugs 🤗! #eatlocal #farmersmarket #farmersmarkethawaii #bigisland #hawaii #veganfastfood #lebanesefood #veganfood #eatplantsnotfriends #bigislandvegan #gauranga #tumeric #organiclocal

Sunday mornings are for absolutely ridiculous breakfasts. This French toast tower looks gluttonous but I’ve gotta tell ya it’s made with flax, chia and almond milk. Blueberries, banana & coconut whip to top it off 😋 washed down with a glass of fresh squeezed oj 🌱💚🌱 #veganfrenchtoast #sundaybreakfast #veganizeit #notaskinnyvegan #blackvegan #veganpoc #happyblackvegan #plantpowered #freshoj #hawaiivegan #bigislandvegan #flax #chia

Coconut rice & beans 🥥 🍚 tofu, broccoli 🥦 & spinach. Make sure you’re using those spices #turmeric #flaxseed #veganizeit #notaskinnyvegan #blackvegan #veganpoc #plantpowered #blackandvegan #coconutriceandbeans #happyblackvegan #hawaiivegan #bigislandvegan

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