Il mio unico amore.
Quello vero, quello raro, quello eterno.

Starting a bit earlier today - I'll painting LIVE TODAY at Twitch this afternoon (Sunday) at 2PM Eastern Time through 8PM Eastern Time here: https://www.twitch.tv/jasminebecketgriffith/ - please join me! (If you click the "follow" button, Twitch will alert you when I go live!). I'll be finishing up this painting - "Blue Willow Fairy" (details below). Twitch is free and everybody is welcome. My username is: JasmineBecketGriffith (easy to remember!) I'll be painting live & chatting all evening. This is the piece I started on my last broadcast so you can "catch up" if you want to see what's happened so far, lol - the archived videos are all here:

https://www.twitch.tv/jasminebecketgriffith/videos/all "Blue Willow Fairy" is an original acrylic painting that will debut at my "Magical Thinking" solo show at the COREY HELFORD GALLERY in Los Angeles (I'll be there for the opening in person for the opening gala July 28 - come see me!). This piece is 12x16", will be framed beautifully in a Blue Willow themed frame I hand finished myself, and will be priced at $5400. If you are interested in this original painting or any other originals from my upcoming show, email sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com - they can send out a collectors' preview shortly before the show opens so you can snag paintings before the public gets to them, lol. I have several pieces with a Blue Willow pattern theme that will debut at my Magical Thinking show (including the "Porcelina" mermaid I posted earlier!). And again - you can watch me paint this piece live tonight at 2PM EST up at Twitch - you don't even have to sign up for anything or login to watch (but if you want to chat in the chat room or ask me questions while I paint you can make a login ID, it is free and easy too). You can just hop up to the website on your computer or your phone/device or also there is a free App if you prefer.

"W człowieku tkwi nieodparta potrzeba bycia akceptowanym. Za wszelką cenę musicie jednak zaufać tym cząstkom swojej osobowości, które wyróżniają was spośród innych i sprawiają, że jesteście niepowtarzalni. Nawet jeśli wyróżniająca was cecha jest dziwna czy nieakceptowana"

Nancy H. Kleinbaum – Stowarzyszenie umarłych poetów

Chwila przed wylotem.
Będzie aktywnie.
Asia vs. Wielka Czwórka...
Challenge Accepted 😎
Dobrego dnia 😉

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