Buddy is too big to be a lap dog but does that stop him? Hell No! He sits where he wants , even if it means digging his elbow into my pelvis 😭😂 #bigdog

Quick outside nap before lunch.

You could just get off the couch so I have more room, it's whatever. #rude #move #canecorso #ornot

Hey, I look good on yellow! My names Tony and I love pulling my owner on long walks, thank you for you time.
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Last night I got to see this big oaf and all of his battle scars from last week when they emergently performed a pericardiocentesis and had to shave him for an echocardiogram. He was given a few hours to a few days for a prognosis due to the fluid accumulating around his heart again. My strong guy held on for almost a week until I could get home and see him. Yesterday he even acted like his old self as he romped around the yard, played with the other dogs, let me brush him, and we snuggled on the couch. Then this morning around 2:30am I got a call from my mom that things were starting to progress the same way that they had last week and that it was time. Sarah and I met my parents at the emergency vet and i carried him in to the building. He was so exhausted and working so hard to breathe but yet he was able to look up at me like he always had with those big, brown eyes and comfort me. The same look he would give me when I was up at 3am stressed and studying during nursing school that calmed me. The same look he would give me after Sarah would leave to go back to New York when we did long distance and I would just lay in bed devastated. This dude helped me through so much shit so it was only fitting that he pass peacefully with his people right by his side. I’m a wreck today. I just want to cuddle up next to him and have him look at me with those eyes that said everything was going to be okay. #achilles #greatdane #rottweiler #greatdanerottweilermix #blackdog #bigdog #puppy

Lupita y yo ♡♥♡♥♡

Ignoren las baldosas rotas ;-) #ikki

A cada dia que passa fica mais difícil uma cortesia com ele 😞
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