Happy birthday to my big bro @david_____1111 thank you for all you do and have done for me. I admire whatever you do and I’ll always be here for you just like you have been for me #happybirthday #happybirthdaybro #bigbro #couldnthaveaskedforbetter #enjoythelittlethings

My birthday is on May 22nd which falls on a Tuesday but my bro treated me this weekend as if it was my birthday and it was a blast. So a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my older brother @tayallday801 for giving me a memorable weekend, love you man! Had a few drinks with friends and family Friday night at home than Saturday came around and ate some bomb burgers at Lucky 13, than went to the Bees game after and ended our night over at Wise Guys. Love seeing everyone I did this weekend. Cheers to more adventures coming up. 😉❤ #BirthdayBoy #BigBro #Family #Lucky13 #Grub #PuppyLove #Beer #BeesGame #Friends #WiseGuys #DowntownSaltLake #Celebtation #26 #2018

These two.
That tall handsome one: he's gonna go down in the books as world's greatest dad.
And that cutie he's carrying: well he's hands down gonna be the best big brother there ever was. 💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
December 2018 our family grows by 1 more 👶🤰
#pregnancy #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement #dad #daddy #babydaddy #brother #bigbrother #bigbro #myguys #family #familyof4 #comingsoon

So blessed to have Hunter and Godmother Karen in our lives! It just melts my heart to see how much love he has for the Twins... as if they are his true brothers!... and Karen can tell who's who! That's a true gift in itself.. lol.. #twin#twinning#bigbro#rolemodel#somuchlove#allsmiles#godbrother

Love you all, I’M BACK! 🙌🏼Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Rodney Lavoie Jr. I’m from outside one of the most beautiful cities in World (Boston, Mass.) I have been blessed to have spent 28 years on this beautiful earth. I am a former reality television personality on the 30th edition of the greatest show of all time CBS Survivor. I am a studious, educated and articulate man who carries a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology using Fitness as a coping mechanism for my life struggles. A couple years back my sister Natalie and my big bro Roger both have died unexpectedly due to Drug Addiction. Losing ones that I loved dearly left me with a hole in my heart forever. It has left me w/ a variety of obstacles in my life such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD that I had to overcome in my life to get where I am in today.💔 #sister #bigbro #restinpeace -
I’ve had with so many phenomenal individuals across the world. 🌍 Ones who I have counseled to help get clean and off of drugs, ones who were on the verge of committing suicide, ones who have been severely bullied, Ones who have helped me grow as an individual and become a better person. These past 3 weeks this Hacker dragged me through the mud and tried to break me down but let let’s be clear NO ONE will ever get the best of me. All my content is gone but it’s okay. A fresh start on instagram providing posts that make ones laugh and smile. Feed the world w/ daily motivation and inspiration for ones struggling and provide some hope and guidance. -
Just remember in life to never NEVER give up. Always keep fighting. My motto is that “You may be able to break me down temporarily but grab a seat and watch me pick up the pieces, rebuild and come back stronger than EVER!” Sincerely, 🅱️🅾️S➕🔛HOT ROD 🔥
#mentalhealth #survivor #nevergiveup

#Hello world! Let me introduce myself (no, this is not a #flashback post and I’m not Augustus. He is my older #brother ; born 20months 1 day earlier than I did... despite our epically close facial similarities so far, we are two different lil individual 👦🏻👶🏻) - my name is Alexander Azaniah Agung. Took my parents a long while to decide and gave me this name (almost thought I won’t have a name by the time they discharge us from the hospital 🤣). My #bigbro Gus is very generous and loving that he allowed me to take over his Instagram and we’ll just be sharing it from now on. It’d be interesting if you can guess who posted what from now on... 😜 #liketwinsbutmonthsapart
PS: please take note that my middle name is Azaniah (not Azariah, that’s my bro’s middle name) which means God hears. Mummy was too anxious when they had to force me out but God reminded her of Ephesians 4:6 and she prayed with thanksgiving and made her request of short labour without epidural, and truly, God heard her prayer. My big bro, on the other hand... I’ll let him share his own #story some other time (if he hasn’t already) 😅 God is good! 🙌🏻

Don’t ever forget I’ve literally always been your favorite and I’ve been able to make u feel very unfunny for your entire life 💓 #dinkToedAf #azzCrizz #siblings #bigbro

besties for the resties ⚡️🖤 #bigbro #siblings

The #EDC after party was 🔥 at the house. #hbd #bigbro #big40 #happybirthday #totem

Just a quick post because I love this boy so much! My first born. My baby. My sweet, happy, smart, handsome baby boy. I love him so so much ❤️

Fun at the park!
#sun #park #roundabout #bigbro

Una de ayer con mai bro!! 🍻that’s ma best freend #enlasbuenasymalas #bigbro

Siiii Seeeee Puddoooo!!!!! 1st BC Civil Engineer in the Fam WE MADE ITTTTTT !!!!!!!! Im proud of you I witness your struggles i remember you were stressed cause you came to this country without papers but with big dreams and now years later US citizen and Civil Engineer DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I Love You Bro!! ...... VIVA LEON.....VIVA LAFC....... VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽!!!!!! #unigrad #bc #civilengineer #wemadeit #iloveyou #bigbro #mexico #leon #lafc #fucktrump #legalized #leondelosaldamas #leon @guanajuato @lafc @miseleccionmx @clubleon @realdonaldtrump @j_cruz87 @nahtalee92

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