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For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it. -Jacques-Yves Cousteau
If you had to pick only one environmental cause to save and protect what would you choose?

Celebrated the end of my summer job with an SF day trip alongside some UCSB friends yesterday, as well as a Big Basin hike with one of my good friends from High School this morning! This has been a killer weekend. #doloresparksf #bigbasin #waterfalls

Just monkeying around because life is too short to not see things from different perspectives. #hangman #nature #bigbasin

After a long 2 weeks of work and 10 miles plus days I promise we are not going crazy #trailslife #bigbasin

Showing the primo beautiful trails in California!#bigbasin #sequoiatrail

Today we saw trees and bought a tesla. #california #bigbasin #redwoods #tesla

A whole lot of wieners going on #bigbasin #santacruz


Big Basin. So much peace out here to make your mind feel clear. The air out here seems much fresher and fifty degrees below is my kind of weather. Thank you @missecoh for telling me about this place.
#bigbasin #santacruz #discover #california #redwoods #park #hiking #exploring #discovering #peaceofmind #canon #5d #markii #sigma #50mm #ultimate #selfies #photography

Putting yesterday's veggie sandwich post in to action on the trails. Happy Saturday! 🏕️🎒🥑

Weekend float!

Today we saw trees and bought a tesla. #california #bigbasin #redwoods #tesla

‘‘Twas was a beautiful day for a hike through the redwoods until the 2 Wong sisters got lost🌲 It sounded like a great sister date to go chasing waterfalls in the beautiful redwoods. Until we got lost. With no cell phone service, no other hikers in sight, no bathrooms, and only beef jerky to survive on...we walked for 7 hours straight and over 15 miles. It became pitch black, started raining, and every trail we took led us to a dead end. I seriously had thoughts of coyotes eating us. It felt like we were in an episode of “Naked and Afraid.” All I can say is I am so thankful we made it out alive!! Not going to even pretend we are nature girls. I think I’ve had enough hiking and adventures to last me the rest of my life. Love you baby sis and I couldn’t imagine being stuck in the wild redwoods with anyone else...but seriously never again! 👯

Living in a world of infinite possibility is my definition of heaven. A little #fbf to when I had no hair and no sustained belief in the great glory of this world. I’m proud to say I’ve grown both out long and wild.

The science of studying growth rings is called dendrochronology. It can yield insights into past climate conditions. Guess how old this tree is? . . .

#getoutthereandexplore #dendrochronology #californiaredwoods #santacruzmountains #bigbasin #natureisbeautiful

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