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DinnerReady... TheyLoveMySalads

After the excesses of this week (hi soufflés, wine and empanadas), I'm craving fresh, simple food. I give you my "crisper-clearer" salad: power greens, celery ribs and leaves, 🥑, 🥒, 🥝, blood 🍊, sugar snap peas, scallions, mint, salami, honey sesame almonds, dressed with blood orange juice, white wine vinegar, @luciniitalia evoo, Aleppo pepper, ajwain seeds. #bigasssalad #BAS

Salads are super easy and great for the warmer weather! What is your favorite salad ingredient? I love olives in mine! -April #21DSD
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Let's talk about this Greek salad for a second. Do you ever have one of those meals out and think "WHY don't I ever make this for myself?" That's literally how I feel anytime I have a Greek salad. Mediterranean food is one of my favorites - real whole ingredients, lots of healthy fats and BOLD flavor from herbs, citrus and naturally salty olives, peppers and artichokes. Plus, any dish that requires me to only cook one ingredient is a win in my book. Marinated grilled chicken, romaine, tomatoes, olives, pepperocini, onion, bell pepper, cucumbers, parsley, YUM. The only thing missing is FETA CHEESE. If I had some in the house, it'd be sprinkled somewhere in the mix here. #TGIF #bigASSsalad

Single ladies: take it from me. Add "grills freaking delicious chicken" to your wish list for your future significant other because I'm pretty sure I'd be ok kissing this man everyday for the rest of my life AND eating his grilled chicken everyday for the rest of my life too 😘🐓😂#butseriously it's so good 😍 Had some plans change last minute but dinner outside with a #bigasssalad topped with some fresh grilled chicken and sangria wine from @crossingvineyards with my love doesn't seem like such a bad back-up plan at all ☺️

B.A.S. Day!!! #BigAssSalad

Forgot to post my #Biga** salad from lunch yesterday... I am in love with these salad mixes I'm finding at @giantfoodstore !!! #yummy #bigasssalad #lunch

There's not a @sweetgreen in Clovis/Fresno (yet) so made my own bomb salad for lunch 😍🌱🥙 I used leftover pork chops from Tuesday nights dinner, bleu cheese, fresh strawberries 🍓 @hopefoods hummus, cado 🥑, @farmhouseculture *probiotics holllaaa!*, kidney beans and topped with a delish honey Balsamic dressing ••dressing on my stories•• 👍🏼 #Lunch #BigAssSalad #KrollsKorner

I didn't intentionally make this salad a rainbow, but hey! All the veggies in my fridge + kielbasa + @primalkitchenfoods honey mustard dressing. Easy peasy, and a much needed serving of vegetables 🌈 🥗 #eattherainbow #thebigsalad #bigasssalad #eatyourveggies

What do I eat for lunch? I get this question a lot. Generally I go for what I call the BAS or Big Ass Salad! This is a favorite of mine when the weather starts to turn cold:

Spinach, arugula, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, feta, line-caught tuna, avocado and an egg. A perfect balance of densely nutritious greens, nourishing fats and proteins and natural anti-oxidants. The vinaigrette is simply olive oil with sugar-free pomegranate molasses (just the juice!) Want know a trick for cleaning pomegranate? Check my stories ☝️️!
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DinnerReady... TheyLoveMySalads

I'm having a cobb salad tonight with yellow tomatoes, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, boiled eggs and.....pickled red onion. I have put quite the dent in that jar I made a few weeks ago. 🍅🧀🌿😍 #cobbsalad #pickledredonion #addicted #bigasssalad

My #bigasssalad for lunch today. #yum #allorganic

Reuben salads for lunch with sauerkraut, thousand island, and air fried tempeh. Yum!
#idowinfriendswithsalad #bigasssalad #vegan #veganfood #whatveganseat #plantpowered #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig

This is how you're supposed to eat salads, right? In a salad bowl, duh! (Pups act like they want some, then you throw em a leaf and they look at you like "Huh? Gimme the good stuff!")

Salad, Greek-inspired flatbread and, of course, wine. #bigasssalad #dinnerforone #homecooking #wino #pupsofinstagram #hellofreshpics

The Hawaiian chicken burgers from @physicalkitchness (also posted to the @whole30recipes feed) go great atop a bigass chopped salad with home-made balsamic dressing! These burgers are definitely going to be in regular rotation this summer-- so good! #bigasssalad #midshiftdinner #gymlife #paleo #paleoeats #whole30 #whole30meals

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