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an asshole with a big heart. dom. annoyed all the time. confident. half gay. can’t spell. nineteen. engaged. swears too much. 5’10. couldn’t care less. goofy. sarcastic as fuck. “flamboyant”. smokes weed. misses jah so much. probably sucking brandon’s one hundred inch dick but like no homo though. has one sibling. jealous type. drinks. stubborn. overprotective over whats his. loud. parties a lot. annoying as shit. libra. loves all his friends. rap music enthusiast. hit him up if you want.

Versace ⚡️

I’m a mess (:

Bianca ‘😼.
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Hola 🤙🏽 I’m Bianca and I’m your local dumbass I’m jk🤣 I’m very sweet. I love ice cream and being stupid. I’m single and looking 😰. Boy kisser . Is hella bipolar. Is bad at continuing conversations. The Weeknd. baby Diego. Lil skies .drake .I also love to annoy mi friends :) so befriend my lonely ass please <3

Somebody to you

Lucid dreams

Welcome to vividtourrp !‼️ You DO NOT HAVE TO BE the exact person from tour ‼️
Rules :
1. we don’t change @
2. Dont promote other rps
3. be active
4. Dm to join
5. don’t piss jay off
6. We allow twins if the OG wants
7. Don’t be annoying

I need frands :) comment to be friends 🙃


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Yooo I’m Megan and I need friends so hmu 🤪

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