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Hey guys just put a Justin Bieber Cover on my Facebook, if you're upset about him canceling his tour you should check out my cover! LINK IN BIO #bieber #biebertour #music

A massive good luck and safe travels as these cool kids head off on their next tour 🎤🎹🎸✈️ #sheppard #littlemix #sheppardtour #biebertour #missthem 😢

Nie warto rezygnować z marzeń tylko dlatego,że są dalej niż na wyciągnięcie ręki...Należy podstawić sobie skrzynkę, krzesło i sięgnąć po nie. Bo warto!😖☺

Where are you now that I need you😍❤️😊❤️ #biebertour

Whatever u wear its look amazing jackzz @jacquelinef143 😍😍😘 U r my rockstar 💞😘😘😘 Rock it at #biebertour 💕 can't wait @kimfernz77 💙 @elroyjafernz

4 days every few months just doesn't get it done! We love you lots💕 miss you already! See you in a few weeks! #peaceinthemiddleeast #biebertour #funtimes #dreamhigher


Hey guys just put a Justin Bieber Cover on my Facebook, if you're upset about him canceling his tour you should check out my cover! LINK IN BIO #bieber #biebertour #music

Estos momentos son los que nunca olvidaré! 😭😭😭❤ #purposetourcostarica #PurposeTour #biebertour

I hope that he gets enough rest and take care of his health. I dont want him to get depressed. I dont want him to do more ridiculous things like in the past. I dont want him to take medicines too much again. He's a solo artist and it's never been easy for him. We know that but for the past 18 months, he has put every effort he can to make the tour a successful one. He needs the rest. He's just a human. Lets respect his decision. #justinbieber #bieber #jdb #billboard #purposetour #purpose #believe #beliebers #justin #love #music #biebertour #artist #inspirations #motivations #justindrewbieber #iloveyou

NEW IMAGINE: It was late at night and you just got out of at McDonald's. You were on the phone looking at the news that was going crazy about the biggest criminal escaping again. And his name was Jason McCann. For some odd reason you found this criminal handsome. But then you read the worst news. Jason McCann was somewhere in New York where you lived. And the news told all New York to close their doors and don't be outside. You get distracted at a sound so you look up from your phone and seen a black figure running, you didn't think nothing of it so you just kept walking. But then disaster stroke and someone grabbed you and covered your mouth, you tried to scream but you couldn't. You also tried to see this mysterious figure but he was covered all in black even with a black mask. He then turned you around and pointed a gun at you, and said," shhhhh, scream and you die, got it?" "Yes" I said and he let go. He then grabbed my hand tightly and called someone. "Yeah I found the perfect girl, we can do experiments with her, yeah ok come pick me up, ight bye." And with that he hung up. "What are you gonna do to me?! Please I didn't do anything, what do you want, you can have all my money just please let me go." He turned around slowly, slowly letting go of my hand and suddenly lifted my chin up with his hands and said, "I didn't realize how beautiful you are". And this person was just looking at me and observing my face. But we got distracted by a loud beep. We both turned around and seen a black car and this mysterious person who I think was kinda flirting with me, told me to get in the car. And after that everything went black.... Should I make a part 2?

Throwback to that night with these babes in Nashville after seeing Biebs. It's unreal how stunning they are. Best night ever.

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